Super duper bonus fun

So I know on the first and third Tuesdays I usually release a pattern, but today I wanted to do something a tiny bit different.  Today I’ve updated the version of Curls 2 to include links to the Stitch Maps for each of the patterns.

So at this point, I’m guessing you’re having one of two reactions.  Either you’re thinking ‘yay, it’s about time, I loved them in the first Curls and have been wondering where the heck they were for Curls 2‘ (in which case, if you already have Curls 2 in your rav library, head over there right now and download the updated version), or you’re wondering ‘what the heck is a Stitch Map’ (in which case, read on)!

So, stitch maps are charts without the grids.  But more than that, they’re charts that show you the relationship between stitches in a much more concrete way than traditional charts tend to.  The easiest way to understand it is just to show you an example.  Here’s what a feather and fan stitch looks like as a Stitch Map.

cbbed20a7e97172fSee how the stitches tip and lean back and forth and make lovely wavy lines?  Very much like your fabric will if you knit this stitch pattern?  Nifty isn’t it! stitch maps are about as close as you can get to seeing the fabric before you put yarn on your needles.  They let you visualize the finished result amazingly clearly.  You can actually see that quite well in the stitch maps for Curls.



See how the shape of the fabric really shines through?  That’s what makes stitch maps so awesome!  You can see how your fabric will behave in a way that a traditional, gridded chart just doesn’t allow.  You should totally go over to and read all about them…they are really quite amazing and you’ll have a lot of fun playing with them.

To celebrate adding stitch maps in, I’ve got both Curls and Curls 2 10% off on ravelry with the code MAPPED through the end of the day (eastern time) on Friday.  This works on both the electronic version and the paper + electronic combo (while supplies last…ravelry is running low on the paper ones and there won’t be any more until the new print run arrives).  Just put whichever versions of the book or books you’re looking for in your ravelry cart, click on the ‘use a coupon code’ button, and type in the code MAPPED.  You’ll see the change in price reflected right away.

Someone will ask, so just as a preemptive measure… Yes, the first Curls already has stitch maps included in the electronic version available on ravelry!  And yes, if you already have the electronic version Curls 2 in your ravelry library, you’ll get the update automatically (ravelry’s got a great article on how to find your updates if you hit any snags).  And yes, Stitch Maps really is super cool, it’s free to play with (and there are fancier versions if you want to subscribe), and you should totally go experiment!

So how about you guys, have you played with any of the chart visualization stuff that’s out there these days?  I know we’ve talked about Stitch Maps both today and in the past.  And then there’s Knit Companion that I know lots of folks love.  And now there’s Knitmastery (from the folks who make the charting software I use…so I expect it’s absolutely glorious).  Anybody have any favorites?  Any others I should know about?  I suspect there are other grand things out there I don’t know about yet!

And done!

The postman just took the first round of books away, and with that, the preorder is done!

DSC_0617 copyThe e-version is live (if you put it in your library during the preorder, you should have gotten a notice from ravelry, and the full version should be in your ravelry library now), and the paper versions have started shipping (that’s some of the ones that went out today, there will be more on Friday and Saturday).

Now all that’s left to do is cast on!


So Many Labels

You guys are awesome!  You’ve helped get Curls 2 off to a tremendously good start, and I can’t thank you enough.

I will be spending today and tomorrow and probably Friday too printing envelopes and packing books (this is a good thing, it’s what I want to be doing during the preorder).  Your books will start going out in tomorrow’s mail (and the eversion will go live tomorrow afternoon).

But if you’re just itching to cast something on now and don’t want to wait, I wanted to remind you that all of my other books available through ravelry are 25% off until the end of the preorder (that’s electronic versions of any of the books, and the paper+electronic versions of both Fine Things and the first Curls book).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with the postman and I have to prepare!

Preorders are Open

It’s live! Head over to the book’s page to get your copy!

curls 2 front coverJust as a reminder, both the paper and electronic versions are on sale during the preorder.  Also, once Curls 2 is in your ravelry library, you’ll find that any of my other books are 25% off on ravelry.

The electronic version will go live and the paper books start shipping on August 18.  You’ll be casting on in no time!

Curls 2 Preorder Schedule

bannerCurls 2 goes up for preorder early next week.  I’m keeping this one pretty streamlined, but I still want to lay out the schedule ahead of time, just so everyone knows what to expect!

Tuesday morning, August 16: Preorders open

During the preorder, both the paper and electronic books are $3.00 off the regular price ($18.95 instead of $21.95).  As always, if you order the physical book directly from me, you’ll get the electronic book for free.

Once you have Curls 2 in your ravelry library, you’ll notice something nifty.  Any of my other books available through ravelry will be 25% off.  You won’t need a code, all you’ll need to do is have Curls 2 in your ravelry library when you check out (so if you buy the paper book, just be sure to add the electronic version to your ravelry library before you try this).  This will only work while the preorder is running, when the preorder ends, so does the discount!

Thursday afternoon, August 18: Preorders close

The prices will go up to their regular level.  The full electronic version will go live.  Physical copies will start shipping.  The special discount on my other books will stop working.

Shipping usually takes a few days (the postman can only take so many packages a day!).  But everything should be in the mail by early the following week.  And of course you’ll have your electronic version right away!

Next Steps

Come back on the 16th!  And if you want me to send you a reminder that day, just make sure you’re on the mailing list and I’ll totally send you a message when the preorder starts.