Older than you’ve ever been…

I have, once again, gotten older.  It seems to keep happening.  So far, I’m liking it.  I’m spending the day checking out new breakfast joints, making eggnog, and playing board games.  I hope you’re doing things you love just as much.  And, on the off chance one of those things is knitting, I’m having a birthday sale.

Now through December 27, 11:59pm eastern time, buy one pattern get one free.  To take advantage:

1) Visit my ravelry store find 2 things you like, and put them in your ravelry cart (be sure you’re using the add to cart button, not the buy it now button, because you have to have two things in your cart for it to work).

2) Once both patterns are in your cart, go to the checkout.

3) Hit the ‘use a coupon code’ button, type ‘BIRTHDAY’ in the little box, and hit ‘apply.’ The total will immediately update…if it doesn’t something has gone wrong…try again.

4) Hit ‘checkout now,’ go through the payment process, and enjoy your new patterns.

And yes, you can use the coupon more than once. Just start over at step 1 and pick 2 more patterns. Rinse and repeat until you’re set!


One day last week, while I was busy knitting or writing patterns or running errands or making plans for world domination, something happened.  The blog turned 4.  I totally had it in my head that this happened this week, not last week.  I’m apparently a very bad blogger.

I’m actually more than a little amazed at how my world has changed in the last 4 years, in large part through this blog.  I feel like I should have something profound and important to say about it.  Alas, I really don’t.  I’m far more likely to be bouncing up and down in the corner going This! Is! So! Cool!  I’ll have to leave the careful reflection for a different birthday.  Right now I’m too busy looking at the list of stuff I’ve got up on ravelry and looking at the pile of books that exist in the world with my name on them (and yeah, KCC2 is still in the ‘only I have the paper copies of it’ stage, but it will be out there soon) to be all introspective.

But really…it is pretty damn cool.  Thanks for showing up and reading my rambles and knitting my patterns and letting me run my little empire.  I’m having a grand time, and I couldn’t do it without you!