Ahem. Damn.⁠

And again, just for clarity, please mentally file this under ‘very unlikely to become a pattern.’ Because this is by far the single hardest yarn I’ve ever tried to photograph in my whole life. And that’s before you try and get a kitten involved (black kittens being a bit hard to photograph anyway, and kittens in general not being known for sitting still and taking art direction).⁠

But wow is it cute.⁠

Yarn is Cascade’s Luminosa in color 12. And while it is not something I’d work with generally, it is clearly the most suitable thing imaginable to make a tiny little pointy hat out of. ⁠

I am amused.

Toil and trouble

All I can say is I have a solid black kitten and very little sense of shame. You can probably figure out for yourself what that means this is.⁠

Here’s the bit where I say, right from the very beginning, that this one probably won’t be an actual pattern, in part because the thought of taking a picture of a wiggly black kitten wearing a piece of black knitting gives me a headache just thinking about it, in part because it may actually pass my own personal ridiculousness threshold. There is the very tiniest possibility that I might maybe possibly sneak a word or two about it in another pattern I have scheduled for this fall, but that mostly depends on whether her furry highness decides to sit still for photos (the answer to which, I suspect, will be a resounding no). But just so we’re clear from the very very very beginning, to avoid any possible hurt feelings, this is one that might remain forever secret. ⁠

You know…except for when I get too amused and have to show it off just a teeny tiny bit.

Cuter and cuter

This? This just keeps getting cuter as we go along.

And given the cuteness levels that we started out at, that’s frankly alarming.

I mean the face does wonders, but the ears?  The ears just basically overwhelm any last vestige of self restraint you might have possessed.

And I don’t even have the decency to apologize for myself.

Fox what now?

This? Well since you’ve seen the owl, I don’t think I’ll be giving anything away if I tell you that this thing right here is a fox butt. Because of course we need a fox to go with the owl. Well, actually, we need another owl to go with the owl. But a fox too.

Oh, what’s that you say? You’re surprised that I, a grown ass adult human being, a fully vetted member of polite (more or less) society, a person who can vote and get a car loan and enter into legally binding contracts, am spending hours of my limited time on this earth knitting fox butts? Surprised and maybe a little disappointed? You thought you could expect better of me? You thought I had more sense?⁠

I mean you’re probably right. And you’re definitely not alone. ⁠And yet here I am, fox butt in hand, and plans afoot for a whole forest worth of these little critters. ⁠

So you may want to lower your expectations, since I’m apparently going to be up to absolutely no good for quite some time.