Well lookie there.  The power of a little (gentle) public motivation is pretty impressive.

toesToes.  Two of them.  Ends all woven in and blocked and everything!  We’ll just sort of ignore how one toe is distinctly red and the other distinctly purple.  That’s just the sort of thing that happens from time to time.  Instead we’ll focus on Lovely New Socks for the sock basket.

And, since the pattern is already out, I get the unspeakable luxury of just wearing them, right away, rather than carefully setting them aside until I can manage photos.  I may have to just wear them right now!


It’s time to finish these up.  Well no. It’s been time to finish them up for about nine months now.  I got this yarn last May, cast on more or less right away, knit one sock with all good speed, knit part of the next sock, wrote the pattern, got it out (with the help of some super duper sample knitters), and then let the half finished second sock sit in the knitting basket for an age.  The last sign I can find of it on the blog is July.

Well this weekend I picked it up, banged out 30 rows or so, and am now about 15 rows and a toe from done.  That really should be about 2-3 hours of knitting at the most.  If you see me knitting anything besides this (cough, book swatches don’t count, cough), gently take my knitting away and point me back toward the sock.

changeful sock nearly doneIt really does deserve to be finished!


You know how, when you’re knitting, there’s always a little voice saying ‘you know, you could also try it this way…?’  But you never get to really indulge that voice because if you did, you’d never actually finish anything?  Well, Changeful are my attempt at indulging that inner voice!

changeful 600It all started with a lovely, zig-zaggy stitch pattern that looked quite marvelous all on its own.

yellow 2 smallBut as charming as that is, sometimes you don’t actually want to knit the same thing for a whole sock.  And there just happened to be a couple of points where you could clip the zig-zag and transition nicely into a rib.  One like this if you were feeling the stockinette vibe.

blue 2 smallAnd one like this if you wanted something a bit more textured.

gray 1 smallAnd thanks to an awful lot of help from Stephanie over at SpaceCadet, I could play with all three versions.  That’s her Oriana in all the socks and it’s the perfect choice for these.  The structure of the yarn (a zillion teeny tiny plies) gives you beautiful stitch definition which really makes the cables pop.  And of course you know I love all her amazing colors!

Changeful was initially available only as a little goody for folks who preordered Fine Things, but now it’s out and available to everyone!  If you, too, like the idea of playing with some variations on a theme, you can use the code INDECISIVE to get a dollar off the price through the end of the day Friday.

So That Was Fun!

Oh you guys are awesome!  Launching a new book is always ridiculously scary (it seriously hits every one of my ‘what if I throw a party and no one comes?’ buttons).  But you totally didn’t let me down.  I’ll be keeping the mailman very busy next week, thank you!

But somehow, in the shiny new book dance, I didn’t properly show off the awesome socks that everyone who preorders Fine Things is getting.  I should totally fix that!  Allow me to introduce Changeful.

yellow 2 smallExcept that picture doesn’t quite do them justice (nifty as it is), because Changeful is really three different sock patterns, each a variation on the same theme.  So let’s try again!

changeful 600That’s better!  And better still, folks who preorder the paper version of Fine Things are getting an awesome little print copy of Changeful tucked in their package too.  These things amuse me more than they have any right to!

booklet 3Now, originally, the paper copy of Changeful was supposed to just be folks who preordered the paper books yesterday.  But I’ve had so many folks write and say ‘ack, I didn’t know, can I still get it?’ and I didn’t make a big deal of the time limit yesterday (it was a rather busy day!), so I’m going to see if I can stretch that a little bit.

I’m going to go ahead and send paper copies of Changeful to everyone who preorders the paper book through the end of the weekend (and of course everyone who preorders at any point will get the electronic version too).

bookletWouldn’t that look lovely tucked in someone’s stocking?  Perhaps with a skein or two of SpaceCadet’s Oriana to go with it?  It’s a perfect match to the little twisty cables that makes these look so sharp.  Or maybe you should just keep it all for yourself!

And thanks again everyone for being as excited about the new book as I am!  I’ll be spending the weekend stuffing envelopes (thank goodness for netflix on the ipad!), and your books will be on their way to you next week.