Shoreland Preorder


The preorder is over!  If you bought the electronic version, you’ll get a message from me via ravelry on the 26th with info on how to dowload the full version.  If you bought the paper version, you’ll get a shipping notification in the next few days.

And if you missed the preorder, you can look for the book on ravelry next week or ask your yarn shop to order it for you.  It will also be available on amazon in a few weeks!

The buttons below will let you buy either the electronic version of the book or the paper version of the book (the paper version includes a code inside the back cover to let you download the electronic version).

The preorder price for either is $19.95 (plus shipping for the paper one).  That’s $2.00 off the regular price of $21.95. That runs until noon (eastern time) November 22.  After that, the preorder ends and the price goes back to normal.

If you’re ordering only the electronic version, be sure you’re logged into ravelry before you continue! That makes sure the book ends up in your ravelry library and makes sure you’ll get the email on the 26th with the update to the full version. (Don’t worry about being logged in if you’re getting the paper one.  With the paper one you’ll be using the code in the back of the book to get your eversion once the book arrives.)

If you’re ordering the paper version, be sure paypal has your correct shipping address and email address when you check out!  I’ll send your book to whatever shipping address paypal gives me, and I’ll send your receipt and tracking number to whatever email address paypal gives me.  Also please remember I can only ship to US and Canadian addresses for this one.  If you’re somewhere else in the world, you’ll need to wait until the book shows up at your LYS or on amazon.

Shoreland E-Book
  • 7 beautiful new sock patterns
  • delivered right to your ravelry library
  • Save $2.00 (normally $21.95, $19.95 during the preorder)
Shoreland Paper + E-Book
$19.95 + S&H
  • 7 beautiful new sock patterns
  • includes free electronic book
  • Save $2.00 (normally $21.95, $19.95 during the preorder)

Finally remember, this is a preorder (I know you know that already, but I just want to make super sure everyone is on the same page).  If you order only the electronic version, you’ll get a message from me via ravelry on November 26 when the full version goes live.  And if you order the paper version, you’ll get an email from paypal within a week of your order when your book goes in the mail (and you’ll get your electronic version by using the code inside the back cover of your book once it arrives).