Preparations are underway…

This is another one of those super super early patterns that has been gone for ages and ages and ages but that I just couldn’t let languish in durance vile for even a moment longer. It deserves to be back out there. You want it on your head.⁠

Or at least you will, once I get my act together and get it knit.⁠ Duper duper secret bonus points to whoever guesses which one it is first!

Plans and schemes, plans and schemes…

Step one, drag all the even vaguely suitable yarns out of the closet.

Step two, which is alas shamefully unpictured, is swatch a bunch of little plain rectangles to see what gauge we’re working with, so you can imagine a bunch of little rectangles here if you want.

Step three is to pick one, do a bit of math and cast on.

Then alas, in this case, step four was to realize it wasn’t the best fit and rip.  Under ideal conditions, this step should be skipped.

Step five is try again, and this time…this time I think we’ve got it!


So I have a confession to make.  I love slouchy hats, but I am not at all confident in my ability to put the damn things on without the help of a three way mirror and about four minutes of fussing with it.  Which is not precisely practical when you’re yanking a hat out of your coat pocket and shoving it on your head half a dozen times a day. So I decided to see if I couldn’t just find a way to sort out the slouch once and then lock it in and be done with it.  And it turns out I could!

Plicate starts out like every other hat.  But when you’re ready to block, you add a couple of secret drawstrings and get the back crinkled up just so.  Then, once you’ve got everything set up just how you like it, you lock in the One True Slouch and it’s set forever (or at least until you block it again).  Then, when you put it on, all you have to do is make sure the crumpled bit is in the back, which is much closer to the level of hat management I can be expected to accomplish on the fly (I know my limitations).

And I mean of course you don’t have to do it this way.  If you’re more confident in your hat application skills than I am, you can absolutely skip it and just let your hat do its own thing every time you put it on.  It’s a lovely hat and will absolutely be adorable either way.

But if you share my general ability to be slightly intimidated by slouch hats, this may well give you some extra peace of mind!

Plicate is available on both ravelry and payhip.  And you can use the code SLOUCHY in either place to take 10% off through the end of the day (eastern time) on Friday April 9.


If I were only knitting for myself…

No, really, I was very much not kidding about the parade of swatches. There are So Very Many. I’m going to take pictures of them and then just randomly inflict them on you when the mood strikes.⁠

This, by the way, is an actual delight, but so wildly impractical that I would not inflict it on anyone else. I’m pretty sure if I tried to talk people into a project that needed three yarns, people would revolt.⁠

But…but I shall be borrowing bits of it and working them into something else. Which is yet another reason I staunchly maintain swatches are NOT a waste of time (or yarn…the yarn rips right back out, yes even the mohair). Swatches are yarn doodles and they teach you things and give you ideas and make your knitting better. If you let them.