Teazle (plus giveaway)

Teazle is out today on ravelry, it’s 10% off with the code PRICKLY, and there’s yarn to give away later in this post!

So you knew it was going to happen…one day I was going to fall for brioche.  And wow did I fall hard.  This is my first brioche project, but I know for sure it won’t be the last (yes, yes there are more on the needles already).

Now we come to the potentially tricky bit.  Because it is my first brioche project, I totally don’t feel comfortable claiming that I can teach you everything you need to know about brioche just yet.  I want you coming into this with a little bit of basic background knowledge (sort of like how I expect you to know how to knit, purl, and yarn over for the rest of my patterns).  For this one, you want to be able to work two color brioche in the round (the rest I’ll tell you how to do, but that I want you feeling confident with on your own).  The good news is you can get to that point in like an hour of swatching and video watching (I love this one).  Once you feel comfy with that, you’re golden!

You start with your basic ribbing (Translation: you do the easy bit early on while you get a feel for things). Then you work beautiful little seed pods (Translation: as soon as you’re just starting to get bored with the ribbing, you get to switch over to the fancy bits because really…those are super fun). You do as many sets of those as you like before switching back to ribbing (Translation: if you’re having fun, keep going…if you get a little scared, you only have to do them once and you can totally go back to the ribbing and have it look awesome). Then at the end, you work a very tidy crown (Translation: seriously, every brioche crown ever looks like magic, you owe it to yourself to do this at least once just because it’s so satisfying).  You really are going to have fun with this!

And, just to make sure one of you has an awful lot of fun, I’ve got two skeins of the glorious Ontheround yarn I used for the orange hat to send off to one of you.  If you think it should be you, leave a comment here telling me about something you were a little scared of but learned how to do anyway.  It doesn’t have to be knitting related.  Did you learn how to change out an electrical outlet? How to take public transit somewhere you don’t speak the language? How to make a really great soufflé?  You folks are a talented lot and I want to hear what you’ve conquered!

And I totally can’t send yarn to all of you, but I can give everyone 10% off with the code PRICKLY.  Just put Teazle in your cart, hit the coupon button, and type in PRICKLY.  You’ll see the change right away (if that ever doesn’t work, double check your spelling…that solves about 99% of problems, if you’re still stumped, email me and we’ll sort it out!).

The code will work until the end of the day, eastern time, on Friday June 7.  Comments left between now and the end of the day Friday, June 7 will be entered to win the yarn.  You need to be an adult and to have a US mailing address.  Some time next week, I’ll pick a winner and email them to ask for their mailing address (so please use a real email address…it won’t sign you up for any mailing lists or anything, but I will need it to contact the winner).  I’ll need to hear back from whoever wins within 3 days of when I email them or I will pick another winner and contact them.






Turns out, there’s yarn to be had at the Fiber Frolic.

Lovely gray speckled yarn (that’s June Pryce Fiber Art’s Greenwich Worsted base in the color Stormy Days).

And lovely purple yarn (that’s Shirsty Cat Designs’ BFL Sock base in the color Frission).  And seriously…this is exactly the color my hair these days…pretty sure that means it must become a hat.

Yarn purchased at Frolic seeeeeeeeems to have magical properties.  The yarns I got the first time I visited (2016) turned into the Ostensibly and Purportedly set, the Calcieform slippers, and the Vestige hat and mitt set.  And the stuff from last year became the Imply and Infer set (so far…and I have my eye on one of them for another project soon).  So clearly it’s all good stuff!

I mean is it old? Or is it a classic?

So if you were to show up at my house (don’t…it would be weird) and start digging around in my office baskets looking for the oldest project languishing there waiting for some attention (really don’t…that would move from weird into totally unacceptable, I’d ask you to leave), you’d eventually find this.

How old is it? Well it was a pattern I contributed to a book that came out in 2013, which means I probably knit it something like 7 or 8 years ago.

These pictures here are from when I dragged that original book sample (a bit worse for wear even then) off with me on a trip in the fall of 2016. I had this idea that I’d take pictures and re-release it.  The rights came back to me ages ago, and I’d been meaning to do it, but just never quite got round to it. Mostly because I sort of felt like it deserved a new sample.  And, as I looked at these pictures, I realized it really really really did deserve a new sample.  Because wow is it cute…and wow are there one or two tiny things I want to tweak for an updated version.

So blast it all, I’m going to knit it a new sample. Because it really is absolutely darling, and it deserves to be shown off properly.

But that does mean knitting something for a second time (never my strong suit), so if you could send all of your cheerleading/do the thing/just get on with it already vibes this way, I suspect I’m going to need them!

All out of willpower

I’ve been so good. Really, I have. I’ve had a pile of yarns for the next book for ages now, and I haven’t pestered you with them hardly at all.

But I’m all out of will power. Because you see, yesterday I spent the morning grubbing around on the rocks with yarn and shells and seaweed and the barnacles (look…I know it sounds weird, and I am normally very much a ‘don’t touch that, it looks sticky’ sort of person, but there’s a certain kind of beach filth I can really get behind). So I’m going to indulge myself and show just one tiny picture ok?

And I will totally do the proper yarn run down later when I introduce you to all of these one by one. but for now, I’m just going to revel in the whole big pile of them and how very very mellow they make me feel.