Pretty sure I didn’t screw it up…

And, with that, it’s done!

That’s my first proper brioche project, and I couldn’t be more smitten.  I mean it is perfect for me because it’s orange (automatic ten bonus points) and super stretchy (have I mentioned I have a big head?).  But I’m absolutely tickled with it even beyond that.

Now, I need to block it (I blocked my swatch of course, but I’ve read that blocking brioche sometimes comes with…uh…surprises) and give it some proper photos.  But soon…soon I will show it off in all its glory!

I mean I suppose technically it’s more ribbing…

So now we’re at the bit where I more or less…well…have to knit ribbing again.  And I’m not quite sure why an inch of ribbing at the bottom, before the fun bits, feels like endless purgatory, but three inches of ribbing at the top feels like zipping towards the finish.  But somehow it does.

So I’m not actually minding tooooooo much.  Though if we’re being honest, it’s still not my favorite bit.

Perhaps my uncharacteristic stoicism is because it means it’s just about time to do the crown.  And I have a suspicion brioche crowns are their own special kind of magic!

Oh, and let’s see…some pre-emptive answers to possible questions.  Yarns are by Ontheround, Everyday DK in Natural and Plush Single in Ring of Fire.  And you totally could do more of the wee flower pods instead of switching back to ribbing.  I’m just fond of having things happen in threes, so that’s what I did. But you could do just one or do it the whole way up the hat if you were so inclined.  There will be a pattern (but I’m running it by lots of folks more familiar with brioche than I am first…because I don’t want to lead anyone astray).


You knew it was coming!  Sundry is out today on ravelry, and it’s 10% off with the code STRIPES (or you can get Various and Sundry together for a special discount too, details of that on each pattern’s ravelry page).

So all the stuff I said about the hat?  The stuff about how I don’t like proper colorwork (because it, through no fault of its own, makes me feel clumsy and like I have extra thumbs)?  But how I do like colors?  And how damn it all I’m not letting my clumsiness keep me away from the color…I’ll just do it my own way?

Yeah, all that applies here too!  As with the hat, this is all just fancy stripes.  You only ever do one color per row, and you just do a bit of fancy stitch manipulation here and there to make the magic happen.  I promise it’s easier than it looks!

I suppose the only different bit is that here, instead of telling you how nifty the crown is, I get to tell you how nifty the thumb is.  Because look at that, that’s pretty spiffy.  I mean I know I’m biased, but I’m totally taken with that.


If your’e as taken with it as I am, you can get it at a discount for the first few days it’s out.  Because this is a matching piece to the hat, you’ve got two options.

If you just want the mitts all by themselves, you can do that, and get it for 10% off with the code STRIPES.  Just put Sundry in your ravelry cart, click on the ‘use a coupon code’ button, and type in the code STRIPES.  You’ll see the change in price reflected right away.

But if you’d rather have Various and Sundry both as a set (and really, that’s way more fun), you can get the set for $10.90 (that’s a savings of $4.00 off the price of the individual patterns).  If you want to do that, just put Various and Sundry both in your ravelry cart.  The price will be adjusted automatically (you don’t need a code).  And don’t worry, if you’ve already bought the hat, you can just put the mitts in your cart and whatever you spent on the hat already will be counted towards the price of the set (as long as you’re logged your ravelry account when you make both purchases).  This pretty much always works very very smoothly as long as you’re logged in (because ravelry is super awesome), but if you hit a snag you can always email me or message me on ravelry and we’ll get you sorted out.

The STRIPES code and the $4.00 discount will work through the end of the day, eastern time, Friday May 24 (after that the code expires and the automatic discount will be smaller)

Clicking along

Yup, I’m smitten.

I mean I’ll fully admit that I’m easily smitten.  It’s part of the reason I can do this job, I’m easily infatuated with whatever is on my needles at the moment.

But this is really rather delightful!


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