This is rapidly approaching the point where it could actually be considered nearly done.  It’s not quite there yet, but the second sock is about 75% done, so we’re getting close.

sock growsIt really does knit quickly…when I sit down and actually work on it.  That is, every time I manage to have a bit of knitting time, I’m surprised by what I’ve accomplished.  I just don’t seem to find much time to actually sit and knit lately (you see, there’s this other book that’s about to come out, and it’s taking all of my time).

This will likely be the next thing up for testing (as always if you want an email when things go up for testing, you can request that over here), and there’s every possibility it will be released later this year.  Assuming I can find an hour or two to sit down and finish it.

Oh, and just one last reminder, I’ll be at the Bare Naked Wools Grand Opening tomorrow night and Saturday morning.  The address is 211 15th Street NW, Canton, OH 44703.  I’d be thrilled to see you there!



I distinctly recall thinking that this sock was going quickly.  I spent the whole first sock thinking how it was just clicking along at record speed and would be done in no time.  This is not holding true for sock two.

sock cuffNow, it is certainly taller than it was.  I’m part way through the heel flap and have every reason to suspect it will be finished at some point in the reasonably near future.  But it is not astonishing me with its blazing speed.

If one of you could please have stern words with it about catching up with its big brother, that would be great.  Maybe if I block the first one it will taunt the second one into shaping up?

Small Steps

Knitting teaches us the importance of small steps.  Do the math.  That hat?  That sock?  That shawl?  They all have an alarming number of stitches in them.  So many that, if you stop to think about the numbers involved, you may go a bit weak in the knees.  So today I am declaring it enough to have started the second of these socks.

startSure, I’d like to be turning the heel or heading into the toe.  But those things won’t happen until I start.  And start I have.  So I’m calling that a step in the right direction and taking my victories where I can find them.

Universally Acknowledged

I feel a crushing need to start this post with a shameless riff on the opening of Pride and Prejudice, but I’m trying to suppress my baser instincts.  We’ll just leave it that I am most definitely in want of the mate to this sock.

one downThat’s Pediboo Sport by Frog Tree, and I’m delighted with how it worked up.  I’ll be writing the pattern for these down before I knit the second one and will likely be calling for testers for it in the next week or two (If you’re itching to test, there’s information over here on how to sign up to be notified when tests are coming up).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to block a dozen or so frilly lacy bits.  I’m planning a practice photo shoot for the next book this weekend, and I want everything to look its best!

Fits and Spurts

The sock is growing.  It’s firmly in the ‘I am clearly a sock and am recognizable as such to non knitters’ stage of the process, which I always find reassuring.  But I’ve let it sit, unattended, for a few days now, and it has completely and totally failed to finish itself.

blue boy socks on the needlesI think I’ll give it another day or two and see if there is any spontaneous knitting.  I wouldn’t want to give up on the experiment too soon.  If we could make that work, it would be rather nifty.

If that doesn’t work out, I’m sure one or two more sessions will have it taken care of.  They really are too pretty to let them languish for long!

I remember this

Hey, that looks familiar.  That looks rather like a sock.

DSC_0845Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I knit a sock?  The last pair were Amenable and I finished them at the end of January.  That’s almost six months ago.  That’s not really cool at all.

These are going smoothly (almost as if the sock gods were trying to tempt me back to their cause).  I had one little ‘wrong needles’ incident where I had to rip out a false start, but even that didn’t feel terribly traumatic.  These actually seem to be going rather quickly.  I expect you to remind me I said that when I’m in the middle of the second sock’s foot and can’t ever imagine being done with them.  But so far, they’re zipping along.

The yarn is the lovely Pediboo Sport by Frog Tree.  It really is one of the rounder yarns I’ve ever worked with, very crisp feeling on the needles.  It’s 255 yards per skein, and these are going to be boy socks, so I’m pretty sure I’ll need two skeins, but I’m curious as to just what the yardage will be.  I’ll weigh this one when I’m done and see.


You know those conversations you sometimes have with yourself as you’re knitting?  The ones that point out that you’re using the wrong size needle, or that you really should be twisting that column, or that your cast on is a bit wobbly?  The ones that you really should listen to sooner, rather than later?  Because if you’re going to rip something out anyways, better to just go ahead and do it now rather than waiting till you’ve put even more time into it.

sockMmmmm.  Yes.  I was having one of those conversations pretty much the whole way through the start of this sock.  But I didn’t have any smaller needles with me, and I kept thinking I’d just pull the yarn a bit tighter and it would be ok.


So that’s ripped, and back on the needles, and looking much more tidy.  Comparison pictures when things get a bit farther along, but so far it’s a distinct improvement.


This is what the weekend was like:

_DSC8987Feet up, pajamas on, kittens installed, woolly socks present and accounted for.  Ah, about those socks.  Let’s see if we can get the darling Levon out of the way (he steals the show after all) and take a closer look at them.

_DSC8985Yes, yes the threats worked, the socks are done.  That’s Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label in the color Olive.  I’m in love with this for a sock yarn.  Firm, round, smooth, big enough you can work at 7.5 spi and still get sturdy socks.  Yes, you’ll likely need two skeins to make a pair of socks, but as far as I can see, that’s the only downside.  Some day I’ll launch my campaign to get yarn companies to make 6oz skeins of their dk for sock makers, but until then, I’ll just buy two.

Oh, and just so no one can say they missed it, tomorrow is the last day of the Thanksgiving sale.  Details over here if you think you might need something!


And now, the result of yesterday’s little adventure (that is, the pretty pictures that will likely show up in some format in the pattern, as opposed to the one that shows off the moment of ‘look, train!’ that yesterday’s post featured).

And just so you know, these socks will be part of another mini book (something on the scale of Rabble Rousers).  It should be out this fall in both paper and electronic versions, and will have 6-7 patterns (some socks, some accessories).  These socks are going to be called Scoundrel, and they will be on the cover (it’s about time The Boy gets a cover shot, don’t you think?).

But, lest you think frolicking on the train tracks is all fun and games, you should be aware of the potential consequences.  The severe potential consequences.  Train tracks are dirty you see.  Very very dirty.  Your socks may never be the same again.

Stitch Definition

The holiday weekend was productive. The Boy’s socks are finished and blocked.  I’m unreasonably pleased with how they came out.

He’s quite ready to start wearing them, but alas we must wait until the snow melts and we can get in a quick photoshoot.  For you see, I have a plan.  Those of you who have been reading here for some time will know I usually have a plan.  Actually I usually have four of five of the things kicking around in my head.  This one is a doozy though and will require a brief field trip and a little supply run to be properly implemented.  Should be fun, and The Boy is totally on board.

In the meantime, you can join with me in being amused at the impression left in the snow by the sock.  I’m taking it as a sign that yes, yes this yarn does indeed have good stitch definition and work well with cables.