One down

Ahem. I’m pleased!

Now, allow me to offer a few general notes, because I’m like that and can never ever ever stop the barrage of words.⁠

1) Yes! Pattern soon! This will almost certainly be the first pattern of the new year, which means almost certainly January or February. But the world is weird and scary right now, so I can’t tell you a firm date. Do the mailing list thing (link in my profile, click this picture) if you want to be sure to hear.⁠

2) Yarn is from @gaugedyeworks. It’s amazingly nifty, astonishingly carefully dyed yarn that does This Exact Thing. Go let them know if you want it by getting on their notification list so they can have it ready when the pattern drops. There’s a purple version too, and a blue one! (Oh and yes, you will be able to make it with regular yarn, I’ll tell you how in the pattern, but this way is So Damn Much Fun that I think you’re going to want to get your hands on some.)⁠

3) There are going to be Three Different Versions of the hat in the pattern, all slightly different, all playing with the same idea. Version 2 is on my needles, version 3 is on a friend’s needles. Once all three are done, I have to find a day to take photos where I don’t actually die from exposure. So it may be a liiiiiiittle bit of a wait, but I think it will be worth it!⁠

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go put a testing call up on ravelry so we can have this ready to go as soon as the hats are finished and the photos taken!⁠

Nature trash

To the folks who occasionally ask some version of ‘wait, are you telling me you just have a pile of rocks and sticks and pine cones and other nature trash out in your office All The Time?!?’ I say yes! Yes I do! I have it out all the time because I use it more days than not, and it would be silly to drag all that out and put it away every time I needed it.

I have an old bench from Target (meant to go in the front hall for changing shoes but I totally stole it because I’m a monster) by the glass doors in my office (excellent light when it’s not, you know, a rainy day in December in Maine).

On top of it rest the largest, flattest slabs of rock I could drag out of the yard. The biggest of them make a flat surface, and the smaller ones are piled up to make a little height and a little background for when I need to take a picture of something from the side (instead of laying down flat).

Scattered around on top in various stages of disarray are some smaller useful rocks (good for propping things up or weighing them down), driftwood, pine cones, and a hunk of moss (the moss blew off a tree in a storm, I brought it inside and am keeping it as a houseplant, I set it outside when it rains and it seems very happy, do not yell at me about irresponsible moss harvesting). These bits change with the seasons and are added to as I wander around outside and find treasures. My last several trips found me bringing home rocks and sticks and shells as souvenirs instead of t shirts or mugs, and I am not sorry about it at all.

They whole setup comes in very handy for taking pretty pictures for instagram/the blog. It also works well for taking step-by-step photos for patterns (that’s what’s going on here, though what you see in the pattern will be focused on just the tiny area right around my needle tips).

Plus I kinda think it’s pretty, depending on what’s on there on any given day!

The only downside is that some folks think it’s weird (and there’s one lady who is CONVINCED I have a fake rock background and occasionally messages me to let me know she’s on to my sneaky tricks, which seems like a weird level of investment in a stranger). But I’m ok with that!

Abortion is healthcare

I’m so tired of listening to people argue that, because I have a uterus, I’m not really a person. I’m just an incubator.⁠

It’s bullshit.⁠

Abortion is healthcare, and anyone who wants or needs one should be able to get one.⁠

So let’s pay for some fucking abortions.⁠

For the next little while, everything in my ravelry and payhip shops is 50% off with the code ABORTION IS HEALTHCARE⁠.

And I’ll be donating at least the next $1,000 I make to Lilith Fund (if enough of you are into this, we’ll do even more, but I know I can cover this much out of pocket if I need to). ⁠

And I said what I said intentionally. I explicitly and specifically want to pay for abortions. Not lawyers. Not education. Not lobbyists. Those things are all important, and yes I give money to them too. ⁠

But today? Today’s rage can only be handled by actually paying for the healthcare that people need to be able to live their lives as full members of society.⁠

So I say again, let’s pay for some fucking abortions. ⁠

The code will work for at least the next few hours, we’ll see how long this rage lasts.⁠

And wow do I hope it goes without saying, but do not show up in the comments and be an ass. I’m more than ready to block folks. I am hugely pro abortion, and if you’re not, I don’t want you here. See yourself out.

EDIT TO ADD: Holy smokes, folks are being LOVELY. Which really, was not what I was expecting. I’m so pleased. I’ve just sent $2,000 off to Lilith Fund (because great, we raised more, we can donate more, that’s amazing).  Screenshots of the receipts below, which are not super pretty, but wow are they some of my favorite pictures on this site!


EDIT AGAIN TO ADD: Alright, thank you to everyone for being so lovely! I’m shutting the fundraiser down now, but you all absolutely helped make a shit day a tiny bit better. Thank you to everyone who bought something or told folks about this or just said nice things. It really makes a difference! Have a sweet old man kitty in a sunbeam as a thank you for your help!

As promised

Ahem. See? See I told you it was unspeakably nifty. ⁠

And I mean yes, it will be Even More unspeakably nifty once I’ve blocked it and fiddled with it a little bit, but that’s totally normal and absolutely to be expected. I’ve yet to meet knitting that didn’t benefit from a bit of a soak and primp.⁠ But wow is this enough to prove that good things are on the way!⁠

As always, yes it totally will be a pattern. But first…first I need to see about willing a couple of other variations of this hat into being…because options are always fun and I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. ⁠

Yarn is from Gauge Dye Works, and they’ve got a signup page up if you want to hear when this is all ready.  Which really, I suspect you do!