Playing favorites

I resolutely decline to pick a favorite side.

They’re both nifty in their own way.

And I love how different they look from each other.  Sure stitches that look the same on both sides are cool and all…and useful for all sorts of things.

But having one that is lovely and different on each side…that’s something grand!

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Very bad words

See that?  See that set of stitches that is very much not involved in the cable?  Yeah…that’s not supposed to be like that.

So we figure out the stitches involved and we rip.  Two of the strands are longer because I needed to rip out more stitches there…the rest are shorter because I didn’t need to set as many free down there.

And then reknit it, this time actually crossing the cable like a smart kid.

And then it’s as good as new (er…better actually, what with not having the glaring error and all).

Much faster than ripping out the whole hat for 8 rows…and totally doable if you’re in good light and feeling up for a little sustained focus.


So very very lazy…

I’m no good at row counters. I generally prefer to just count my rows or find some sort of landmark on the stitch pattern I can use instead of counting rows.

But, on this hat, it’s all cables.  And cables are sort of a pain to count rows (you can do it, it’s just fiddly).  So I cheat.

I tie slip knots in my tail for every plain row.  Then when I finish the cable row, I yank them all out.

Works great here because I don’t need to count very high (4 or 5 knots is practical…12 is not) and because the tail is long enough and the yarn sturdy enough to work for this.

You can totally use a row counter if you like that better…but on this project, this works better for me.

Infer (plus giveaway)

Done with your hat? Need some mitts to match?  I’ve got you covered!  Infer is out today on ravelry.  You can get it for 10% off with the code CONCLUDE for the next few days. And there’s yarn to give away over on instagram because I know you’re madly in love with it the same way I am!

So I’ll fully admit this yarn pushed me a tiny bit out of my comfort zone. Normally I’m ah…let’s say rather orderly (this coming from the person who keeps a yard stick on top of each set of bookcases in the house to line the books up straight).  I like things to be symmetric and tidy and just so.  That’s part of why I do things like reverse the cables on socks or mitts…if you’ve got two, they need to be mirror images of each other!

But this yarn wasn’t going to let me do that.  It was going to change colors on me from one mitt to the next.  And I spent a good long while sort of holding the skein and staring at it and thinking if maybe I should do a cowl instead of mitts.  But I finally came down on the side of mitts because both the yarn and the cable are so pretty I wanted to see them all the time…and I get more wear out of my mitts than out of my cowls.  Turns out I love it!  And I mean yes…you totally can make it with a more traditional yarn.  But I suspect this will be more fun.

And you already know I’m madly, hopelessly in love with that cable.  So deep and smooshy!  Plus I sort of love how that thumb goes together (increases on one side, thumb on the other, so the fabric swirls and grows across your palm in the most delightful way).  Basically these are my happy place…and if you see me this winter there’s about a 90% chance I’ll have them on or they’ll be in my coat pocket.

If you want to make a set just like mine, the yarn is June Pryce Fiber Arts Coventry DK in the color Speckled Soul Searching.  I used one of the 510 yard cakes to make the hat and the mitts (and had enough left over that I wasn’t feeling nervous at the end).  I’ve got a skein of the yarn to give away over on this instagram post.

And for the pattern, I’m using one of ravelry’s nifty features to make the mitts into a set with the hat from earlier in the month.  If you just want the mitts all by themselves, you can do that, and get it for 10% off with the code CONCLUDE.  Just put Infer in your ravelry cart, click on the ‘use a coupon code’ button, and type in the code CONCLUDE.  You’ll see the change in price reflected right away.

But if you’d rather have Imply and Infer both (and really, that’s way more fun), you can get the set for $10.40 (that’s a savings of $4.50 off the price of the individual patterns).  If you want to do that, just put Imply and Infer both in your ravelry cart.  The price will be adjusted automatically (you don’t need a code).  And don’t worry, if you’ve already bought Imply, whatever you spent on it will be counted towards the price of the set (as long as you’re logged your ravelry account when you make both purchases).  This pretty much always works very very smoothly (because ravelry is awesome), but if you hit a snag you can always email me or message me on ravelry and we’ll get you sorted out.  The CONCLUDE code and the $4.50 discount will work through the end of the day, eastern time, Friday January 25 (after that the code expires and the automatic discount will be smaller).