So, I figured I’d just bring a few of the projects that are good examples of the vibe I’m moving towards here so you could see them all in one place and get a sense of what I’m making these days and the style/feeling I’m trying to move towards.

So, I tend to make two sorts of things. The first (and my favorite by far) are the little bits of tiny nonsense that serve absolutely no practical purpose whatsoever. Which is why I’m changing the name to Tiny Nonsense! They seem to consistently be my most popular patterns, so I don’t think I’m the only one who likes them.

There tend to be a lot of nature/fairy tale vibes (the owl might be one of my favorite things ever):

Some holiday stuff happens too (the snowmen are one of my most recent projects and have exactly the sort of cute but faintly creepy vibe I’m going for):

And then every now and then I just get an idea I have to make because I’m helpless to resist (the tiny houses are another example of that sweet but also faintly menacing vibe I like so much):

Ok, so that’s the completely ridiculous stuff.  The second sort of project is much more practical (hats and slippers and socks and gloves at least keep you warm), but I still really only do very small projects (no sweaters or blankets or giant projects like that).  So the tiny nonsense name still totally makes sense!

Pretty much everything has strong nature vibe.  My friends know the fastest way to my heart is to bring me a giant pine cone or a lichen covered stick, and I have a running list of mossy rocks and old stone walls and rotting trees stumps to use as photo locations.  But nature in a kind of dark and moody and mossy sort of way, not any of that sunshiny fields of wildflowers sort of way, if that makes any sense.

I know that’s all a bit hand wavey, so let me know if I can do anything to help narrow it down more!