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Still got questions? I have answers.

What pattern is that?

If you’re seeing something on the needles, it’s almost always something I’m currently designing (and that means it isn’t out yet). If you want to be sure you hear when it comes out, you can sign up to be notified at the top of this page. And if you want to follow along as it progresses, you can keep an eye on the blog.  I do tend to be rather chatty!

If it’s a finished item, I almost always say the name on the Instagram post, and you can probably find it over in my raverly shop or my payhip shop.

When is the pattern coming out?

Alas, if something is still on the needles, it’s likely going to be a while before it comes out.  I have to finish making it, write it up, get it tested and edited, get pictures taken and edited, and fit the pattern into my larger release schedule.  It will almost certainly be at least a few weeks.

But don’t despair.  There will totally be things coming out between now and then.  I usually have something fun coming out on the first Tuesday of the month (and often on the third Tuesday too).  If you want to hear about them (and if you want a notification when the thing that caught your eye comes out), you can sign up to be notified at the top of the page.

What yarn/colorway is that?

Yeah, so I don’t always put that in the instagram posts, sorry.  It gets a bit tedious the fourth or fifth time through!  Your best bet for that is either to take a look at the earlier posts about that project on my Instagram feed, look for blog for posts about that project, or check out my notebook on ravelry for project notes.

What if I have a question about a pattern?

There’s a very good chance you’ll find the answer right here.  That answers about 95% of the questions I get asked.  If you don’t see your answer, you’ll find contact info there to send me an email.  Please know I don’t provide pattern support over instagram comments or DMs.  It’s too hard to type out any reasonable sort of answer on my phone.

What if I have a question about something else?

You can email me (hunter at pantsville press dot com will find me) or send me a message on ravelry.  Please keep in mind that I don’t generally answer questions over instagram comments or DMs.  I often don’t even see them, and if the question needs more than a one or two word answer (and most do!), it’s too hard to type out any reasonable sort of answer on my phone.