Christmas Shipping Deadlines

Ready for the most boring post ever?  I warn you, there’s nothing interesting here at all.  If you want to be totally sure that your book arrives (at a U.S. address) before Christmas, you need to order it on or before December 10.  I know.  It stinks.  If it’s after that and you’re desperate, get in touch with me and we can likely work something out.  But if you’re going for your standard no-stress, no-drama shipping, that’s the deadline.

International folks, I can’t promise anything.  The post office says it can take up to four weeks.  But, the reports I’ve had from people say it’s usually more like a week or less.  So the short version for international folks is you’re very likely safe if you order on or before December 10, but the post office won’t guarantee it, so I can’t either.

Told you this was horribly boring.  I promise to show off the sock in progress next time to make up for this time!

Shiny and New

The Boy, in support of my quest for world domination through wool, graciously spent much of his Thanksgiving day diligently updating the website. I helped (mostly by saying ‘that thing, make it line up with that other thing, no the one over there. Now make it the color of that other thing over on that side. Hmm, maybe not, let me see it the original way again?) and played with felt. He was most gracious. I was doubtless irritating.

I think everything should be pretty self explanatory. Most things are more or less where they were before the shuffle (I’m resistant to change). On a cosmetic level, the site is now more in line with how the books’ websites look. On a functional level, the biggest news is the addition of little pinterest, twitter, and facebook buttons at the top of each post and additional pinterest buttons on the pictures in each post. While I, myself, am rather slow to adopt these new marvels (I’m only just coming to terms with twitter, pinterest and I have only recently introduced, and I’m still staunchly resisting facebook), I’ve been assured that many of you rather like them. These buttons should make it easy for you to pin, tweet, and erm…whatever the verb for facebook is to your heart’s content. Please feel free to share as the urge strikes you!

If you notice anything acting up, feel free to let me know (either by leaving a comment here or sending an email). There are doubtless some weird quirks, and it may take a few days to hunt them all down.

And never fear, we did indeed partake in our traditional Thanksgiving pizza feast. We visited Bar Cento and sampled two of their lovely offerings (and possibly some french fries too, it is the national day of gluttony after all). We even managed to bring home the extras so we could have leftovers today for lunch.

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you’re all having a lovely day. Our plans include procuring the traditional Thanksgiving pizza, playing lots of board games, petting kittens, and generally just chilling.

Sometime over the weekend, The Boy will be doing some funky footwork to spiff up the blog (what, you say you’re supposed to update this stuff more than once every three years, oops).  I will be playing with this lovely wool felt I picked up and concocting some sort of festive holiday decoration (an odd urge, since we don’t actually decorate for the holidays, but one I’m giving in to anyways).  I’ll report back if they’re cute, and deny all knowledge of this post if they’re not.

I hope your day is a lovely one.  And, if you’re feeling the need to add some knitting to your holiday plans, be sure you check out the details of the Thanksgiving sale from yesterday’s post.

Combo Pack

I’ve had some requests from people who want to be able to buy both physical books without having to checkout twice (or pay shipping twice!).  After a bit of diligent typing and swearing, and some noble assistance from The Boy, now you can!

On the pages for both Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet and Rabble Rousers, you’ll notice a shiny new button down at the bottom.  It will let you buy both books together.

This saves everybody money on shipping (especially international folks) and saves me a bit of time packing and shipping things (which you don’t likely care about, but makes my life easier).  As always, let me know if you have any questions or problems and we’ll get it sorted out, but I think it should be pretty clear!

Rabble Rousers Update

I debated whether I should write this post.  It feels just the tiniest bit shady.  My natural inclination is to post mostly shiny new yarn finds, pretty knitting projects, accounts of various misguided adventures, and the odd kitten exploit here or there.  Anything that veers even slightly into marketing sort of makes me feel fluttery in the tummy.  But the truth is, there is a business aspect to this place, and every now and then, business-y stuff comes up.  This is one of those times, and I have something some of you may want to know.

I’m starting to run low on physical copies of Rabble Rousers (just about three months after they arrived).  When they’re gone…they’re gone.  I have no plans to print more.

I only mention this because I often hear from folks who really want a copy of Silk Road Socks and can’t get one (they’re all sold out).  I always feel bad when I have to tell people it’s gone (though the e version is, of course, still available).  I want to try and avoid that with Rabble Rousers.  So if you’ve been thinking of picking it up, you may want to do it sooner rather than later.  Just as a reminder, here’s what’s in it!


The projects are all perfect holiday knitting (easy, portable, work with stash yarn, forgiving fit).  The book itself is even small enough to tuck in a stocking (maybe with a ball of yarn?) if you’re looking for knitterly gifts without all the pesky knitting.  And as always, if you order the physical version from the Rabble Rousers‘ website, you get the electronic version for free automatically.

Mailing List

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks around here.  The gray socks are coming out very shortly (next week if I have my way about it).  Even more exciting, the website for Book the Second should be up the week after that.  Somewhere along the way there may be a little post-Thanksgiving sale too.

Every now and then, someone asks me how best to keep up with what’s going on around here.  My suggestion is to sign up for the mailing list.  There’s a sign up box over there on the right (just below the pictures of the newest releases).  Or, if you’re viewing this in some sort of format that doesn’t show it, you can click here to get there directly.

The only time I will email you is if I’ve put out a new pattern or if I’m having a sale.  It would be very odd for me to send more than one or two messages a month.  I won’t share your email address with anyone else, and every email will include instructions on how to stop the messages if you decide you don’t like them (I’ll never know, so don’t worry about hurting my feelings).

