Uncharacteristic restraint

I…I regret to admit that another fit of nonsense has come upon me. ⁠This is, well, this is pretty much what I’ve come to expect at this point. But if I have to suffer through it, so do you.

And I know from instagram that some of you will instantly assume that’s something, um, let’s say a bit biological. So before you let your mind wander too far, I’ll show you another.

And another.

And I’ll go ahead and say right up front that it is neither a critter nor a body part.  However, I shall continue to demonstrate uncharacteristic restraint and not show you what it actually is just quite yet.  Soon though, very very soon.


You didn’t think I was going to leave the owls out there all alone did you? No…no we need some sweet little foxes to go with them.

Because really, I’m pretty sure these foxes and owls are buddies and hang out and go on adventures together.  I mean wouldn’t you want to go on adventures with them? Just think of all the trouble you could get up to.

Though perhaps what you’re looking for is a more low key adventure.  The sort where you visit Fawkes and Foxanne at their haberdashery and millinery shop and order an absolutely smashing new hat before wandering across the street to Owllison and Owlbert’s book store for a browse.

Really though, I’m pretty sure any day you spend in their company is going to be a good day.  Though do remember that foxes can be a bit tricksy and you might occasionally have to be the voice of reason if their schemes get to be too exuberant.  I’m confident you’re up to the task!

The pattern is called Foxed.  It’s out on both ravelry and payhip. And you can use the code POINTY to take 10% off for the first day or two the pattern is out.

Calling it done

Alrighty, I think this is done (read, I really should stop spending so much time playing with it and do real work) and I know I am delighted with it. Now, let’s see if I can answer a few questions/make a few plans.⁠

1) Will I show you the whole sweater? Probably not. I don’t do pictures of clothes on me, the dressforms I have are not the right size to show the sweater off well, and taking a picture of a sweater laid out flat that looks anything other than awful does not seem to be a skill I have. So you will probably have to content yourself with pictures of the various corners I’ve doodled on.⁠

2) Does the stitch have a name? Not that I know of. I was just doodling around until I found something I liked. Though as with most textile things, the chances of coming up with something actually new are low and I am in no way claiming I am the first/only person to do anything because why would a person do that to themselves and invite those headaches. ⁠

3) Will I tell you how to do it? Maybe! Enough folks seem to like this (and the other embroidery stuff) that I’m considering doing a pattern of some sort. Because my primary sales platform requires that you only sell actual patterns there, I would probably end up doing something like a Very Very Basic Hat pattern with the real focus being on how you embroider on it like this. That follows the rules (hat=pattern), but I can talk a bit in there about how to adapt the embroidery for other projects as well (like, say, that comfy but boring store bought sweater). If that’s something you’d be interested in, let me know. If enough folks like it, I might do it (though it wouldn’t be until next year at the earliest). ⁠

But really though, I’ve got two sweaters I’ve decorated (cough, defaced, cough) and ideas/victims lined up for at least a third and a fourth, and I’ve learned a whole bunch about what does and doesn’t work well on knitted fabric, and I can absolutely see this on hats/mitts, so it probably if folks are interested, it probably wouldn’t be too hard to talk me into it.⁠

But for now I think it’s time to stop playing with this one and wear it!

Doodles continue

Embroidery doodles continue to be amusing…

But forward progress has been somewhat hindered by the supervisory efforts of Miss Fizzy.

Work will resume when she decides she has other places to be.