Watchet & Claudia Hand Painted Yarns

I’m using the Curls preorder to introduce the patterns and yarns from the book. I’ll be featuring a new pair each day. Most of the yarn companies have donated lovely prizes, so come back every day to see what’s new!
 Watchet in F-55 from Claudia Hand Painted Yarn 

8 claudia hand painted smallYou all know I’m a fan of things being tidy and orderly.  I keep my books in alphabetical order and line them up with a ruler.  My yarn is carefully sorted, and so is my tea.  I like things to be arranged just so.  So it should be no surprise at all that I love the patterning on this Curl.  The lovely little motifs interlock like beautiful tiles.  They march along in perfect, even rows, each one nestled against its neighbors.  Its unreasonably satisfying.  If you’ve ever found yourself itching to straighten the books at someone else’s house, I think you’ll love it too.

And I’m absolutely positive you’ll love the yarn.  Claudia Hand Painted Yarns are all delightful, but this one is a particular favorite.  It’s 55% silk and 45% merino, and it’s put together in a special way.  It’s made with six very very tiny plies.  These are first twisted up into three bundles of two, and then all three of those are twisted together to make the finished yarn.  The result is a magnificently bouncy, lively yarn with great shimmer from the silk.  It looks absolutely amazing knit up.

Retreat, Mind the Loot

The goal of this retreat is for people who are working on self publishing knitting books to get together and help each other.  Well no, it’s a bit broader than that.  We’ve got a few things that aren’t exactly books, and a few things that aren’t exactly knitting.  But the gist of it is ‘fiber’ and ‘stuff that until recently was done only by big publishers (or maybe not even done at all) but is now being done by individuals.’  The technology is changing so fast that trying to pin it down more precisely than that gets tricky.  If you want to see the list of projects we’ve got out now, you can always look over here.

With a focus like that, you can likely guess that we’re a pro yarn bunch.  Very pro yarn.  Part of the fun every morning was looking over to your neighbor’s knitting bag and seeing what was on the needles that day.  So you can imagine the amount of gleeful squeaking when it turned out that several yarn companies had graciously sent us some of their yarn for us to get to know.  I’m going to ask that you lean in the ‘refined delight’ direction rather than in the ‘shameless scramble’ direction as you imagine, ok?  I promise it was all very decorous.  There was sharing and playing nicely and being generous.  There were also squeals of delight, but there’s no shame in that.  I walked away with several treasures.

The first is Vice’s Carnal in the color Waterlily.  Now you guys know just how much I love Vice.  It’s in the next book, it’s on my needles right this minute, and it may well have taken the coveted favorite fat sock yarn spot in my personal yarn hierarchy.  This color is that weird 80s periwinkle shade re-imagined and made 1000 times more awesome.  It somehow both reminds me of the colors of my childhood and feels completely modern at the same time.  I adore it.

Next up is ClaudiaHand Painted Yarns Fingering Weight in Prussian Soldiers (that’s the solid) and Giraffe (the multi…no idea about the name, there’s no brown or orange to be seen).  Now if you’ve been here for a while, you know I can be, um, color challenged.  I tend to lean towards the semi solids more than the multis.  But, and this is a big but, when I can find a multi that plays well with a semi solid, I feel so much more confident.  It leads to playing.  And I think something fun will happen here, look how well those two work together!  I’ll update you when it gets on the needles.

And last but never least, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Mopsy in Deep Unrelenting Gray and Socks that Rock Lightweight in Downpour.  You know gray is near and dear to my heart.  These are both absolutely my colors.  They leapt right out of the pile and twined themselves around my neck and whispered in my ear that they were mine and they would be coming home with me.  I don’t disagree with talking yarn (it leads to unsightly arguments), so here they are home with me.  I’m making plans already.