I sort of love nets.  Like I may have actually watched youtube videos of how to make your own fishing nets (note, I do not fish…I do not even eat fish), just because I like how they go together.  Now the likelihood of me ever actually making a fishing net is low, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a bit of knitting that happens to look a bit like a net…

manos curlThat’s Serena by Manos del Uruguay, and it’s a lovely cotton and alpaca blend (very much unlike fishing nets).  It’s going to be delightfully orderly once it’s blocked, but I confess a certain fondness for the slightly crumpled pre-blocked look too.  One day I’ll get my act together enough to do both pre and post block pictures so folks can decide which they like better.


Sigh.  I have knit two curls, two sizable curls on straight needles with no problems at all.  I just bunched the stitches up (and eventually whacked a rubber band around the fabric to keep it smooshed together).  It worked perfectly.

But that’s just not going to work for this one.  The yarn is both astonishing fluffy and hideously delicate, and it just won’t take being smooshed too much.  Stitches are popping off both ends of the needles, and I’m pretty sure if I tried to rubber band it, the band would chew right through the fabric like a chainsaw.

too many stitchesSo I did the unthinkable.  I actually bought circular needles.  I feel dirty.

i bought circsAnd of course, this pair had scuffed up tips, which I only realized after I transferred all several hundred stitches over.  So I’ve moved them back to straights and am waiting for the new needle to arrive.  Then we’ll see if I can actually bring myself to knit on circs.  I expect I’m going to whine.  A lot.

Edit: The second pair of addis also arrived with scuffed tips, so I switched to ChiaoGoo red lace needle and am having much better luck with that.


Over The…

One of you come finish this for me, pretty please?

curlIt’s reached the point where the rows are alarmingly long (it’s all bunched up on the needles so you’re not really seeing the full size of the thing here).  It’s also reached the point where I keep wishing I had a bit more yarn so I could make it really really really big.

But, as the yarn came (without a label) from a jewelry vendor at Rhinebeck three years ago, I think I’m probably out of luck.  Probably, but not definitely.  For you see, I just sort of happened to scour etsy, find something that looks awfully similar, and order it.  Now it might not match, but I sort of think it will.  And if it does?  Well I’m going to make this as big as my needles and patience will let me!

And heads up, Calcareous is coming back out tomorrow, in all its cable-y goodness.  If you think it might need to find its way onto your needles, make sure you’re on the mailing list so you get an email (and the best coupon code) when they come out!

calcareous internal 4 small

Shameless shameless pretty

Yes, yes  the obsession continues.  No, I am not sorry.  I’m also not done, so there are going to be at least a few more of these.

rainbow curl 4But, in the interest of being useful, I’ll answer a few questions.  Yes, it’s skinny pencil roving (about sport weight maybe?  I’m knitting on 4s.).  No, I’d never seen it before either, but I’m fond of it.  No, I don’t know where to find this exact stuff (I got it at Rhinebeck, three years ago, at a jewelry stand that just happened to have this one kind of yarn), but if you search etsy for pencil roving, you’ll find something similar.  Yes, it does pull apart if you sneeze on it too hard, and yes you’ll want to keep a very light touch.  But, once it’s knit up, it’s surprisingly sturdy.

But don’t worry, it’s not all rainbows all the time.  We’ll be back to your more traditional sock stylings tomorrow.  Anemochory is coming back out (be sure you’re on the mailing list if you want a heads up and a coupon when they do) and they are totally rainbow free.

anemochory d small

One more row

Right, so, I’m starting to want everything I knit to be in gradient yarn.  The knitting would go much much faster.  Everybody else really really really wants to get through one more color change before they stop too, right?  That’s totally normal I’m sure…

rainbown curl 2


So you know me.  You know I knit with skinny yarn.  Skinny gray yarn (with occasional hints of grayish blue or grayish brown for variety).  I knit small things, mostly tubes, and on dpns.

Which makes the appearance of this at the top of my stash somewhat perplexing.

rainbow pencil roving And the slow emergence of this doubly so.

rainbow curl 1Not quite sure how I feel about this development, I’d better knit some more to check…