Community Supported Patterns

I’m trying something new.  For the next little while, when I bring out a new pattern, I’ll make a few copies of it available to download for free.  They’re intended for people who could really use the distraction of a new project but have had their household finances disrupted by the pandemic or its aftermath in such a way that a pattern truly isn’t in the budget right now.

If that’s you, and this would help, please use it.  You don’t need to ask me if you qualify or explain your circumstances to me.  You know your situation better than I ever would, and I trust you.

And if you’re doing ok right now and would like to donate a few extra patterns to folks who could use them, there’s way to do that.  When there’s an active pattern, there will be a button below that you can use to donate copies.  I’ll keep an eye on donations as they come in and adjust the number of available copies accordingly.

  • To download a copy of Obstreperous and Incorrigible, put both patterns in your cart together and then use the code I NEED A HAND when you check out on ravelry. The code will work as long as there are copies available. If it doesn’t work, that means they’ve run out (but check back later, because more folks might donate a copy).
  • To donate copies of the Obstreperous and Incorrigible set to someone else, click the button below and check out. You’ll get the introductory discount on the set so it will be $11.00 (instead of $16 that two patterns usually cost or $12 that sets usually cost). Copies will be available to donate for the first three days the pattern is out. If there’s not a button below to donate one, it means that window is passed (but come back next time, I intend to do this again).


Donate a copy of Obstreperous and Incorrigible


Now for the fine print!  First, this is something new I’m trying.  I’m figuring out the the details as I go along.  Things absolutely will change as we go forward and I figure out what works.

Right now, the button to donate will be active for the first three days the pattern is out.  And the free download codes will be active for the first four days a pattern is out or until they run out, whichever happens first.  If there are any unused downloads left unused after four days (I don’t expect this to happen, but it’s possible, and it’s good to have a plan), they’ll get rolled over into the next pattern release.

This all works on the honor system.  The free downloads are intended for people who really need them. Please don’t abuse them.  And please don’t share this with the free pattern groups on facebook or ravelry.  All that will do is burn through the very limited number of free downloads in a few minutes and prevent folks who could use the pattern from getting it.  If that starts happening, I’ll have to stop doing this.