Inside out or Outside in

As promised, a quick look at both sides of the stitch on the mitts.  The one on the left is what we’ve been calling side B, and on the right is side A. The finished mitt has been blocked, so I’ve stretched the partial one over a bit of cardboard to give a better sense of what side A will look like once it’s blocked too.


I continue to be pleased with them.  I think I may have to play more with reversible cables (hint, the answer is ribbing).


We can talk about the pattern later (next time I’ll show you the two sides together, and then you can revel in the niftiness of the stitches) but for now, look at that loop of yarn.

DSC_9725That loop is what happens when you’re working the last part of the hand and realize you’re going to be really close on yarn.  Really really close.  Really a lot.  And so, in an effort to make the most of the available yarn, you go find the other end of the yarn (hint, it’s not very far away, that’s the whole source of the problem) and start working the thumb at the same time as you are working the hand.  You just alternate, doing one round of the thumb and one round of the hand, until you can’t stand the tension any more and bind off.

And it worked.  I got the same number of rounds on the hand and the thumb, and I did as many rounds as I possibly could with the available yarn.  And, you know, it amused the part of me that wants to do these things precisely, which is always a bonus.

Slowest Sock Ever

You know what takes me forever to knit? Ribbing.  All of that moving the yarn back and forth.  It really slows me down.  I haven’t quite decided if 1×1 ribbing is the worst, or if that honor belongs to k1, p2 ribbing (purling is slower than knitting).  I could time it, but that is way more obsessive than I’m willing to admit to.  I have, however, found a way to make either sort of ribbing even slower.  Throw a bunch of tiny fiddly cables in there.  The more the better.  And if you can ensure that the cable pattern’s repeat is kind of long so that you have to look at the chart to get it right, that would be even better.  Totally guarantees a nice slow sock.  But wow is it pretty.