And Yet More Progress

This is oddly thrilling, it looks all official somehow.

Though to be fair, it’s become ever so slightly less thrilling as they’ve sat in my living room for four days.  I’m one of those nuts who really wants a tidy house.  I like everything put away.  I clean off my desk at the end of every day so there’s nothing but the computer, its gizmos, and a lamp.  So the pile of boxes is driving me a wee bit batty.

But, that little bit of batty is providing excellent motivation.  Yesterday I took all of these to the post office.

Yes, all of them.  All 8 bins of envelopes on the table, plus the ones still in a stack and in the box, and the ones peeking up in the background.  The vast majority of them are mailed at this point.  I’ve got one more trip today, then likely one more on Monday to finish up a few of the international orders, and it will be done.

Somebody come let me know when the books start arriving, ok?  It’s a tiny bit nerve wracking to hand them over to the post office, and I know I’ll feel better once I know they’re in safe.

Ready, Set, Pack

The books come tomorrow.  These are some (some I tell you, some…not all, some) of the envelopes destined to bring the books to you.  All envelopes are addressed.  Many have had postage affixed.  I have a feeling the next few days will be something of a blur.  Do pardon me if it takes me a day or two to recover.

Oh, and Douglas kitten back there in the window…he’s one year old today.  I’ll give him some extra stinky cat food and lots of belly scritches for you.


Sooooo, anyone wanna see what’s sitting on my shelf?

That looks suspiciously like a book.  A real live physical book.  The kind with ink and pages.  The kind you can pick up and hold and sniff and give yourself a papercut with.  And guys…it’s likely immodest to say this, but wow does it look good.  I love the e version too, but somehow the paper one always wins first place in my heart.

So, what does this mean for the folks who have ordered the book?  Well, the ones on the shelf are the author advance copies (the printer sends a tiny stack to the author before the big shipment goes out).  I can’t send you those.  There aren’t enough to go around, and I’m too busy petting them.  But, the good news is that the rest of the books have reached the distributor, and they should start shipping out late next week.  I’ll keep you updated as things progress, but it’s looking like everything should be in the mail before June 15!

Which brings me to one little reminder.  Up until now, the physical book has been offered at a pre-order discount.  Next week, when the book starts shipping, the discount will end.  So if you’ve been holding off on ordering because you wanted a firmer shipping date, but you still want the discount, this is the time to order.  And, on a similarly administrative note, the summer sale ends tonight, so if you’re looking for any individual patterns, this is a good chance to stock up.

All is Lost

It is possible that I’ve spent too much time proofreading in the last few days.  I’m not sure, but it seems likely.  The hissy fit I just threw because I could not find the particular green pen that I’m using to make corrections on this print out might be a hint.  The three minute rant I delivered to the cats (no I cannot just use another pen, no not even another green pen, it has to be that pen or else it won’t match the edits I’ve already made and could be another hint.  As could the fact that I’ve now secured a backup green pen (same shade, same tip type) and a back up pink highlighter and locked them away from kittens to protect against any such future catastrophes.  But dammit, my marked up draft is awfully pretty.  And now, I think I need a cup of tea…away from the computer.

Curiouser and Curiouser

The Boy and I have reservations at a very nice restaurant tonight.  If you’ve been reading a while, you might recall that I mentioned that the book writing process has surprisingly few moments where it feels like you’ve really reached a milestone.  There are lots of concurrent steps, and just because you’ve finished one doesn’t mean you don’t have 4 other things to do.  I found that distressing last time around, and I vowed to celebrate all the milestones I could with this one.  And I’ve reached one.  The website for Book the Second is officially live today.  Any chance you’d like to look at it?


The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet:

Twenty Patterns Inspired by Vintage Botanical Prints

And now for some questions I’m guessing someone will ask…plus a few pictures, just because I can!

1) No, you can’t start knitting quite yet!  The book is now available for preorder (at a discount).  The electronic version will be going out in the Spring and the physical version a month or so later.

2) Yes, it is all up on Ravelry so you can add it to your queue and start making plans and linking to it with abandon. The book’s page is right here.

3) Yes, this one includes more than just socks.  There are 10 sock patterns and 10 accessory patterns…something to tempt everyone!

4) Yes there will be more to come.  I’m working on a blog tour, some interviews, and some special ways to get started on a few of the patterns early.  But that will all be sorted out over the next several weeks, and I wanted to share this with you now.


