Last Call

I am just about out of copies of Curls 3, Silk Road Socks, Fine Things, and Shoreland Socks (the other titles are already all sold out). These are the final print runs for all the books, so when they’re gone, they’re gone forever.  I wanted to give everyone a chance to grab them before they go.

I’ve tried to make this as streamlined as possible, but please do read the information below:

  • The minimum order is 12 books. Feel free to mix and match between titles, but the total number of books in your order needs to be at least 12. If it’s fewer than that I’ll cancel your order and let you know so you can place a new one, but I can’t promise the books you want will still be available.
  • The system won’t let you buy more books than I have. If you try to check out with more books than I have left, it’ll tell you which books are causing problems and give you the chance to go back to your cart and adjust your quantities (the cart system is not smart enough to actually tell you how many are left, so if it’s saying it’s out, you can try again with a smaller quantity, and it might work). I’ll try and update this page as books run out, but I may not catch it right away.
  • All the prices already have a 50% wholesale discount applied. So if the book’s cover price is $21.95, you’ll see it listed at half that or $10.97.
  • Shipping is free within the United States.  Your books will ship via priority mail within 3 business days of your order and should arrive about 3-4 business days after they ship.  You’ll get a tracking number when your package goes out. Unfortunately, shipping overseas is just too expensive and complicated right now, so these can only ship to the US.


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