We’ve talked about the surprising number of steps between ‘I have this idea for a book’ and ‘hey, look, here’s a book I made.’  Some of them are fairly easy to guess (write stuff down, knit things, take photos of things, make it all look like a book).  Some are a little more surprising.  One of the ones I never would have thought about before I did this was getting blank books made the way your book will be made.  It turns out to be unreasonably helpful.

DSC_0875I’ve been trying to decide between ‘fancy bit of business wrapped around the spine of the book’ (apparently called three-piece case or quarter binding, depending on where you ask) versus ‘super spiffy end papers.’  And no, the proper answer isn’t ‘both.’ Both adds rather substantially to the price of this little undertaking, and I have to do that hideously practical thing where I balance out ‘wouldn’t it be nifty if’ with ‘let’s keep the price at place where folks will still actually buy the thing.’

Before I petted the blanks myself, I was leaning strongly toward the fancy spine.  But after spending some quality time with them in person (and spending some time staring at the pictures I want to use on the front and back covers), I think the end papers will win out.

And, because I know a few of you have been concerned, I promise the books lay open well so they’ll be easy to knit from.  In fact, because the covers themselves are heavier, they actually lay open better than the paperback versions.  The whole thing really does feel delightfully substantial.

DSC_0880Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m should probably go finish up the things to be printed on all those lovely blank pages.



Wow! You guys are awesome. Enough of you showed up that you crashed the server. The Boy has done some frantic typing (and I have done some helpful swearing) and thing seem to be back on track (slow, but working).  If you’re still having problems, get in touch and we’ll get it sorted out. Thanks guys, I’m totally blown away by your excitement!

The presale starts today!  You can get the book right here, or just click on the giant picture of the book’s cover below to be taken directly to the right spot.

Front Cover 600 px wideJust a few tiny bits of information for folks who are here for the first time (welcome) or who didn’t catch this earlier in the week:

  • This is a presale, the electronic version will go live on November 18, and the paper version will start shipping November 25.  The full schedule is right here.
  • The first 250 people to buy the paper book get a special goody bag full of lovely treats.
  • There is a discount during the preorder, and the price will go up when the preorder ends.
  • If you buy a paper book from me, you’ll always get the eversion for free.  Just check your email for a message explaining what to do.

If you have any questions, or run into any problems, just let me know and I will do my best to help.  You can leave a comment here, or you can email me (huter at violently domestic dot com will find me).  Just know that launch day is always a bit hectic, so don’t worry if it takes me a few minutes to respond.  I will totally get back to anyone with problems.

Ready, Set, …

So did I mention the new book?  The one that goes up for presale on Friday?  Well, I mean I know I’ve mentioned it in passing (if you look back at old posts tagged sneakypants, you can see many of the things I’ve said about it) , but I think I’ve actually been fairly circumspect about its contents.  Given that it’s coming out this Friday, I think we can likely lift the veil just a bit, don’t you?

How about a quick shot of some of the test pages the printer sent?  I’ll have a proper picture of all the projects tomorrow, but this might give you a sense of the thing!

soonSo yes, as some of you guessed, these are all wraps.  Lovely, asymmetrical wraps that are marvelously easy to wear and ridiculously fun to knit.  Every time I take one out in public, people come up and ask me where I got it and how they can get one.  The same thing happened when I was taking the photos for the book and when my sample knitter was making them.  I have a feeling folks are going to like them, I can’t wait to show them to you!

And, just for fun, I’m trying something new with the presale for this one.  There will, of course, be presale discounts for everyone who buys early.  But this time, as an added treat, I’ve got lovely goody bags for the first 250 people who buy the paper book!  They’re full of knitting tools and treats, and I think you’ll be delighted with them.  But because there are a limited number of goody bags, I want to make sure you have plenty of advance notice so you can snag an early spot and get one of your own.

The full schedule, in all its alarming detail will go up tomorrow.  I’ll also send an email out to the mailing list as things go up (sign up right here if you’re not on it yet).  But if you happen to have a moment free early Friday afternoon, you may want to plan to stop by!

So That’s Done

After busting a rather serious move over the last few weeks, I am delighted to announce that the next book went to the printer Monday morning.  I’m unreasonably taken with it.  It’s full of these.

hangerWhich I will, of course, be showing you in (doubtless irritating) detail over the coming weeks.  But for now their essential nature will remain shrouded in mystery.  Suffice it to say they’re rather fetching.  More information when I have it (I’m waiting for confirmation from the printer before I do anything injudicious like announce a firm date on which they’ll be ready, but I’m aiming for Thanksgiving).  Until then, just gaze at the pretty.

Now if you’ll excuse me, if I don’t push a vacuum around my office, I’m in danger of losing one of the Kitten Overlords to the dust bunnies.  Somehow housekeeping tends to fall by the wayside in the last week or two of book production, and things are a bit…gritty…around here.


I think I have a plan.  Well no, I totally have a plan, I always have a plan.  It’s more like I have a plan that is far enough along to do something bold like mention it publicly.  Let’s do a little run down, shall we?

First up will be the alarmingly versatile socks.  They pretty much just need a name and a final once over (having been modeled and tested by a bunch of very gracious folks who don’t let on at all when they think I’m being crazy).  The plan is to put these out next week.  The pattern will include both foot styles and is written for something ridiculous like 4 gauges and 8 sizes.  There should be something there to fit more or less everyone.

b secondary small

a secondary smallThen, quick on the heels of the socks, is an adorable hat and cuff (which is dreadfully immodest and I know I shouldn’t say, but seriously, they’re ridiculously cute).  This was a club pattern for an indie dyer last year, and it’s finally ready to be released to the world and I could not be more thrilled.  Look for them the week after next.

