So I’m knitting cupcakes.  Which is fun and frivolous and festive and should be a carefree sort of thing, right?  And for the most part it totally is!  But one thing keeps happening, and I’m in a place where I want to talk about it for just a quick second.

People keep saying over and over and over ‘oh look, cupcakes without calories’ or ‘guilt free cupcakes’ or ‘finally some cupcakes I can feel good about’ or something else that seems to strongly suggest that the other kind of cupcakes…the kind that you eat, the kind that contain food, the kind that taste good…are somehow bad or dirty or shameful or that you need to apologize for them.

And I absolutely know that no one means anything mean or terrible by that (so please don’t feel bad if you’ve said it).  It’s just the sort of thing we’re socialized to say, because messages like that are absolutely everywhere and eventually we internalize it. But that message that we’re all getting and then spitting back out all the time?  It’s kind of crap.  And I’m having a major ‘call out the crap when you see it’ sort of year.  So I’m going to say a few things very directly.

First, Your body needs calories to survive. They are not evil.  They keep you alive.  You being alive is a good thing!  Next, You do not have to assign food a score inside of some health-based moral framework (is this good or bad? am I cheating? is this sinful? can I eat this cupcake now if I skip dinner later?) or come up with hugely complicated schemes to justify or excuse your choices.  That’s exhausting and a waste of time and energy.  You have better things to do with your life.  And finally, and I mean this with all of my heart, you do not have any obligation to eat in a way that makes there be less of you.  You are in charge of your own body and your own choices, so you can do that if you want to.  But you don’t have to.  You’re cool just as you are.

If you want to read some more stuff about this, I adore pretty much everything nutritionist Michelle Allison has to say about food and bodies.  Go check out the things listed under her Greatest Hits section here.  And then go read this amazing piece about how communal body shaming is a lousy social activity and totally not something you need to participate in or put up with.

And, if you want to eat a cupcake, eat a cupcake.  I hope it’s delicious.

My on going quest for indestructible socks

So I really do mean it when I say I mend my socks.

Every time I take them off, I check for thin spots.  If there’s just a little thin spot, I’ll wash them first and then mend them.  If there’s an actual hole, I’ll fix them before I wash them because washing them with a hole can make the hole bigger (which is maybe gross? but whatever…it’s just socks…you can wash your hands after).

I strongly prefer catching it while it’s just a thin spot because then you can just duplicate stitch over it.  (This is the bit where I am extremely mean and say that if you want info on exactly how to do that, your best bet is going to be to google ‘duplicate stitch’ and you’ll find zillions of tutorials on it…I’m totally just showing off ‘hey, I mended these’ not at all doing ‘hey, here is step by step exactly how you do it’ because it is not that sort of week, and other folks have already done that way better than I ever will.)

A few minutes work and it’s all better.  I have socks that are nine years old and still going strong, but an awful lot of them have the odd patch here and there.  Totally worth it to keep them in the rotation for another few years.

So what do you think…will you mend yours?  Or would you rather just knit a new pair?

I got distracted

I should…I should be talking to you about the speckled hat and all its pom-pomy goodness.  And I will.  For it is coming out in just a second here.

But…well…somehow I’m distracted.  I don’t think you can blame me.

Yes, there will be a pattern (really, I can’t remember the last time I knit something and didn’t’ make a pattern, so it’s pretty much always safe to assume there will be a pattern).  And the little gizmo down below lets you hear from me when it comes out if that’s your jam!  Won’t be long now at all…


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And now we start actually knitting

So, after all those swatches, it’s time to actually knit the thing!

I’m doing a rolled brim (in part because I like how it looks and fits, but also in part because I want to get to the color change bit as quickly as I can, and plowing through a solid brim in the colorful yarn lets me get there quick).

And I generally cast on over two needles (not to make the cast on stretchier, it doesn’t do that, but it does make the loops of my first row of stitches a better match for the rest of my knitting…I’m a loose knitter but a tight cast-er on-er, and this balances things out).

And then it’s time to cruise along, clicking happily away, and wait for the color change!  You know, assuming I don’t get distracted by cupcakes and fall down that rabbit hole…

Colorful yarn is Freia Fine Handpaints’ Sport base in the color Flare. White yarn is Malabrigo’s Rios in Natural.  And the needles, alas, have no brand as they’re some random ones I found somewhere along the way.


Looking for this pattern?

Tell me when it's out!

If you're reading this shortly after it was posted, the pattern's probably not out quite yet. But if you'd like an email when it is, click the link above and sign up!