• The pattern is called Stochastic. You can find it on both ravelry and payhip.
  • The hats are shown in a specially dyed yarn from Gauge Dye Works (but don’t worry, the pattern includes information on how to substitute other sorts of yarns).
  • For the first few weeks the pattern is out, we’re having a knit along for the pattern. Use the tag #StochasticHat on instagram to show off your project or see what other folks are making, or swing by Gauge Dye Works’ ravelry thread for the knit along here. You are absolutely welcome to show off projects in any yarn, you don’t have to be using the same one as me!
Yarn & pattern questions:
  • The pattern includes instructions for all three hats (with three different brims and three different crowns). There are several pages of step-by-step photos showing you exactly how to make the stitch plus info on trouble shooting and making yarn substitutions.  You can totally do this, it’s intended to be flexible and easy and very very chill!
  • The Gauge Dye Works yarn has been specifically dyed so you can use one single skein of yarn to make the whole hat (one skein will make one hat). The color transition between the brim and the body and those gorgeous little bursts of color are dyed right onto the yarn.  It will totally work even if your head is bigger or smaller than mine or if you knit at a different gauge, I promise!  It’s all built into the yarn.
  • The pattern also includes detailed information to let you use other yarns. You’ve got lots of options. You can use a background color and a contrast color (the contrast color is a great place to use mini skiens or leftovers from other projects). You could use a long color gradient yarn (the sort where the yarn changes color slowly over the whole skein). You could even use a solid color yarn if you want.  And it’s written to work in a wide range of gauges, so basically any smooth yarn from about a heavy fingering up through a heavy worsted will work fine!
  • If you want to check out all the posts where I talked about this pattern and the process of developing and knitting it, you can do that here. That will take you to all of the posts I made along the way (scroll back to see them all). You can also see the Q&A post from shortly before it came out and the release post from when it went live and the knit along post if you want more specifics on any of that!
  • If you want to see projects other folks have posted on ravelry, you can do that here.