Book Yarn, Part VIII

Next up, Barking Dog Yarns.

I’ve been using Barking Dog Yarns for just about forever.  I think my first pattern with them was Peregrinate, and of course we mustn’t forget Inlay or the Loasa lateritia projects from the first volume of Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet.  I’ve loved everything I’ve made with these yarns and am consistently impressed with the beautiful colors.  They were a natural choice when I was hunting yarns for the next book.

On the right is Achillies in the color Chestnuts on the Flame.  The yarn is a good, solid 3 ply, 80% merino 20% nylon blend, perfect for socks.  But I can’t stop staring at the color.  It’s all purple and brown and gray, and I keep trying to decide which bit is my favorite and completely failing.  Barking Dog Yarns does such delicious neutrals.  Muted and subtle without ever being boring.

On the left is Galaxy in Hunter’s Pink.  Galaxy is the yarn I used for the cuff and cowl set Foliate, and I’ve been hopelessly smitten with it ever since.  I was thrilled to use it again here.  And Suzan even made a custom pink to match exactly what I had in mind!


It’s been a little while since we had a giveaway, hasn’t it?  Let’s fix that!

Way back when, I mentioned that Suzan at Barking Dog Yarns was using one of the patterns from The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet as part of her new sock club.  The February shipment just went out so now I can show it to you.  It’s a lovely clear kelly green, which will look smashing with the Loasa lateritia sock pattern.  See?  Doesn’t it make you think of spring?

I’ve got a skein of the yarn to mail out to one lucky knitter, and I’ll send along a copy of the pattern too.  If you think you might like to win this, just leave a comment telling me what you’re planning to knit next.  You’ve got till the end of the day Friday to leave the comment.  Do be sure to use a real email address or else I won’t be able to tell you if you’ve won.  Never fear, I won’t do anything with the addresses except contact the winner.

Sock Club

You guys have heard me say all sorts of nice things about Suzan at Barking Dog Yarns.  I used her yarn for Peregrinate and Foliate, and I absolutely love it.  I’ve also used it for two of the projects for Book the Second.  So when Suzan told me she was doing a sock club, I was thrilled at the chance to be part of it.  And we’ve come up with something kind of neat.  We’ll be using the club shipment to preview the the sock pattern from Book the Second that uses Suzan’s yarn.  If you’re part of the club, you’ll get to make that sock before anyone else (and you’ll get to make it in a color exclusive to the club). Suzan’s limiting the club to the first 50 applicants, and she tells me it’s filling up fast.  If you think you might be interested, all the details are on her website and her ravelry group.

Inlay Knitalong

To celebrate Inlay, I’m having a little bit of a knitalong.  I’m doing it over in the Silk Road Socks group.  I realized I wanted to make these socks when I was doing the research for that book.  I saw all the gorgeous floors peeking out from under the rugs and filed away the idea of doing a pattern based on the fancy tile work.  Inlay was the result.  So I’m totally declaring it ok to host the knitalong in the same place.

Now, if you’re the sort who wants to make exactly the sock in the picture, I can help with that!

  • Laura at Handwerks has graciously offered a 20% off Sock plus 8 coupon for us.  Just mention “inlay” at checkout.  The gray socks are in her Sock Plus 8 in the color Smoke.
  • Suzan at Barking Dog Yarns wants to help too and has also offered us a 20% off coupon.  Just use the promo code “Knitty2011” at checkout.  The blue socks are in her Sirius in the color Iroquois Moon.
  • And while Claudia at Wollmeise is awesome, all of you Wollmeise fans know that just managing to get a hold of a skein can be a bit of a trick.   Alas, I have no discount to offer.  But for those of you who wish to try it, the orange socks are in her Twin in the color Campari.

So, if you’re planning to make them, come do it with the rest of us!

Unapologetically Fluffy

This is, without doubt, the softest, fluffiest, most luxuriant bit of knitting confectionery I have ever had the pleasure to lay hands on.  I can in no way convey how marvelous it is.  My picture does not do it justice.  I’ve picked it up and petted it a dozen times in the last two days (the cats are getting jealous).

Discretion would suggest I don’t show it to you just yet, but I am unable to restrain myself.  Now, in the interest of self control and restraint, I must tuck it away in the big plastic box of externally imposed organization to keep it safe until it’s time for it to make its proper debut.

Book Yarn, Part III

Alrighty, the plan had been to put up an entirely different post today.  But that can’t happen until something else happens, so I must continue to wait.  I promise it doesn’t come easily.  But I’ve been managing to get up a post every day, and I don’t want to break my streak (momentum baby, it’s all about momentum).  So I’m sneaking in with more book yarn.

And look two whole yarns and neither one is purple.  Who knew?  I will confess I do have a soft spot for purple.  Blue…well blue I can take or leave.  But purple I like. But, here is actual proof positive that I can bypass it if I need to.

