I really don’t know how this happened.  Whatever it was, something has to be done.  This needs to stop.  I somehow accidentally tripped and fell and obtained a set of 5 matching hat forms.  This is actually handy, as Alphonse and Esmeralda are sized for my/The Boy’s head (more or less), but most human heads are rather smaller than mine.  This gives me access to a wider range of sizes, which is good because most of the book hats and most of the hats I make for other people are intended for more standard-sized heads.

Now of course this does raise the delicate issue of names.  I love naming my props.  But, I fear my ability to distinguish among these five will leave something to be desired.  I feel the obvious solution is to name them all Quentin and call it good.  It may not work for real live quintuplets, but I’m pretty sure these guys are the obliging sort and won’t mind.

Deceptively Adorable

The hat is done…washed, blocked, and otherwise prepped.  It is totally and completely adorable.  That is, it is totally and completely adorable when I have it on my head.  It looks rather goofy and lumpy when on Alphonse the handy hat form.  For you see, Alphonse is about the size of a normal person’s head.  My giant dome is a good 2 and a half inches bigger (blame the hair…or maybe I drank too much milk as a kid).  All of which means that a hat that fits me doesn’t quite fit Alphonse.

Some time I’ll try and get a pic of it on me, but for now we’ll have to make do with Alphonse’s limited services.  Here it is from the front, side, and back.  The wee curl on the brim sits just above my eye, and the back has just the right amount of slouch.  Totally fetching…when on the right size of head.

Cast of Characters

The Chez Violence Home for Wayward Knitting Props has a new resident.

It started with Alphonse.  Then he was joined by Percival. These two hard working gentlemen have now been joined by Millicent.

I think I’ve mentioned (and I’m sure you’ve seen in the odd picture here and there) that I have giant man hands.  I just do.  And I don’t really mind (which is good because there’s not much I can do about it).

For most things, Percival works great.  But he is actually a bit bigger than my hand, so if I’m doing something fairly close fitting (or something for someone with smaller hands), he doesn’t quite suit.  So I’ve brought Millicent into the mix to serve when Percival is just a bit too big.

She also has an offset thumb, which makes it easier to see how thumb shapes will work on an actual hand.  Of course the mitt I’ve got her in now is totally thumb free, but we’ll just pretend.

Not Quite According to Plan

You’ll recall my friend Alphonse.  He’s been a perfect house guest for the the last several weeks.  Doesn’t make a mess, doesn’t eat all the chocolate, doesn’t hog the washing machine.  Totally charming fellow.  It’s time I put him to work.

Yesterday, I cast on for my entry in the ongoing ‘fluffiest hat in the history of the world’ contest.

Now because I am a reasonable and responsible knitter, and because this was a new yarn, and because I wanted the end result to fit my head, I had dutifully done a swatch before I cast on.  Admittedly it was on the small side, but it was still perfectly respectable.  Swatch in hand, I did the required planning and math and confidently cast on.

I knit an inch or so of brim.  The pencil roving took a bit of getting used to, but the overall effect was charming. I was quite pleased.

I knit a bit more.  Things started to look a tad…off.  The hat seemed large.  Alarmingly large.

I rechecked my gauge.  Everything seemed to be on track, so I carried on.  Hats always look funny to me.  I’ve yet to have one that didn’t look to be either way too big or way too small at some point during the knitting.  I figured I’d just trust the gauge and not worry about it.

A few more rounds and I could no longer ignore it.  It was not an illusion.  The hat was huge.  Alphonse here will demonstrate.

Now admittedly his head is 2 inches smaller than mine, but that hat is a good 6 inches too big for him, so there’s no way it will work for me.  Not even a little.  Not even if it’s a fluffy hair day.

I have no idea how it happened, but the solution is pretty clear.  Alas, ripping out pencil roving is dreadful.  It may take me a while to gather up the necessary fortitude.