That’s going to work out nicely…

Pretty sure we need more brioche.  And I’m pretty sure this is going to be the way to do it.

That orange is some seriously deep stash.  The company is, alas, apparently out of business…and normally that means I would not use the yarn, but it’s a common enough base that it won’t be hard to find an equivalent yarn.  And my goodness but it’s too pretty not to use.

All my suspicions are confirmed by the swatch (insert ‘yay swatch, swatch is important, swatch is useful’ peptalk right about here).  That is, indeed, going to be smashing.

Yarns are Punta Yarns’ Mericash in color HP66 and Malabrigo’s Rios in Sabiduria. ⠀


Nearly there!⠀I flat out LOVE how this one is pooling.  The yarn is Clara from Manos del Uruguay in the color Miel, and it works up beautifully with this pattern.⠀

This hat is actually a fun project for a lot of opinionated yarns (not that this one is particularly obstreperous…but we all know there’s a yarn or two in our stashes that just needs to have its say and there’s no point in arguing).

Because the fabric is fairly simple (just ribbing, no cables, no lace), you can use colorful yarns easily.  And because the fabric sits on an angle, the line of your ribbing and the line of each row of knitting make an X and give you all sorts of lovely strong diagonals.

I’d love to see this knit in one of those yarns that has the tiny bursts of regularly spaced super colorful bits (like the one I knit Keepsies in…that would be amazing). I mean don’t get me wrong, I love how it’s working up here. Those swirls are glorious. I’m just saying I think seeing what you all make with this when the pattern comes out is going to be grand!


This is one of those knits that just looks *odd* until it’s done and blocked.  And that’s not a bad thing!  But it does mean I’m asking you to make a bit of a leap of faith for a bit there in the middle.

Two things make me feel a little better about that.  First, it’s a hat. It’s a small project.  It’s not like I’m asking you to spend two months knitting a knee length cardigan and only know at the end that it will work out.  Second, I’m showing lots and lots of pictures here on the blog, on ig, on my rav page, and even in the pattern. So it’s easy to see what it looks like at various points.  So, while it will look weird, at least you’ll have the reassurance that it’s *supposed* to look weird at this stage!

Because being weird is better with a bit of reassurance!

Pattern should be out next week, the doodlybob down below lets you get a notification when it comes out if that’s your jam!


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The replacement hat (for the original hat really is a bit too worn to use for photos) is clipping along nicely.

The biggest slow down is that I keep stopping to fold up the corner and admire how it comes together.

Sometime even going so far as to move it over to circular needles (one of the very few things circular needles do better than DPNs is wrap around curvy things like heads).

This does not make for speedy knitting.  I mean it’s satisfying…but not speedy!