On the left there is Barking Dog Yarns Etheria in the color Rock Moss.  This is a 60/40 mohair silk blend in a heavy laceweight.  I just got the project using this yarn back and I am fall down and die in love with it.  I’ve never seen anything quite so fluffy and soft and lofty.  I think it might actually be what I need to make myself use mohair.

On the right is Barking Dog Yarn Rune in the color Paprika.  It’s an 80/10/10 merino cashmere nylon blend, which always makes a delicious sock.


As promised, the winner for the Barking Dog Yarns/Foliate giveaway is Sue of Alderwood Quilts.  It looks like Sue already knows all about Barking Dog Yarns and will be adding a skein of Galaxy in the color California to her stash.  I’ll be in touch to sort everything out.

And because I feel bad that not everyone can win, I set up a little promo for everyone else.  If you buy Foliate, you can have any of my other patterns for free.  Just put both Foliate and any other pattern in your ravelry cart, click on the use a coupon code button and type BDY Foliate.  Click apply, and the price will magically adjust itself.  You can see a list of all my patterns in one place right over here (remember to use the add to cart option, not the buy now option).  This will run for the next week or so.

And in totally non-knitting related news, I’m still utterly taken with porch kitten.  He needs a name.  Well, I’m not quite sure if he’s a he or a she.  We’ve not yet progressed to that point in the relationship.   I’m toying with Simon, Oliver, or Cadwell at the moment, but none of them have quite stuck.  Of course he still won’t let me get close enough to touch him, but he will sit at my feet so long as I keep up a steady stream of treats.  Anyone got any tips on how to make him a bit less skittish?

Yarn Giveaway

Because Suzan, evil genius behind Barking Dog Yarns, is awesome, I have a skein of Galaxy to give away. Actually, it’s even better than that.  Instead of having an actual physical skein of yarn in my hands to send away (always a bit of a wrench I tell you), I have permission to send you over to the site, tell you to find your very favorite color (in any of the bases), and Suzan will dye it up in Galaxy for you.

I am, frankly, jealous.  Someone is in for a treat. I can’t say enough good things about this yarn.  It’s an 8 ply sport weight in 100% merino with about 275 yards per skein.  More importantly, there’s something about how it’s spun that makes it sproingy and lively and a treat to work with.  This is where I wish I knew more about various yarn constructions so I could describe it accurately and in a way that makes me sound clever.  Instead, I’m stuck saying that the 8 plies are divided into 4 pairs.  Each of those 4 pairs is all twisted up (looking sort of like lacewieght), and then all 4 are twisted up together to give a delightfully dense and round yarn.  Terrible description I know, but a mighty fine yarn.

One skein is more than enough to make the Foliate set (the pattern for which I’ll also send along to the winner), a hat, a little scarf, or a host of other projects.  If you want a chance to play with it yourself, head over to Barking Dog Yarns and find your favorite color (this will likely be the only hard part).  Come back here and leave a comment (being sure to use a real email address).  I’ll pick a winner on Tuesday and put you in touch with Suzan to set up your prize!

So in the Meantime

The plan had been to put out the cowl and mitts pattern today.  The knitting has been done for ages.  The pattern was written and tested weeks and weeks ago.  All that was lacking was a sunny day with the lovely Lauren to take a few photos of the knitting on a person.  I got that in this weekend.



Then in a fit of stupidity that far outstrips my usual shenanigans, I managed to erase all those pics.  I have no idea how.  Seriously.  None.  I have all the sock picks we took 10 minutes before that.  I have all the pics I took the next day.  Just the freaking cowl and mitt pics went missing.  I blame me.  I am filled with a fiery burning rage.  The kind where you swear and throw things and then swear some more.

So while I try and become less of a foul-mouthed rage-filled pillow flinger, you can look at a stand in picture and ridicule me (quietly please, I’m coming up with some really foul things to say about technology and the people who can’t manage to use it properly and I wouldn’t want your ridicule to distract me from this streak of creativity).

Take Two

The green mitt from the other day was destined for a rip.  It was just a wee bit too baggy, and I wanted the lace a the cuff to be a bit deeper.  I went down a needle size, which snugged the mitt up just enough.  I also added one more lace row to the cuff, which worked much better with the cowl.  I’m pleased to report that I didn’t repeat the blocking mistakes I made on the cowl.  I knew that the secret to maintaining the all important curled edge was to put the pins a few rows in, not all the way on the edge.  I sort of hate pins though, so I improvised using my mitt blockers and some little dpns.  A few small spring clamps from the hardware store completed the process.  It looked a bit silly, but worked perfectly.

The mitts and the cowl are up for testing on ravelry now, if anyone is interested.

Remember, today is the last day to enter to win the Dream in Color Everlasting yarn.  Just go back to the February 5 post for details.