Heads up

I want to start sort of gently mentioning that, some time later this summer, I’m going to be making a whole bunch big changes to how I do things. I’m not ready to share all the details yet (I’m actually super excited about a bunch of this, but it is a little overwhelming). But as part of those changes, most of my patterns will be retiring, most permanently.

I’ll be keeping the handful of the most popular of each kind of thing. So like the five or ten most popular hats and the five or ten most popular socks will stick around, but not the alarming number of patterns that I have now. Because having hundreds of patterns isn’t sustainable. It’s simply too much administrative work. And if I have to streamline, I’d much rather keep the the handful of favorites. (Don’t worry, anything hanging out in your rav library or your computer will stay right where it is, just no one else will be able to buy it.) ⁠

I’ll talk a whole bunch more about it as we get closer (which is code for please don’t ask questions about it or make ‘helpful suggestions’ just yet, we’re still at least several weeks out from anything going away, and I will post about it at length before we get there, and getting a bunch of questions now will just stress me out). But I have heard from some folks that they want to have lots of heads up so they can have time to get anything they’d miss, so I wanted to start mentioning it now, so you have time to prepare if you want.⁠

Like I said, I’ll talk more about it once I have all the details sorted out. For now, all I can say is most of the individual patterns are going away and not coming back. But it’s to make room for better things to come!⁠


First things first. Poshaste is out today, and it’s 10% off on ravelry and payhip with the code PROMPTLY. ⁠

These are the mitts to match the lovely Forthwith hat from earlier this month (yes, yes I do have far too much fun naming these things, please don’t make me stop). And they have very possibly the most fun thumb I’ve ever knit.

As in, I’ve actually knit four of these (well, two pairs, which generally speaking means four thumbs). I have one laying on my desk beside me as I type this and another actually physically on my hands. And I still find myself going ‘gaaaaaah, how does it do that.’

The answer is actually just ‘paired increases and decreases for a while, then just increases for a while,’ so it’s weirdly rhythmic and meditative and chill to knit, it just looks kinda baffling when it’s done.

Which really, I’m calling that a bonus. It’s cool to realize you can do things that look unspeakably impressive with shockingly little effort!

Once again, the pattern is Posthaste, and you can get it for 10% off with the code PROMPTLY on either ravelry or payhip for the first day or two the pattern is out (or you can buy both the hat and mitt together as a set at a discount, details of that are on the pattern listing page)!



I mean, I did say we were going to do something rather charming!

This is, of course, optional, you do not have to do it! It’s the sort of thing I’m going to start including as extras for patreon folks (I haven’t made the patreon public just yet, but stay tuned for details about it over the next few months).

But I thought doing a beautiful little braid with all the ends from my embroidery would be way more fun that weaving in all the ends the traditional way.

Plus really, this satisfies my need for order in a way that should surprise absolutely no one who has been around me for more than five minutes. I am a very tidy, very neat, very orderly little chipmunk in my heart, and this is more satisfying than it has any right to be.

Plus in what world is a hat not better if it has a secret braid!


All blocked and ready to be stabbed over and over and over and over again in the name of embroidered goodness.

Wiggle Room

Oooooh, so I don’t think I ever showed you the finished top on this hat! Well, I showed you the top back when we had only one set of embroidery on there, but not with both. And really, I could not love the top more if I tried, so it’s for sure worth showing off again.⁠

I’ve got the stitches up there just held in place but not cinched down yet because we’re going to be doing Something Rather Charming with them here in a bit, and we need a bit of wiggle room to bring the plan to fruition.⁠

But for right now, lets just admire how very very very tidy the way that stitching wraps up is!

Fickle whims

Here’s the bit where I shamelessly remind you that these are coming out Tuesday (as always, barring any disasters, which is a thing we have to say these days because the disasters are such a constant barrage). ⁠

Also as always, if you mostly follow me on instagram or twitter, the way you see my stuff there is based on the fickle whims of the all knowing algorithm, and I have yet to figure out how to bend it to my will, so I can’t promise it will show you when they make their big debut. So, if you want to be sure you hear when they’re out, the mailing list is the way to do that.

Of if you can figure out a way to just let me be in charge of the algorithm that’s cool too. You’ll be seeing kind of a lot of sheep and wool and yarn and knitting if you put me in charge though, so be careful what you ask for!

Brief pause

Now we pause for a moment to admire how very very lovely this is.

I mean, admittedly, very simple.  I fully admit it is not fancy.

But oh it has a certain appeal.


I mean ok fine. Stockinette does have its charms. I’ll be honest and say I’m still really really really missing, you know, doing things as I knit. But the end result is lovely.

I just need to get a marker and go in there and color on this a bit to liven things up (for ‘marker’ please substitute ‘other piece of yarn with which I shall embroider,’ but that’s a bit of a mouthful, so we’ll just say marker).


Secret additional bonus, the inside is darn tidy and the folded over bit gives you a good place to ditch your ends.

I’ve got a long tail there because I am for sure going to embroider the snot out of this, because the thought of lots and lots and lots of embroidery is all that’s going to keep me sane(ish) as I knit all that plain stockinette. And I figure why not just go ahead and leave myself a piece to start doing that with.

But the other end of the orange and the starting end of the gray are all now nicely woven in and tucked up out of sight (it bugs me if I have loose ends flopping in the breeze as I knit, so I often get them out of the way early on).

A win

Was that a whole lot of work and bother for a very simple result?

I mean possibly? But really, you can say that about pretty much any thing you knit by hand.

And honestly, that was literally the first time I’d done a turned hem, it took me about thirty minutes more than a plain cast on would have (a big chunk of that because I stopped to take pictures), it is satisfyingly tidy, and I’m completely delighted to have done it.

So yeah, I’m calling it a win, because my brain could very much use a bit of soothing and successful novelty these days. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t need my knitting to be as efficient as possible, I need it to be as delightful as possible.

And this is delightful beyond words.