Ok, let’s talk about the guts of these.⁠

There are two basic ways to make knitted fabric have shape. Either you do it with increases & decreases (or other fabric manipulation), or you do it with a teeny tiny bit of brute force. For the potion bottles, we’re doing a bit of both. You give the fabric more or less the right shape (round vs square) to start, then you rely on a little bit of help to shape it from the inside.⁠

That means you need something you can shove in your bottle. Which sounds a bit daunting and vague! How can we possibly know if we have the same stuff sitting around to shove in our knitting? But I promise, it’s easier than you might think to find something. All you really need is something small, smooth, lightweight, and waterproof! ⁠

Really, you can use an astonishing array of things you would normally throw away. Your easiest bet is the lid/cap off a jar/bottle, but you’ve got options.⁠

Here are a whole bunch of examples. I literally found these on a quick wander through my kitchen/bathroom/office, and I promise you could find five different lids that would work in any decent sized gas station convenience store. ⁠

Starting at the top red one and moving more or less clockwise you’ve got the lid off a can of cooking spray, a wooden building block, a yellow hand lotion container, the blue, purple, and clear lids off of a bunch of hair and skin products, a pink candy tin, a purple floss container, the black lid off a candy container, a green juice bottle lid, a yellow nail polish bottle lid, a lip balm container, a condiment cup, an empty spool of thread, a green easter egg, a wooden block, another condiment container, and some nailpolish/skinstuff bottles there in the middle. ANY of that stuff would work, as would pretty much any substantial lid off a bottle of water or juice. I’d bet money you throw away or recycle something that would work every single week.⁠

Seriously, everything I put in a bottle is something I had sitting around the house, and most of it is stuff that would have gone in the trash. Have a wander through your house and tell me what you find, I bet you’ll be surprised how easy it is!


You realize this is all your fault, right (the collective you, not so much you personally)?  I was perfectly content to knit one single teeny tiny pointy hat, inflict this indignity upon Miss Fizzy, laugh at her perfectly justified outrage, deal with the bloody gouges she dealt out as retribution, and go on with my life.  But you marvelous people made it clear that your lives would not be the same if I did not share this with the world.

So, since I am both fairly agreeable and naturally inclined to such nonsense, succumbed.  I knit a few more.  Then a few more after that.  Because if you’re going to do a thing, you might as well settle in and properly Do The Thing.

Restraint is overrated. Sometimes what you need is an embarrassing abundance of absurdity. And this? This is one of those times. In fact, if you’re feeling inclined towards restraint, you may want to wander off to a different corner of the internet for a few minutes. I’m pretty sure all I have to offer today is exuberance and excess.

But if that happens to be more or less exactly what you need at the moment, then the pattern is out.  It’s called Ensorcellment, and it’s up on both ravelry and payhip.  You can use the code BOO to take 10% off through the end of the day, eastern time, Sunday September 26.

And I take absolutely no responsibility for any bloodshed that ensues if you try and put this on any self respecting cat, dog, bird, reptile, or toddler.



Ahem…if you happened to have signed up for the super-secret, one-time-only, pointy hat mailing list, go check your email. ⁠

And if you don’t happen to have signed up for it, don’t fret! The pattern will be available to everyone on Thursday. You know, assuming I don’t die from an absolute overabundance of cute before then. Which is more of a danger than you might think!


I am doing a sneaky. I am doing a sneaky with the good folks over at Gauge Dyeworks, and I am absolutely dying to tell you about it. But I can’t just yet. ⁠

It is, in fact, going to be weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks until I can show you more. But if I have to sit here, filled with excitement and glee and longing to tell you all about our nefarious plans, well then you have to suffer just a tiny bit too.⁠

Look at this amazing tiny blip of glee…and just imagine what we’re going to do! It’s gonna be grand!