Ahead of Schedule

I know that this was supposed to be road knitting.  And I know that this is a finished hat perched on my back fence.

hat finishedAll I can say is that it’s an easy pattern, it’s a pretty yarn, and sometimes I fall prey to knitting spurts and need to bang these things out quickly.  In my defense, I will take the mitts on the road.  And perhaps this way I can get pattern pics while I’m away and re-release this pattern this season.


Do you see that?  That wee little tuft of fluff on top of that finished bit of knitting?

DSC_2264That, my friends, is the sum total of the remaining yarn.  I didn’t quite use every inch (there are about 6 feet remaining), but there wasn’t enough to do even one more row, so I’m calling it good.

The piece is done (it’s a modified version of one of the patterns in the book that comes out next month, so I can’t really show you too much of it now) and will be seeing heavy wear now that it’s gotten chilly.  And, for those keeping track at home, that was cast on to bind off in four days.  Unheard of I tell you…maybe there is something to this fat yarn thing after all.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go raid the stash.  We’ve got a trip coming up and I need to sort out the right yarn.

That’ll Do

Well, that’s done then.doneOr, I suppose technically, that’s the knitting done.  Close observers may note the lingering presence of two needles, indicating that there’s still a bit of kitchnering and weaving in of ends to be done.  And of course a bit of blocking, photographing, and pattern writing (yes, there will be a pattern…no I’m not sure when…this year would be a good goal but I make no promises).

But again, I’m taking the ‘celebrate small victories’ approach to life these days.  Or, failing that, the ‘all my other projects are giant and span months if not years…this I can hold in my hand and call done’ aspect of it has a certain appeal!

So That’s Done

After busting a rather serious move over the last few weeks, I am delighted to announce that the next book went to the printer Monday morning.  I’m unreasonably taken with it.  It’s full of these.

hangerWhich I will, of course, be showing you in (doubtless irritating) detail over the coming weeks.  But for now their essential nature will remain shrouded in mystery.  Suffice it to say they’re rather fetching.  More information when I have it (I’m waiting for confirmation from the printer before I do anything injudicious like announce a firm date on which they’ll be ready, but I’m aiming for Thanksgiving).  Until then, just gaze at the pretty.

Now if you’ll excuse me, if I don’t push a vacuum around my office, I’m in danger of losing one of the Kitten Overlords to the dust bunnies.  Somehow housekeeping tends to fall by the wayside in the last week or two of book production, and things are a bit…gritty…around here.


The mitts (the ones meant to match The Boy’s new hat) are done.  Now, because The Boy has a deeply unreasonable lack of love for woolly mitts, these are not for him.  They are for me.  Definitely his loss.

DSC_9768P.S. These are up for testing over here if you’re itching to get them on your needles right this minute!

Make a Little Trouble

Remember how, when I’d show you projects over the last few months, I’d say ‘yes, they’ll be part of a new mini book in the fall?’  Well, that mini book went off to the printer this morning!

It includes the socks the rail bridge ate, the socks that played chicken with the train, the socks that got us sternly told off by the security guard (I see I neglected to post about that, perhaps I’ll have to remedy that soon), the mitt that got away…temporarily, the cuff that’s firmly pinned in place, and the hats that took a field trip.  It’s a rather fun little collection if I do say so myself, and I can’t wait to show you all the proper pictures when it gets closer to release.  That release will be either the end of October or the first week in November, not quite sure yet, but I promise to keep you informed.

But for now…now I’m going to do the only reasonable thing to do upon completion of a big project.  I’m going to take the day off.  (Well, at least take the day off from knitting stuff…there’s rather a large pile of house stuff that wants my attention.)  There may even be a celebratory dinner (the ‘book’s at the printer’ dinner has become a tradition ’round these parts).


You recall our little trip the other weekend?  You recall I mentioned I was knitting as we drove around?  But for some mysterious reason I didn’t show you the knitting (unusual behavior for a knitting blogger).  That’s because it was stealth birthday knitting.  But the birthday has come and gone, and the knitting has made its way to the intended person, so I can come back and retroactively show it off.

These are the mitts I made with the Alisha Goes Around yarn I mentioned the other week.  First, proof that I really did take them on the trip.  We grabbed this shot when we walked down to the water in Watkins Glen while waiting for our table at lunch.  I don’t think the town has a high enough density of knitters, as we got more than one funny look in the process.  I mean really, if there were the proper number of knitters, people would be used to that sort of thing.  Any looks would be attempts to catch a glimpse of the ball band, not darting glances to see if the crazy person was dangerous.

I finished the second one on the drive home on Sunday.  Monday afternoon I blocked them.  Tuesday we grabbed some pictures.  First, I did pictures of them on hand forms (not being able to take terribly good shots of both of  my own hands).

That evening I sweet talked The Boy into taking some of them on my hands (in the 15 minutes between when he got home and the sun went down…I may have ambushed him in the driveway with the camera in clutched in my mitt-clad hands).  I’ll show those off next week when I put the pattern out.  The pattern is off with testers now.  All it needs in the meantime is a name, and it will be ready to go.


Look, an actual real live finished hat!  There’s a bottom part and a middle part and a top part.  It fits on human heads.  It does not squeeze them nor slide off.  It covers that ‘top of head’ through ‘top of ears’ region and does not wander over and impede the eyes or attack the neck.  It is, more or less, a successful and functional hat.

Also note how dramatically the color changed between the partial picture and this one.  It’s not just different light/camera settings.  This yarn (Malabrigo Twist in color Indiecita) just seems to do this.  It happened with the mitts too.  It’s a bit of a mystery really, as there was absolutely no dye in the rinse water.  The color just came out more muted after a soak (cold water, no soap).  Luckily I like the muted version better, but I’m still puzzled.


As promised – Graupel.  Just in time for your Olympic knitting pleasure!


I’m sure it’s terribly conceited of me to say it, but I’m awfully pleased with these.  I know, I like them all (I’m hardly going to put out a pattern I don’t like, now am I?), but these are really rather special.

They start out with a lovely crisp ribbing.  It’s a ridiculously simple 4 row repeat that you’ll have memorized in no time at all.  Once you’re done with that, you make a nice neat heel flap with a tiny little decoration down each side to keep things interesting.  A basic gusset is next.  Then comes my favorite part – the nifty arch shaping.  I promise it’s easier than it looks, and it produces a really marvelous effect.  After all that excitement you’re due for a quiet spell, so after the shaping you just knit straight until you’re ready for the toes.


These work for men or women (really, if you do them in a dark color, they look textured not lacy and will pass muster with most guys).  They’re written for 2 sizes, and by using either thick or thin sock yarn, you can create them in most any size from a women’s small through a men’s large.  The pattern also includes instructions for continuing the ribbing straight down the foot without the arch shaping, just in case you want some more conservative socks.


If you need to make some yourself, just click here!

Such a Tease

imbolic4I warned you this was coming.

I really did.

There is a new sock.

It’s soft and warm and lovely.  I admit I’m biased, but I am fairly hopelessly smitten with it.  It’s all done…but you can’t have it quite yet.  It’s exclusive to Gaia’s Colours Sacred Sabbats Yarn Club members for the next three months.

I probably shouldn’t say anything.  It’s probably just mean to show you the pretty sock when I can’t give it to you just yet.  But today is the release date, and I’ve been keeping quiet for weeks and weeks.  Such silence is quite against my character.  I simply can’t suppress my natural tendencies any longer.  I have to show them off.

I’ll content myself with just one more picture for now, though I’ll likely come back and prattle about them more when they become available to everyone.