Book Yarn, Part I

Alrighty.  A few folks have asked if I’m going to tell you which yarns I’m using in Book the Second.  I wasn’t all that sure that folks liked that last time, but since you asked so nicely, I can totally be persuaded.  Even more on target, the book and the rest of my life are oh-so-rudely cutting into my knitting time (and thus limiting my blog fodder), and this gives me something to say.  So, without further ado, and with the help of our noble friend Percival, let’s get to the yarn.

On the left is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Woobu in the color Jasper.  Woobu is a 60/40 merino bamboo mix.  It comes in gigantic (620 yard) skeins and is super soft.  Bamboo often makes me kind of itchy, but this one doesn’t seem to.  One note is important to make if you’re eying this yarn.  The bamboo dramatically changes how the colors are absorbed.  The shade is much more muted and sort of silvery than it would be on pure wool.  Compare this picture to the color here.  Both are lovely, it’s just important to know that is quite a bit of variation.

On the right is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight in the color Ghillie Dhu.  STR is a lovely 100% merino and comes in 380 yard skeins.  I’ve used it several times before and will happily do so again.  This color is part of their spirits collection.  It looks white in my picture, but it’s actually a very very pale green.

Book Yarn, Part II

Lovely as the Schaefer yarn is, 2 skeins do not a book make.  Don’t worry though, there is rather a lot more.  The second yarn to arrive was Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ Mediumweight in the color In the Navy.

As with the Schaefer, this is not the first time I’ve worked with Blue Moon.  I’ve used it for two pairs of socks before I started designing and two pairs since.  Ensnared, one of my first designs, was made with it as was Scatterling, one of my most recent.

This is another of those yarns that is just slightly on the thickish side of normal sock yarns.  By now you know that these thick yarns are always a winner for me.  It’s also a marvelously round and firm yarn.  I’m sure once I get better at spinning I’ll be able to explain that properly, but for now that’s the best I can do.

Lucky me, I get to meet Tina Newton, the mastermind behind BMFA this summer at the Silk Retreat.  Until then, there’s lots more yarn to come.  I’ve got a pile carefully stored in my closet, and more is winging its way through the post as I type.  I do worry that the postman is starting to wonder what’s going on…