While we’re at it

So, let’s fix another hat top while we’re at it.  Remember how I said I did not madly love the top of the turquoise hat?  And how brioche hat tops should be a thing of joy?  Yeah.  So let’s fix it.

Here’s what it looked like at first.  The decrease lines are just a little too jagged and not swirly enough.  It’s not awful, but it’s not great.

So step one is ripping it out.  I jammed needles in the stitches so I could just rip back and know when to stop and have an easy time getting the live stitches back on the needles.  You could tink back, but that’s slow.  And you could just rip back with abandon, but that’s a pain if you go too far.  This lets you rip (speedy) but have a good break (safe) where you need to stop.

Then I knit it back up with slightly different lines.  Totally better.  Totally worth fixing.

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Ready for my closeup

This is the knitting equivalent of ‘let’s zoom in reeeeeeeeal close on your nose and make you feel bad about your pores.’  Gather round.⁠

See it?  I’ll sing the ‘one of these things is not like the other’ song for you in the background.  See how on most of the clusters, there are three columns of knit stitches…but on one there are four?  Yeah…that’s no good.

Here, let’s show it off again, in all it’s messed up glory.  Right there in the middle.

I should have ripped it.  I should have, it wouldn’t have taken long, and it would have been totally fixed.  But the idea of ripping out six rows just made me want to cry.  So, instead of ripping back like a competent adult human who knows how to knit and actually enjoys knitting, I decided to brute force it.⁠  I took my tail and used it to duplicate stitch over the two extra stitches (a knit, a purl) and pull them together into one column of twisted knits.⁠

Now, that’s before blocking…so it looks sort of poufy and raised up right now.  In fact, it looks a little worse than before I fixed it (there, I said it, so you don’t have to).  BUT, after blocking, it will lay down and be damn near invisible.  Why?  Because blocking is magic, that’s why.  See?

Go ahead…find the one that’s doubled.  You totally can see it if you look hard enough.  But I don’t think it’s the sort of thing that will have people stopping me on the street in shocked horror asking me how I could allow myself to be seen in public in such a state!

Refraction (plus giveaway)

Refraction is out on ravelry, it’s 10% off with the code BOUNCE (or you can get it as part of a set for a bigger discount, details on the rav page), and I’ve got yarn to give away!  But first I want to talk about the hat a little.  This is the knitting equivalent of opposite day. Wait, that takes a little explanation…

So, earlier this year I fell hard for brioche. I was (and remain) hideously smitten. I had a hard time knitting anything else. But, I know not everyone shares my current obsession. Which I suppose is fine…probably (but really, have you tried brioche? It’s keen…).  But, as I was playing with brioche, I realized that brioche is basically just 1×1 ribbing with some peculiar yarn overs thrown in there. And that means that a lot of the stuff you can do with brioche, you can do a version of with just 1×1 ribbing.

So, when I got done with Incidence, I figured I’d try and do a version in ribbing instead of in brioche. But I wanted to really run with the whole opposites thing. So for this one I made it super thick and cozy (instead of light and wispy), and I gave it a delightfully deep folded brim (instead of just diving right into the pattern with no brim at all). The result is a hat that is somehow the total opposite of the first hat…but one that I love just as much!

If you’re smitten with the pair, you can get them both together as a set for a discount (all the info is on ravelry page for Refraction).  Or you can grab just the new pattern for 10% off with the code BOUNCE.  That all works through the end of the day (eastern time) on Friday.  After that, the code stops working and the price of the set goes up.  And if you’re smitten with the yarn, head over to instagram and you can enter to win one of the skeins I’ve got to give away!


On a technicality

So I mean technically this is done.  As in ‘it’s not on the needles any more.’

But I’m not loving the top as much as I should.  So I’m going to rip back the last dozen or so rounds (yes, on fuzzy yarn, yes, on brioche) and fix it.  Because it will be SO much better if I fix it.

So, all the good vibes, all the good light, and absolutely no lap kittens for the next fifteen minutes.  I’ll report back when it’s all better!