So, I try to do something rather scandalous in December.  I try to rest.  Which, admittedly, I’m not very good at (I say, glancing at my calendar for the year and counting up the 19 individual patterns and 7 patterns in a book I put out this year).  But I am trying.  And a big part of the way I do that is by not bringing out a new pattern in December and instead shamelessly showing off some of my favorite existing patterns.  I’ve been doing this designing thing for, um, a while now.  And it’s way too easy to get focused on the shiny new thing and forget about all the nifty stuff that’s already out there.

So to counter that, every day from December 1-December 24, I’ll pick one of my favorite patterns and put it on sale for 25% off.

Each sale will only last for 24 hours (from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm, eastern time, each day).  I am totally not sending out emails every day (because oh my goodness would that get tedious).  But I will post about each day’s pattern here on the blog and on instagram and on twitter, so you can check whichever of those is easiest for you.

I hope you find something you love, and that you’re getting in a bit of time for rest too!

Indie Gift-A-Long

It’s that time of year again. Well actually, that works on several counts. It’s Indie Gift-A-Long time, and it’s also, for at least some of you, panicked gift knitting time.⁠

Now first, I’m going to say right at the top that I think you should only knit gifts if you want to (and please oh please only for people who are worth the time), and you should probably spend way more of your precious time (and yarn!) knitting awesome things for yourself.

But if you’re the sort who is so darn nice you just can’t stop yourself from knitting for others, accessories are the way to go. And accessory sets have certain advantages.⁠

Because really, cute accessory sets all matched to your winter coat are one of the best parts about being (or being on the gift list of) a knitter. Winter is better if you’re super cute.

If you get short on time, you can totally knit one piece this year and the matching one for next year. Or, if time is getting really tight, you can knit one piece for person A and the matching one for person B. The second piece in a set always goes quicker (because you’ve already got the stitch pattern or technique down), and no one needs to know they started out as a set.

But really…I think you should make stuff for yourself. You’re cool, you deserve pretty things.⁠

So, if you find yourself wanting to knit some cute accessory sets (either for yourself or for someone who really deserves it), grab them while they’re on sale. All these pieces and a bunch of my other accessory sets are on sale for 25% off during the Indie Gift-A-Long (and oodles of other folks have lots of things on sale too, it’s a whole thing, you should really check it out). You can see all the patterns I’ve got in the sale and see how to get the discount right over here!


If you’ve been here a while, you know all about this.

You know that this is a compunction that comes on me this time of year.

A compunction that I am more or less helpless to resits.

I spend a few minutes folding a bunch of these.

Then carefully carefully glueing them together (the glue dots are new this year and so far, they are a tremendous improvement over previous methods).

Rinse and repeat until the urge passes or I run out of window space.

People always always always ask, so yes, I can tell you how to do it.  Or rather, I’m not going to actually teach it to you myself (that is suspiciously like work), but I’ll point you to where you can find the info.

I’ve put it all together in one place over here on amazon. Those are totally all affiliate links.  If I’m going to pause my beloved holiday childhood activity and take pictures and then go trawling the internet for info then write it all up here, I’m absolutely going to let amazon send me a few cents for my trouble.  I’m mean and greedy like that.  If affiliate links bug you, it’s totally cool not to click them, I’ll never ever know.

At the link, you’ll find books on how to fold them in both German and English.  I tend to think the German ones are a bit more intricate, and I’d probably go with those if you like the ones I’m making.  You’re mostly going to just be looking at the pictures and doing very basic folds (if you’ve ever made one of those fortune teller things or a paper crane, you have the folding skills you’d need to make these), so the language bits aren’t super important.  But if you’re feeling nervous, there are some English ones too that are a bit simpler and will be easier to read (you know, assuming you don’t happen to read German).   If you don’t want a book, you can also google “fenstersterne falten anleitung” (which works out to “window star folding instructions” more or less, I’m not having you google anything dreadful) and you’ll find all sorts of stuff.  It will be in German, but you’ll mostly be in it for the pictures, and I have faith in you.

You’ll also find links for the special paper you need.  It’s not the sort of tissue paper you wrap presents in.  Do not try and use that, you’ll end up frustrated and disappointed.  The paper you want is much crisper than tissue paper (sort of like a cross between colored tissue paper and waxed paper and tracing paper).  Finding the right paper is the one fiddly part to this whole process.  If you don’t have the right stuff, the stars flat won’t work.  You need paper that’s stiff enough to fold, but translucent enough to let light through, because the light coming through the different layers is how this whole thing works.  Luckily you only need a couple of sheets of paper per star, so the package I linked to will let you make dozens of stars.

I trim my paper to size with a paper cutter because if you don’t get your pieces the same size and the edges nice and straight, the star will be messy.  The paper is hard enough to come by that I don’t want to waste it by trying to cut with scissors and being off a bit.  I make my folds with a bone folder because my thumbnail eventually gets sore if I don’t.  And this year I’ve started using glue dots to both hold the pieces together and hold the finished stars to the window.  It’s easier than double sided tape or glue.  I’ll see how they hold on the window over the season, but so far so good.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the window in my office faces west, and I need to see just how many of these I can fit in there.  I’ve got to do something to make up for the sun setting at 4pm.


Not very glamorous, but…

How about we start the week off with an unlovely photo of a rather lovely thing? ⁠ ⁠

That’s the first batch of books all set out for the post office to pick up today. A few more will go out tomorrow (at which point I will go sit somewhere quiet and pretty and do nothing at all productive or industrious for several consecutive hours).⁠ ⁠

Now, let me see if I can’t preemptively answer a few likely questions:⁠ ⁠

But what about my e book? If you ordered just the electronic version (and not the paper version), you’ll get a message from me via ravelry tomorrow when the full electronic version goes live on ravelry. There will be links in that message to let you download the electronic version.⁠

If you ordered the paper version, there’s a code to download the electronic version inside the back cover of the book. When your book arrives, look inside the back cover and follow the instructions there.

When will my book arrive? Books usually take somewhere between 3-6 business days to arrive in the US, more like 7-10 business days to arrive in Canada.⁠ ⁠ Remember that Thursday is a mail holiday in the US, so mail won’t travel that day. But I expect packages will start arriving tomorrow (for folks nearby) and most of them should be delivered by the end of next week.

If it gets to be towards the middle of the second week in December and you still don’t see yours, let me know (the best way to do that is to hit reply on your paypal receipt and send me a message, but if you don’t have that, send me an email and be sure to let me know the email address you use for paypal) and I can investigate. But until then, don’t worry, it’s almost certainly just making its way through the post office to you!⁠

What if I missed the preorder, how can I get the book now? The electronic version will go live on ravelry tomorrow, you’ll be able to buy it there then.

The paper version is already on its way to yarn shops (if yours doesn’t have it, you can totally ask them to get it and I’ll be happy to hook them up). And it will be on amazon some time in the next few weeks.⁠

Now…go stalk your mailbox…there are good things on the way!⁠