Squeaking in under the deadline

See, I told you we’d get through this in time!

The lovely thing about thick fluffy hats is that they knit up delightfully quickly.

Oh and just for the record (because in my mad dash to talk about two hats in a week I think I neglected to mention it), the yarns on this one are Martin’s Lab’s Tyrell DK and Silky Mohair, both in the color Seashells.  I held them double and they played absolutely beautifully together.

Holding a strand of mohair along with another yarn just makes the whole thing glow (and makes whatever you’re knitting extra cozy.  I highly recommend playing with it!

Form an orderly line

We’re taking turns, ok? Yesterday was the purple fluffy bit of business.  Today it’s swirly turquoise all the way.

I don’t think I told you anything about the yarn.  It’s by Katia, and I think it’s called Concept, though maybe it’s Concept Cotton-Merino (it’s a little hard to tell from the label what the name actually is).  Whatever it’s called it’s lovely.

There’s a sort of icord tube in the middle, knit out the cotton thread.  And then fluffy tufts of merino are sort of caught in the tube to make it all soft and puffy.  I expect it will be astonishingly warm for how light it is (because it should hold lots of air).  And while it probably wouldn’t stand up to lots and lots of heavy wear, that’s not how I use my hats, so I don’t think it will be a problem.


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I didn’t forget

Don’t worry, the purple hat is still out there being all purple and hat like.

This is basically the opposite day version of Incidence.  It’s thick yarn instead of tiny yarn.  It’s got a massive deep brim instead of no brim at all.  And it’s firmly in the ‘yeah, but what if I don’t want to do brioche camp’.  Because really…most anything you can do in brioche, you can do in ribbing too.

No really…brioche is just fanc-ified 1×1 ribbing.  So you can pretty much always strip the fancy bits back and have something nifty left behind.  And that’s what I’m doing here.  Totally different vibe, but more or less the same process!

So about this big yarn thing…

I may have to get a whole new stash.  A new stash composed entirely of giant poufy yarns that knit up in ten minutes flat.

Because this is the second hat I tore through in less than 24 hours from cast on to bind off.

And while I can’t recommend doing that (seriously, it makes my elbow hurt, it is not a good idea), it is rather satisfying.

And yes, yes the purple hat is what I should be showing you.  It will come tomorrow.  For today, I just need to pet this.