Getting Organized

Some time this weekend (when depends entirely on when I wake up), I’m going to go through and change the prices on some of my patterns.  The goal here is to make the prices consistent across types of patterns.  When I’m done, all sock patterns will be the same price, and all the other sorts of patterns and pattern sets will be more consistently priced.  It means the prices of some patterns will be going up (not a lot…most of the changes will be less than a dollar).  But I wanted to give everyone a heads up so no one is surprised.

And in case you’re worried the price will go up on something you’ve been considering, I’m putting all the individual patterns on sale for 15% off from now till the end of the day (eastern time) on November 5.  Just go to the store, put everything you want in your cart, hit the ‘use a coupon code’ button in the cart, type in ‘Violently Domestic’ and hit the ‘apply’ button.  You’ll see the discount right away.

Administrative Drivel

There is absolutely no knitting to be seen.  None at all.  There will be some day, but not today.  Instead, I come to you with two shamelessly commercial administrative announcements (which always make me feel ever so slightly sullied, so please do pardon the business side of things).

First, folks have been asking for me to make the patterns from Silk Road Socks available as individual downloads.  I’ve gotten the necessary files from the publisher to do so, and you should be able to get any of them as single patterns now.

Second, we’re just about out of print copies of the book (a good problem to have, right?).  There’s a good chance we’ll be transitioning this to an electronic-only collection once the print ones are gone.  It’s not a sure thing, but it seems very likely.  So, if you’ll be distraught if you don’t get your hands on a physical copy, you may want to act quickly.  Your best bet for getting the print version is likely amazon.  And don’t worry, the electronic version isn’t going anywhere.  I just mention this in case you’re a paper field like me!

Still not the Big News

Sock_DetailSo this is still not it.  There’s a good chance the ‘it’ will be discussed tomorrow or Monday.

Instead, I bring you some other news, this time accompanied by a photo.  It’s been an unreasonably long time since there has been a photo of a new sock.  So, with no further ado, a picture.  This is a sock with a bit of back story.  The story is rather rambly.  The short version is ‘new pattern later this month.’  If you don’t want the long version, feel free to wander off now.  I’ll never know.

Ok, now for the long version.  Quite a while ago, I thought ‘I’ll write up a pattern and submit it to an online magazine, that will be fun!’  Turns out what it actually was was hard and frustrating.  Headaches and heartaches ensued.  Unladylike language was used.  I set the pattern (and the partially knitted socks) aside.  They slowly drifted ever farther down the mythical list of things to do.

A few weeks ago, I found myself thinking of them.  I was thinking of them rather a lot.  They’re actually kind of nifty.  It was unfair to abandon them.  They deserved better.  The reason I started thinking of them was that fit of darning I endured earlier this year.  That wouldn’t have been necessary with these socks.  You see, these socks are made in such a way that, should the sole ever wear out, you can unceremoniously remove the feet and turn the lovely lacy cuff into fingerless mitts.  It’s actually pretty clever (I’m biased, but it really does amuse me to no end).  I’m starting to think more socks should be made this way.

And here was this pattern.  Just sitting there.  I took another look, and the things that had seemed impossibly difficult to describe a year ago were suddenly crystal clear.  It turns out that a year of steady practice makes things easier (why did no one ever mention this before).  I whipped the pattern into shape in no time.

Alas, I still had only 1.5 socks (which isn’t terribly photogenic) and no time to finish them.  Also, in a fit of astonishingly poor stash management that still needs to be addressed, I seem to have misplaced the yarn needed to finish that second sock.

Enter the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program.

Now I know this program is a bit controversial.  Some people say ‘oh it devalues designers’ work, you’re selling yourself short, you deserve to be beset by ravenous moths if you even consider it.’  Other say ‘it’s the keenest thing since cashmere, the exposure makes up for the low pattern price, it’s made of sunshine and butterflies.’  I think the truth is somewhere in between.  It’s likely not the venue for your aran sweater masterpiece painstakingly graded for twelve sizes.  But it’s also likely worth considering for some projects.

What sealed the deal for me, at least for this pattern, was the possibility of sample knitters.  Knit Picks wanted a sample of the sock in their new tonal sock yarn.  It’s lovely, and they provide the yarn.  Some of my most trusted and gracious test knitters were willing to knit samples for me.  Knit Picks would take the pictures (the picture up there is an old one of mine, the Knit Picks ones are much better).  This seemed the perfect choice.  I got to send my pattern (and my magical convertible sock notion) out into the world.  I didn’t have to squeeze out time for one more knitting project.  I got to send yarn to some of the people who’ve been such a help to me over the last months.  It seemed too good to pass up.

So that was a (very) long way of saying that the pattern for these will be released around March 25th.  Stay tuned for more details about that conversion bit and (hopefully) some more pictures.

Not the Big News

Yeah yeah.  Accuse me of toying with you.  This is not the big news.  We’ll call it building suspense.  It’s actually me needing a few more days to get all of my ducks in a row.  Let’s pretend it’s an intentional and ingenious plan to string you along instead.  It makes me sound much cooler and more diabolical.

There is, however, other nifty news to be announced.  I bit the bullet and signed up for a design retreat in Chicago this Summer.  It focuses on the “business and creativity of design,” and features instruction by Shannon Okey, Arabella Proffer, and Franklin Habit.  It seems about time I learn how this stuff is supposed to be done, no?  Perhaps it will be the next step on my path to world domination.  At the very least it will give me a deadline for replacing my poor elderly car with a more reliable one in which to make the journey.