More of this nonsense

Look, this happens around this time every year.  And I should probably keep it quiet and not admit my shameful proclivities.  But that’s really not my style.

Because really…cute, tiny nonsense like this hurts no one.  And from what I can tell, there’s a pretty decent chance it actually makes quite a few of you feel better.  And I’d call that a win really.

But just to keep things from getting boring, I decided to fancy these up a bit.  Because why not!

There will be questions…let’s see what I can do for answers.

  • The dark purple heart is duplicate stitched on to the background fabric.  If you google ‘duplicate stitch’ you’ll find lots of info on how to do that (this is good, as is this), but the general idea is you just trace along the path of your existing stitches.
  • The pattern is Palpitation. It’s down at the moment as part of the massive shop update, but it will be going back up in my ravelry shop early next week. That’s PLENTY of time to knit piles by valentines day if that’s your jam (each one takes just a couple of hours to knit).
  • When it comes back out, there will be some tiny little templates for a few sizes of duplicate stitch hearts, and some blank fabric template you can doodle your own pictures on (because if I’m this amused by it, at least some of you will be too). Don’t worry, if you already have the pattern, you’ll get an update with the new stuff when it comes out.
  • The light purple yarn is one of Knerd String’s dk bases in alpine daisy, the dark purple is Shibui Knits silk cloud, held double in (I think?) velvet.

Because really…you can totally pretend this is a handy way to learn a lovely and useful technique (duplicate stitch is by far my favorite mending technique).  Or you can just say you want to surround yourself with adorable things you can finish in an afternoon.  Both are totally valid!

It’s up to you…but I know what I’d do

One of the top three questions I get asked is some version of ‘do I haaaaaaaaaaaave to block my knitting?’ And the answer is nope, but I really think you should. I’m pretty sure this picture shows you why.⁠

The light purple envelope has been blocked. The dark purple one hasn’t. Which one do you like better? Which one looks more like an envelope? Is it worth five minutes of your time to go from one to the other? Because it literally takes five minutes of active time (then some time to dry).⁠

I mean if you really, truly prefer the unblocked one, cool. You’re the boss of your knitting. You get to decide how you treat it. But I’ve pretty much never been sad to have taken a bit of extra time to block.

As for how you do it, I’ll show you how I blocked these in a later post. But I try very hard to put explicit blocking instructions (often with pictures) in patterns that call for anything more complicated than ‘get it wet, lay it flat.’ Plus I’ve written a ton about it on the blog, as have many many many other people. So the info is totally out there (I know you know how to google). You just have to do it.⁠

Now…questions and answers:⁠

  • Yes, it will be a pattern (with any luck at all, it will be February’s pattern). Do the mailing list thing below or just sort of generally follow me if you want to hear when it happens.
  • The light purple yarn is one of @knerdstring‘s dk bases in Alpine Daisy. The dark purple yarn is @spacecadetyarn‘s astrid base in what I *think* was a one of a kind colorway.⁠
  • The two other most asked questions are ‘can you tell me what needle size to use’ and ‘can I have the pattern free,’ and for the record, the answer to those is also nope.


Looking for this pattern?

Tell me when it's out!

If you're reading this shortly after it was posted, the pattern's probably not out quite yet. But if you'd like an email when it is, click the link above and sign up!


Want to start the new year off with an easy win?  Something you can knit in an afternoon with some of those pretty leftovers from the scraps bin? And then use to impose order or bring a bit of joy to some corner of your space?  Then I think Catchall is just what you’re looking for.  It’s up on ravelry now, and it’s 10% off with the code TIDY for the next few days.

I’ll admit, I worried this was going to be the project where a fair number of you did the internet equivalent of patting a small child on the head and saying ‘how nice dear, now why don’t you go play over there and leave the grown ups alone.’  Because really, this is very very simple.  This is a tiny scrap of fabric, wrapped around one of the countless number of adorable jars that follow me home from the grocery store.  But somehow, somehow that but of fabric transforms those jars from ‘something I intend to use but instead shove in the back of the cupboard and feel faintly guilty about’ into ‘something that sits on my desk or shelf and feels useful and delightful.’

