Swatches, yes again!

It’s swatching time again! ⁠

I don’t think this will end up being the one I go with, but I kind of like showing off the swatches that don’t work out too. The stitch pattern I want to use is a little big to use with yarn this fat and still be able to offer a lot of sizes (if your stitch pattern is 18 stitches across, and you’re working at 4 stitches to the inch, that’s more than four inches for each stitch repeat, and that’s way too much space between sizes when you’re talking about a hat).⁠

There are ways to work around that, but I have something fairly specific in mind for this project, so I think going with a slightly smaller yarn will be the way to go.⁠

But, just because I know someone out there will want to know, this is officially Baah Yarn’s Sequoia base in the color Cityscape.⁠ I say officially because mine is very very different from the pictures I saw online (to the point where I wondered if I’d gotten the wrong color by accident when I opened my package, since the pictures I saw when I ordered looked like gray yarn with teal and mustard bits and in person this looks like light teal yarn with dark teal, mustard, and forest green bits).⁠

It’s still lovely! I will certainly find a use for it at some point. It’s just not what I thought I was buying.⁠

That said, color is just really hard online. Like basically impossible. So you sort of have to expect a certain amount of difference from what you see on your screen when you order online. Which is one of the seven thousand reasons local yarn shops are such a valuable resource and you should make a point of supporting them when you can. And just as soon as I finish putting my immune system through its paces with these lovely jabs, I will go back to shopping in them all the time!⁠

But not for a few more weeks. For the next several weeks any yarn I need will be ordered online and I will damn well be grateful for the folks doing all the work to make that possible.⁠ Though if anyone haaaaaappens to know someone doing a super bulky, single ply that’s actually gray with teal and mustard bits, I’m totally all ears!⁠


I love a good sneaky trick.  Anything I can do where I look at it after the fact and go ‘huh, how did I even do that?’ fills me with unspeakable glee.  And Lucent has that in spades.

That little sunburst on the side is just unreasonably delightful. Maybe it shouldn’t be.  Maybe I shouldn’t be so easily amused.  But wow can I not help myself!

And it looks just faintly perplexing (like other knitters will totally stare at it for a second and wonder what you did), but it’s actually ridiculously easy to do.  You work a handful of carefully placed increases and decreases for a few rows.  Then, when you’re ready to feel clever, you work one row where you drop a couple of stitches and run them back up with a crochet hook.  Seriously if you’ve ever used a crochet hook to pick up a dropped stitch, you know how to do this (and if you haven’t, the pattern tells you how). After that, it’s just lovely, mellow stockinette until the decreases.

And the result?  The result of that tiny handful of increases and that one single row with a few dropped stitches?  Well the result is rather fetching if I do say so myself!  The hardest bit may be deciding where you want to put the fancy bit (I favor over my right ear myself, but it also looks great with it in the back).

Lucent is available on both Ravelry and Payhip.  You can use the code SUNBURST to take 10% off in either place through the end of the day, eastern time, Friday April 23.  Oh and if you’ve been around for an impressively long time and already had the earlier version of this pattern from a few years ago, check your library, you should see the update with the new version waiting for you!

And primped…

Ahem.⁠ What did I say?⁠ Did I not say this was lovely once it was blocked?⁠ I’m pretty darn sure I did.⁠

⁠Rundown for anyone playing along at home…⁠

It’s a new knit of my Lucent pattern (which as been unavailable for years and years but totally deserved to come back out). ⁠

It should be out very shortly (again, and as always, assuming nothing absolutely unspeakable happens to me or mine to delay things…the world feels scary these days and I get nervous saying ‘it’s out Tuesday’ even if the plan is for it to be out Tuesday).⁠

If you want it, be sure you’re on the mailing list and I’ll send you a note and a discount when it comes out.⁠ If you had it from ages ago when it was initially out, you’ll get an update when it comes out (not yet, so don’t panic that you don’t have it, but soon).⁠

Yarn is the lovely Bōsa by The Fiber Fox in Lake House. ⁠


Clickity clickity clickity click.⁠ I really really really want to show this to you all blocked. It’s got a whole butterfly wing coming out of its cocoon and plumping up thing that happens when it gets blocked. But first, the top.