Lucent Main smallThen, just in case that wasn’t enough, I have the re-release of both colophon and adumbrate planned for the end of May or beginning of June.  Not quite sure which will come first or quite when it will happen, but they are both officially on the list (though dependent on finding either The Boy to take pictures of my hands or a friend to let me take pictures of theirs, but I think I can pull it off).  And of course, some time in June, there might just be a book coming out too.  I’m working on some fun stuff to go with the official book release (about which I will continue to be maddeningly obscure for weeks to come, just warning you).

So, the gist of all that is, oodles and oodles of stuff coming up.  If you want to be sure you hear about it as it happens, you should join the mailing list.  Though really, when the book goes up, you’ll probably hear me shouting about it, wherever you are!


I am a firm believer in order of operations.  Having a set of steps (and then following them) helps ensure things get done the right ways and that things don’t get missed.  Given that, it should come as no surprise that the books (or at least the patterns for the books) follow a set process.

Step 1 is picking the yarn. Step 2 is swatching like a fiend. Step 3 is making myself a page of charts and notes (on graph paper, it has to be graph paper, I don’t know how anyone writes on lined paper) for each pattern.  Step 4 is chaining myself to the desk and transferring those pages and pages of notes into the rather stylized language of patterns.  Steps 5-78 involve getting those patterns polished, knit, edited, photographed, laid out, and out in the world.

Can you guess which stage I’m on now?

And just to give you a sense of the timeline, these are all for the book that will be coming out next year around this time.  It really does take that long to go from ‘excellent, I have the ideas all sorted out’ to ‘and here they are, on the printed page, ready for others to use.’  I’m working on speeding that up, but so far, it’s stubbornly resistant to my pleas to happen faster.



You know how I said each book ends up with its own distinctive palette?  Well, all the yarn for the next book (yes, yes I am already deep into the next one, that’s how it works) is here now, and it appears the colors for this one are sherbet crossed with Rainbow Brite (what can I say, I’m a child of the 80s, I think I had Rainbow Brite sheets).

All I can say in my defense is that I was picking these yarns in the middle of February and it was gray.  I promise they actually work beautifully with the patterns I’m making for them.  And you’re always welcome to make them in an array of more staid colors if that’s what floats your boat.

And So It Begins

I am a big fans of systems.  I truly deeply believe big projects are easier to get through if you have a system.  Books are big projects, so I have a system for them.  I’m starting the next book (the one that comes after KCC2), and that means the book yarn containment system has been reactivated.  It’s pretty basic…one bin for sock yarn, one bin for non-sock yarn, and one bin for swatches, labels, notes, and other important bits that must not be lost.

The yarn bins are starting to fill up (yay), but the extra bit is still empty.  Or rather it’s supposed to be empty.  What it actually is is full of Barry.  See?

Now don’t worry.  He won’t go in it once it’s full of yarn or projects (he’s particular like that), and I’ll carefully de-fur it before I put anything yarny in there, but for now, it’s Barry’s favorite place in the whole world.  Don’t tell him he’ll have to move some day, you’ll break his tiny kitten heart.

Rabble Rousers

It’s up!  My latest project, Rabble Rousers: What to Knit When You’re Up to No Good, is now available for preorder.

It’s a collection of seven great accessories (two hats, two cowls, three cuffs).  I’ve been calling it a mini book because it’s smaller than one of the big books like The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet, but quite a bit bigger than any of the individual patterns.  And immodest though it is to say it, I’m pretty sure it’s a marvelous example of ‘good things come in small packages.’  These patterns are all a huge amount of fun.

You can find all the details on either the book’s webpage or the book’s ravelry page.  For now, I’ll limit myself to just showing you a few pictures!

And remember, there’s a special preorder discount from now through the evening of Monday, July 30.  Then on Tuesday July 31, the e version goes live (and the knitting begins)!


Well it would appear I have license to blab away.  You guys are awesome for letting me know what you prefer.  And I’m somehow unreasonably pleased you want to hear about it.  Keeping quiet goes against my natural tendencies (or else why exactly would I have a website in the first place).  It also means I’ll be able to keep posting with some regularity, despite being focused on book knitting rather than personal knitting.

Of course I haven’t abandoned personal knitting all together.  I did take a little break after the weekend of epic frustration.

To keep from going into complete fiber withdrawal, I made curtains for the living room and dining room during the hiatus.  We’ve lived here for just over five years.  I’ve been meaning to replace the tatty plastic blinds for just over five years.  It took all of five hours to actually do it (most of that, as with any sewing project, spent wrestling with the iron rather than actually sewing).  I have no idea what took me so long.  Well, I kind of do.  I could never find fabric I both liked and could afford.  I solved that problem by chopping up the gigantic canvas tarp (living in my trunk since November) and using it.  It worked surprisingly well.  I figured if I screwed it all up, well, at least the tarp would be out of my trunk.

And then, I went back to the slowest socks ever.  See?  Still pretty, still slow, still not done.  That’s more or less going to be their state for the foreseeable future.  But when they’re done, they’re going to be awfully nifty.  Also, I have decided they are totally going to be called Lithic (of or related to stone) both because it is the coolest word ever, and because that gray is just so marvelously rocky.