Not Productive

This weekend was not productive.  I did not clean my house.  I did not do my laundry.  I did not proof the book.  I did not write up a new pattern.

I didn’t even knit.

I ate tasty food.  I read books (fiction books…not scholarly books…an unheard of luxury). I may have even had a tiny little nap.

And I played games.  Lots and lots of games.  Douglas approved and was happy to help.  He seemed to prefer this one, as the box makes an excellent kitten nest.

But fear not, there was quite a lot of actual productive work going on behind the scenes last week and quite a bit yet to come this week.  Some time very soon (I’m thinking Thursday, but I’m not promising anything), you should hear an echoing shout of joy as Book the Second’s website, complete with pics of each and every pattern, goes live.

At which point, I will likely go lie down with a cool cloth on my forehead and swoon for an hour or two.  I’m sure you’ll understand.

Oh, and one tiny reminder that the Thanksgiving sale ends tonight.  Scroll down for the details if you’re looking for patterns.

Just One

We’ve established that patience isn’t my strong suit.  Not really at all.  And we’ve established that one of the oh-so-very-nifty things about having your very own website and writing your very own books is that you can more or less do what you want.  And I’ve also confessed that the pictures came and that I like them.

Taking these three things together has led me to the conclusion that I can show you a picture if I want to.  Just one for now…I want there to still be plenty of good stuff when the website is ready.  But for the moment…one quick peek.  I hope you like it!

Saturday Evening Post

I had two things I was supposed to do this weekend.  Usually those things happen on Sunday evening.  This weekend, I was feeling unusually noble and productive, so I did them on Saturday morning.

Most of this week has been spent with my ears attuned to the tromp of the postman’s step on the porch.  I’ve been (none too patiently) waiting for the photos for the book.

Just as I sat down to work on Saturday, I heard the postman come.  I decided it was a reward for my virtue and dashed to the door.  Bills — no pics.  I went back to work and finished the first of the day’s two scheduled tasks.  Just as I finished, I heard another thud from the porch.  We often get letters in one delivery and packages in a second, so I dashed down again.  It was a package, but not the pics.  We never get more than two deliveries, so I resigned myself to waiting till Monday and got back to work.  The very moment I finished the second task I heard a third thump on the porch.  And yes, this time it was the pictures.

Apparently the universe is trying to tell me that good things happen when I sit down and do my work.  I dumped them on my computer (and immediately set them to backing up somewhere safe…this book is the most backed up book in the history of typing).  The rest of the afternoon was spent in a blur of ooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaaaah and squeal. The pics are flipping fabulous and I love them.  I think you will too.

I’ll be showing them to you, just as soon as I get the next book’s website ready (likely some time shortly after Thanksgiving). Until then, I’ll just have to gloat over them in private!

There’s a Plan

I’m a firm believer in the importance of plans.  The current stage of Book the Second’s plan involves double checking everything on paper.

The way I do this is to *print it all out, read it, and make notes (the kind in ink on paper) of problems, go back to the computer, make the changes.  Repeat from *.

Once this gets to the point where I can’t find any more errors, I put it aside for a day or two.  Then I read it over once more.  Usually something else makes itself apparent.

But eventually…eventually you get to a new stage.  A stage where three subsequent readings have revealed no further problems.

That’s where I am now.  I will, of course, read it over several more times between now and when you see it (as will a few other folks who aren’t as steeped in it as I am and so have fresher eyes).  But really, we’re getting damn close.

So close that some time early next month it all goes off to the layout artist who takes the supporting text (the non-knitting words), the pattern text, the charts (oh sweet crisp critters are there a lot of charts), and the photos and transforms them from a seething mass of individual files into a single cohesive entity that really looks a lot like a book.  And while she’s doing that…I’m going to sleep.  A lot.


Sock Club

You guys have heard me say all sorts of nice things about Suzan at Barking Dog Yarns.  I used her yarn for Peregrinate and Foliate, and I absolutely love it.  I’ve also used it for two of the projects for Book the Second.  So when Suzan told me she was doing a sock club, I was thrilled at the chance to be part of it.  And we’ve come up with something kind of neat.  We’ll be using the club shipment to preview the the sock pattern from Book the Second that uses Suzan’s yarn.  If you’re part of the club, you’ll get to make that sock before anyone else (and you’ll get to make it in a color exclusive to the club). Suzan’s limiting the club to the first 50 applicants, and she tells me it’s filling up fast.  If you think you might be interested, all the details are on her website and her ravelry group.