Which was totally worth fixing! Ripping the stuff you don’t love is totally good for you. Builds character or something. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. ⁠

But either way, this is So Much Better.⁠ Sit tight, because I’m going to show you the blocked version of the fancy part tomorrow. You know you want it!


Sigh. No. Bad. Wrong. Do not like.⁠

I mean I *thought* I would like it. I tried to like it. There are circumstances in which I could be convinced to like it. But no.⁠ Not this time. Not with this hat.⁠

So now, we rip. ⁠And swear. And rip.⁠ And swear.⁠ Luckily we can multitask!

And the less fancy bit…

Yeah yeah, unblocked, but it shoooooooould be enough to give you the sense of the thing!⁠

Just enough crumple/structure/shaping to be delightfully dramatic, not so much that you worry people will think you’re wearing a tea cozy on your head.⁠

And, for anyone wondering at home, it’s a reknit of the Lucent pattern (which has been away for far far too long and deserved to come back). Should be out shortly (sort of depends on how I feel the rest of this week…I just had my first jab and am busily building antibodies as you read this, and I’ve officially decided that is more important than sticking to my own self-imposed and totally arbitrary schedule…but soon!).⁠

Yarn is Little Fox Yarn’s Bōsa in the Lake House color (and it’s delightfully glowy in that way that yarns with a bit of silk and yak have).

And now for the fancy bit…

Ahem. Are you ready for the fun part? Because we’re about to pause and do the fun part. And by the fun part I mean the bit with the crochet hook and the nerves of steel. ⁠
⁠Feel free to make yourself a calming beverage of your choice and have your smelling salts to hand.

Oh yeah baby…runs in your knitting On Purpose. ⁠Please remain calm, all will be well.⁠ I super duper pinky swear I have not misplaced my marbles. This will be unspeakably fetching in the end.⁠ It just looks a wee bit alarming for a minute here in the middle. Stand by!

There we go, all picked back up and with just the most delightful bit of crumple and rumple to it.⁠ Now bear with me, this is totally in that stage where *I* know it’s going to be lovely and sculptural and dramatic once it’s blocked, but you could totally be forgiven for thinking it looks like a pile of damp tissues. But stick with me, it’ll be lovely here in a bit!

Preparations are underway…

This is another one of those super super early patterns that has been gone for ages and ages and ages but that I just couldn’t let languish in durance vile for even a moment longer. It deserves to be back out there. You want it on your head.⁠

Or at least you will, once I get my act together and get it knit.⁠ Duper duper secret bonus points to whoever guesses which one it is first!

Plans and schemes, plans and schemes…

Step one, drag all the even vaguely suitable yarns out of the closet.

Step two, which is alas shamefully unpictured, is swatch a bunch of little plain rectangles to see what gauge we’re working with, so you can imagine a bunch of little rectangles here if you want.

Step three is to pick one, do a bit of math and cast on.

Then alas, in this case, step four was to realize it wasn’t the best fit and rip.  Under ideal conditions, this step should be skipped.

Step five is try again, and this time…this time I think we’ve got it!


So I have a confession to make.  I love slouchy hats, but I am not at all confident in my ability to put the damn things on without the help of a three way mirror and about four minutes of fussing with it.  Which is not precisely practical when you’re yanking a hat out of your coat pocket and shoving it on your head half a dozen times a day. So I decided to see if I couldn’t just find a way to sort out the slouch once and then lock it in and be done with it.  And it turns out I could!

Plicate starts out like every other hat.  But when you’re ready to block, you add a couple of secret drawstrings and get the back crinkled up just so.  Then, once you’ve got everything set up just how you like it, you lock in the One True Slouch and it’s set forever (or at least until you block it again).  Then, when you put it on, all you have to do is make sure the crumpled bit is in the back, which is much closer to the level of hat management I can be expected to accomplish on the fly (I know my limitations).

And I mean of course you don’t have to do it this way.  If you’re more confident in your hat application skills than I am, you can absolutely skip it and just let your hat do its own thing every time you put it on.  It’s a lovely hat and will absolutely be adorable either way.

But if you share my general ability to be slightly intimidated by slouch hats, this may well give you some extra peace of mind!

Plicate is available on both ravelry and payhip.  And you can use the code SLOUCHY in either place to take 10% off through the end of the day (eastern time) on Friday April 9.