Curiosity cabinets were collections of fascinating objects brought together to inspire, intrigue, and inform. Offered here, in this third volume of the series, is a knitter’s interpretation of a curiosity cabinet. Enchanting stitches, beguiling textures, and captivating shapes have been combined to create 18 new patterns, each with a host of beautiful details certain to entertain and delight. Inside you’ll find nine socks, three hats, three cuffs, two shawls, and a cowl. There’s sure to be something marvelous to add to your own stash of knitted treasures.

Visit the book’s ravelry page to see all the patterns (and to check out the lovely projects other knitters have already made).

The paper version is now out of print, but you can still order the electronic version on ravelry, (and you may be able to find the paper version second hand on amazon, as always, amazon links are affiliate links).