Stick it in Your Ear

And no, I’m not being rude! ‘Stick a book in your ear’ is the motto of the delightful CraftLit podcast (and the sister production, Just the Books, which leaves out all the crafty bits…but I figure you guys likely don’t mind the odd bit of crafty talk here and there).

Craftlit is the brain child of Heather Ordover, mastermind behind the delightful What Would Madame Defarge Knit? series.  I’ve been listening to the show for more or less forever, and I had the pleasure of working with Heather on both of the first two Defarge books.  This past week, Heather and I chatted for ages about butterflies, photography, future plans for world domination through wool, and much else.  She’s somehow managed to pull out the bits of our conversation that don’t make me sound too much like a deranged chipmunk and offered them up over on the latest episode. You should have a listen!

I?  I will be listening to the story part (we’re in the middle of Jane Eyre).  I will be listening to the story part as I stuff envelopes and affix address labels and overwhelm the poor postman.  Why, you ask, will I be doing such a thing?  Because the books are getting here late tomorrow evening, which means they’ll start to go out next week.  I am very much looking forward to having ‘ship oodles and oodles of books out to charming knitters’ off my to do list.

All of which brings me to one tiny reminder.  When the last of the preorders goes in the mail, I’ll have a restorative glass of something cool, then I’ll come up here and turn off the preorder specials on the book.  That’s almost certainly going to happen some day next week.  I’ll likely mention it one more time on the blog (because I always feel bad when someone writes me and says ‘but I meant to buy it earlier’), but all good things must come to an end, and this preorder is just about officially over!

CraftLit Collaboration

colophon2I’m thrilled to announce that my Colophon pattern is going to be available for free for the next two months as part of a collaboration with CraftLit.  CraftLit, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of finding it yet, is a marvelous podcast produced by Heather Ordover.  It combines knitting and books, two of my very favorite obsessions.  When Heather announced that she was looking for patterns to accompany the new CraftLit iphone app, I knew I had to see if I could help.  The pattern for Colophon seemed perfect – with a name like that it was destined to be!

Details of exactly how to access the pattern will be up on the CraftLit page later today. Edited to add the direct link to the page where the pattern can be found!

Colophon mitts are quick and easy and just perfect for using up leftover sock yarn.  If you are still looking for a last minute Christmas present, you could whip a pair of these up in just a few hours.  Go get the last few episodes of CraftLit and start listening.  By the time you’re all caught up on the latest book, you’ll probably be done with the mitts.

I also promised news of the newest knitting, lest you think I’ve abandoned all my yarn.  I’m half way through with a second pair of mitts.  They’re a soft turquoise that just coincidentally happens to match both my favorite new pajamas and my spring coat.  The yarn is Sheep Number Three by the company Sheep Shop Yarn.  I got this yarn on my trip to Maine this September and am finding it lovely to work with.  Alas, the company has shut it’s doors.  I’m sorry to see it go, but if anyone out there wants to get some Sheep Shop of their own, Webs has very good prices on their remaining quantities.

I’ve also just turned the first heel on my next pair of socks.  I love how these are coming out, and will take pictures soon.  Right now however, it’s too cold to go outside and too dark inside to get a decent picture.  I like these too much to doom them with a lousy picture.  I’m working them in Happy Feet DK (another yarn bought on the trip to Maine) and may well have found a new favorite yarn.  I prefer thick yarns, but it’s often hard to find them with the shot of nylon that I like for socks.  I’ll have to reserve final judgment until I finish the socks, but this seems just about perfect.