Ok, I have a plan.

Now normally I do a pattern (or something pattern-like) more or less the first and third Tuesdays of the month. But I don’t know if you recall, but the first Tuesday of this month was the election, and wow was I not going to try and compete for brain space with that circus.

So I bumped the first of this month’s patterns (the adorable little hat ornaments from last week) to the second Tuesday. Which would normally mean I’d do another pattern on the fourth Tuesday. But this year, scandal of scandals, I am taking the whole week of Thanksgiving off.

All the way off. The kind of really, truly off where I’m not even ‘just popping online for a minute’ or ‘checking my email real quick’ or ‘logging into ravelry for just a second.’ Really, truly, properly OFF.

So, I can’t bring it out then.

Buuuuuuut, I know lots of folks want to add this to their wee tiny houses before the holidays hit. Which means I’m going to break my own completely arbitrary, completely self imposed rule (cough, those are always the hardest to break) and bring it out some time this week (probably Thursday, but apparently things are changing willy nilly, so I leave room for plans to change).

It’s the same scale as the houses, so the blocks you got for them work for this as well (or, as with the houses, I’ve got some options for you in the pattern including a printout if you wanna get handy with an exacto knife and some cardboard).

Do the mailing list thing if you want me to pester you when it comes out. Meanwhile I’ll be trying to reassure my neighbors that it’s perfectly FINE for a grown adult to have spent the day sitting on wet sand taking pictures of tiny, knitted buildings. Perfectly fine. No need to call the authorities. All is well.

Community growth

I told you there would be some additions to the tiny village!

I mean, we started with lots of cute little houses. But it seems only fitting to add on some sort of municipal structures at some point. Call it a church or a school house or a town hall, whatever works for the needs of your tiny, woolly community.

I’m headed back to the beach to take more pictures of these later today (you know, once the sun is up and the tide is out). If my signal is good enough, I’ll probably hop on stories and show off the process in all it’s muddy, sandy, messy glory while I’m there.

We miiiiiiiight be able to sneak the pattern out late this month. I don’t do new releases in December, and I suspect some of you want this in time to add it to your holiday village, so if it’s coming this year, it’s coming fast (the pattern is done, all it needs is pictures). I’ll do my best! But you know…2020 occasionally makes its own plans without consulting the rest of us.

And don’t worry, there’s totally a lighthouse in the works too. That almost certainly won’t come until next year (communities take time to build, it’s fine), but I won’t leave my tiny fishing village without it forever!

If you’re looking for the house pattern, it’s called Chimney and it’s already out!

Grasp it firmly

Shall I make a confession?⁠

So, I’d gone to the library to do photos.  There is a lovely little park next door, and it’s a great place to take pattern pictures (it’s also next door to the good doughnut place which I fully admit is part of the appeal).  I had the knitting and the camera and the whisk broom and the step stool and all the other kit that accompanies me on these excursions.⁠

Everything had gone fine, and I was almost done.  But I really wanted some pictures of the hats hanging on something that could pass for a Christmas tree.  I think most people will use these as ornaments, and I wanted to show how stinking cute they are with the tassel tossed over the branch.⁠

So I got everything all set in place and was ready to go when the wind kicked up.  Now, it does not take much wind to get a tiny hat and an even tinier tassel going.  And once they start going, they take a long time to slow down again.⁠  This quickly became frustrating.⁠

I tried different branches.  I tried to block the wind.  I tried to time the gusts.  All to no avail.

In the end I found the only possible solution was to hold the camera in one hand, hold my reflector in the other hand as a wind break, and grip the branch tip firmly in my teeth to keep it from swaying.⁠

Which I maintain is actually FINE (and not even close to the weirdest thing I’ve done to get a picture).  But I failed to account for the more public nature of this particular location. ⁠

The folks walking through the park seemed…concerned.  I hope I didn’t alarm them too much.  But I’d totally do it again.⁠

The pattern is Bedeck, you can find it on ravelry or paypal, and if you’re reading this shortly after it came out, you can use the code ORNAMENTAL to take 10% off.


Want something cute and quick and cheerful? Maybe a bit of a palate cleanser after the last couple of months? Something you can cast on and finish in an evening?  I’ve got you covered!  Bedeck is out (and it’s 10% off for a few days with the code ORNAMENTAL).

Look, I have certain proclivities, certain urges.

If I get an idea, an idea I can knit in a day (with bits from my scrap bin), an idea that will make something unapologetically adorable, I tend to indulge it.  And I’m not even going to pretend to be sorry.  We’ve all had a rough year, and I will absolutely take joy in silly things when I can.

If you could do with a bit of joy, these could be the ticket.

And if you find yourself wanting to send a bit of joy to someone else, well these can help with that too.  The pattern includes a page with adorable cards you can print out.  Knit a hat, print a card, write a note, and pop it in the mail to someone you’re thinking of or wish you could see or want to thank.

For most of us, it’s not safe to visit with people this year.  But you can absolutely let folks know you’re thinking of them! Or you can just knit yourself an absurd number of tiny delights and revel in the cuteness, I’ll never tell.

The pattern is Bedeck, it’s available on both ravelry and payhip, and it’s 10% off with the code ORNAMENTAL for the first few days it’s out!