Now I’m not sure why it does this.  And I’m not even saying there’s a reasonable explanation for it.  But to judge from the ravelry and instagram and email messages I got about these when I first showed them off, a whole bunch of you feel the same way.

So go forth, dig those cute little jars out of the back of the cupboard or the depths of the closet or that one drawer no one talks about.  Wrap them in knitting.  Stuff them with flowers and tuck them all around your house.  Or fill them with (electric) candles and brighten up a dark spot.  Or use them to corral the pens and pencils (or q tips and cotton balls…or scissors and needles and tape measures) that you keep losing track of.

Because somehow, I suspect we could all use a quick little project that lets us turn various bits and pieces into something pretty and productive.  Or at least I know I could!

Catchall is up on ravelry now, and you can read more about the pattern there.  You can use the code TIDY to take 10% off through the end of the day, eastern time, Friday, January 10.

And down!

The very first thing I did this morning was take down my ravelry shop.  Here’s what it looked like as of 6:03 this morning!

Over the course of the year, I’ll be adding things back into the shop.  By the time you read this, the books will already be back. Over time, individual patterns will start to come back.  Some will come back in the next few days, some not till later in the year, and a few will probably just stay gone indefinitely.

Now, I’m going to try and answer a few questions folks may have, let me see if I can guess yours!

  • Are you retiring?

    Nope!  This is my job, it’s how I pay my bills, and I’m not going anywhere.  I’ll still have new patterns coming out (I’ve got one scheduled for January 7 and another for February 4 and another for March 3), and the existing patterns will start showing back up soon.

  • Are you leaving ravelry?

    Absolutely not! I adore ravelry.  They are by far the kindest and most ethical company I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.  They are a wonder and a delight and I wouldn’t have this job without them.  I would never leave ravelry.

  • Why are you doing this?

    Mostly because I’ve released hundreds of patterns over the last decade, and it was just time for a massive tidying up.  I’ve tried doing that piecemeal over the years, but it’s just too daunting.  Think of this like dragging everything out of the closet, giving the closet a good scrub, then putting back only the stuff you really like (and putting it all back just so while you’re at it).  Taking it all down is an awfully good motivator to get it reformatted and relisted (see that bit above about this being my job and how I pay my bills!).

  • What about my download code?

    It totally still works!

    • If it’s from a book, all the books are already back up in the shop. Just follow the instructions on your book and you’ll be all set.
    • If it’s from a specific pattern (like you got it in a kit or a class and that kit or class was for one particular pattern), it still works.  Just go to and follow the instructions.
    • If it’s a general code for any pattern (like you won it as part of a knitalong), it will work for patterns as they come back into the shop (there are only a tiny handful of those codes out there, they all got handed out well before the shop came down, and none of them expire any time soon, so folks who have them will still have plenty of time to use them and patterns to pick from, don’t worry!).
  • When will this specific pattern come back?

    I don’t know! Which sounds super mean, but is true.  I can tell you I’ll be bringing my personal favorites and my most popular patterns out first, and that I plan to have at least the twenty or so best sellers back up by the end of the month.  But beyond that, I don’t have a specific schedule and it will largely depend on how much time I have to devote to reformatting and relisting patterns.  If there’s one you’re just itching to see come back, you can totally leave a comment here with the name of it and I’ll see what I can do.

  • How can I see what’s come back?

    The currently available items will always be visible on my ravelry shop.  You can look there at any time to see what’s available now.  I’ll probably also mention at least a few of the highlights of what I’ve brought back when I send out newsletters.  I’m not generally going to send out messages when I bring stuff out (because good grief, you’ve got enough email and I don’t want to do that to you).  But when I send out a new pattern email, there’s a good chance I’ll sneak a little ‘oh, by the way, patterns x y and z are back in the shop’ message in there.  If you want to be on the mailing list, you do that right here.

Whew.  I think that’s probably most of the questions folks will have.  If there’s something else you’re wondering, leave a comment and I’ll try and answer it.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some patterns to relist!