Apparently I’ve sunk to the level of using my blog to record the weather.  This is doubtless shameful.  But I’ve checked, and there are far more shameful things on the internet, so I’m letting it slide.  Because people…it snowed yesterday.  And I almost missed it.  I…erm…like snow. Especially the first snow of the  year.  It gets less charming some time around February, but for now it’s awesome.  This snow came while I was asleep and was almost melted by the time I woke up.  As such, I’ve made the executive decision that it’s not quite the first snow.  It’s more like proto snow.  It doesn’t count until there’s enough to put my hands on it.

And lest you think I’ve abandoned good sense and knitting all together, I’ll show you a sock.  There’s actually a bit more of the sock than is seen in this picture.  Thursday night The Boy and I went to a scotch tasting dinner at a local restaurant, Deagan’s.  I’m trying to learn to like the stuff…so far my efforts consist mostly of attending events like this, making faces at the substances in my glass, and handing said glass to The Boy.  He seems to be enjoying this program of study.  While I liked only one of the drinks, the food was delicious, and I made good progress on the sock during dinner.  It’s now almost to the end of the gusset decreases.  With any luck at all it should be done next week.  The pattern is all written, I just need pictures.  It seems likely I’ll be able to get snowy pictures, which I’m sure The Boy will love modeling for.  But standing about in socks in the snow in the interest of knitting promotion is something of a tradition around here, and it’s important to stick to tradition.


So back in February (snowy, gray, dreary February, was it really only three months ago) I indulged my natural tendency to be a shameless tease.  I showed off a few pics of a sock I designed for Gaia’s Colours Sacred Sabbats Yarn Club.  It was exclusive to the club until yesterday, but now it’s available to everyone.

These are…well…these are totally inappropriate for Spring.  They’re all about Winter and fire and warmth and comfort and toughing out the last bit of cold weather.  But, no matter how unlikely it seems at the moment, Winter will eventually come again.  These sunny days will not last.  When Winter starts to bear down on you again, remember these are here now and come back for them.  If you’re the type to start early, you can find the pattern for Brigid now.

Such a Tease

imbolic4I warned you this was coming.

I really did.

There is a new sock.

It’s soft and warm and lovely.  I admit I’m biased, but I am fairly hopelessly smitten with it.  It’s all done…but you can’t have it quite yet.  It’s exclusive to Gaia’s Colours Sacred Sabbats Yarn Club members for the next three months.

I probably shouldn’t say anything.  It’s probably just mean to show you the pretty sock when I can’t give it to you just yet.  But today is the release date, and I’ve been keeping quiet for weeks and weeks.  Such silence is quite against my character.  I simply can’t suppress my natural tendencies any longer.  I have to show them off.

I’ll content myself with just one more picture for now, though I’ll likely come back and prattle about them more when they become available to everyone.