What do you think, is it reversible?

This is the inside.  Previous post shows the outside.  I suspect it’s suspiciously close to reversible (most brioche is)!

And some mitts to match

Look, I just can’t help it.  If there’s yarn leftover, I want to have matching mitts.

Which really, this is not a great hardship.  You could even say it’s rather nifty.

Because winter will come again (I say, as I look out on the bright summer skies and parched summer grass) and when it does, I will want to have as many ways to stave off the darkness as possible.

And really cute knits can sometimes help with that.

Worth it

There we go, all fixed, and totally worth the time to go ahead and do it right.

Usual spiel applies.  It will be a pattern (testers are already done with it, all I need to do is make myself go outside in the heat to take photos), almost certainly out later this month.  Do the mailing list thing below if you want to hear when it drops.  And there’s oodles of yarn left, so there will be mitts to match!


Looking for this pattern?

Tell me when it's out!

If you're reading this shortly after it was posted, the pattern's probably not out quite yet. But if you'd like an email when it is, click the link above and sign up!

Summer School, Review Session

So we spent this month talking a whole bunch about socks (which fine, I realize is odd, but hopefully at best helpful and at worst harmless). And we put a whole bunch of them on sale over the course of the month. But, on the off chance you missed class one day (or the socks you most wanted to make weren’t on the syllabus), I think we should end summer school with a review session.⁠

⁠Use the code SUMMER on ravelry to take 15% off any of my available sock or slipper patterns from now through the end of the day, eastern time, Tuesday August 4. ⁠

The code will work for individual sock or slipper patterns (whether they are stand alone patterns or part of a book) and for any of the books that have only socks and slippers (that’s Silk Road Socks and Shoreland).⁠
P.S. I’m working on getting stuff up on payhip in addition to ravelry, but I have, um, rather a lot of patterns and goodness but it takes a while to get everything listed (160+ patterns at half an hour each is…a lot to deal with in addition to all the regular work stuff). This sale was planned well before the rav mess, and I haven’t been able to get everything up there in time for it. But going forward, I’ll likely be able to do most sales in both places.⁠