I tend to make tiny things with yarn from the scraps bin. One of these days I’m going to give myself permission to just go buy new yarn when I want to make new things (even if they’re tiny things). I mean it is a legitimate business expense. But somehow I haven’t yet quite managed to talk myself into it. ⁠

And using yarn out of the scraps bin means that mine are all out of different yarns (though I do at least make a token effort to make them out of yarns that look pretty together). But somewhere out there, one of you is going to make a set of these, in graduated sizes, out of beautifully color coordinated rainbow yarn. And all I can say is I hope you show them to me when you do. Because holy wow how cool will that be!⁠

The pattern is all set to come out Tuesday (you know, assuming I don’t fall off a cliff or burn down my house or get abducted by aliens between now and then). If you want me to send you an email and discount code when it comes out, make sure you’re on the mailing list. ⁠In the meantime, you can go raid your stash (maybe you’re even cool enough to bust into the new yarn, not just the scraps bin!) and track down some plastic you can cut with scissors (for the bottom of the tray) and maybe even have a rummage in the button jar!⁠


See, I told you there was more than one way to put these together!

There are, in fact lots of ways to fold these up. I’ll have the four I’ve shown here (two in the previous post, two in this one) in the pattern, but I’m totally sure you clever folks will come up with bunches more I never thought of. ⁠

Everything is on track for the pattern to come out Tuesday (you know, standard ‘as long as nothing truly dreadful happens to me or mine over the next few days). Do the mailing list thing if you want to hear from me when it comes out.⁠

And meanwhile, go raid your scraps bin for smooth yarns (I went with worsted weight yarns but you could use whatever strikes your fancy) and your recycling bin for a few pieces of flat plastic you can cut with scissors (think takeout container or yogurt lid or the side of a milk carton). ⁠

You can have stacks of them scattered around your house by the end of next week if you’re so inclined!


Ahem…see…I told you it would be cute when it was done. Mostly because little trays just ARE cute. ⁠

Same rule applies to little tins and tiny bottles actually. Basically, if it’s small and you can put things in it to make yourself feel like you may someday be as organized as you think you should be, it’s irresistible. At least to me.⁠

It’s possible you are less easily amused than me and have higher standards.⁠

A couple of preemptive answers to questions I suspect might come up… Yes there will be a pattern (there’s almost always a pattern…I can think of maybe one or two things I knit in the last five years where there wasn’t a pattern, unless I explicitly say otherwise, it’s totally safe to assume there will be a pattern). If you want to hear when it comes out (next week, barring catastrophes), do the mailing list thing.⁠

Yes, it’s easy knitting. Well, it’s like 95% astonishingly easy knitting (stockinette in the round, you can’t get much easier than that), with one short stretch where you will curse my name and try to send moths my way with the power of your mind. But then you go right back to the easy part a few minutes later. And really, the payoff is worth it!⁠

Yes it’s perfect for scrap yarn (I made all of mine with worsted weight scraps from the scraps bin). You can use any weight of yarn (you just want a smooth one, not a thick and thin one). ⁠

And yes you can make them as big or as small as you want. This is my smallest one, and the bottom is about two and a half inches on a side. But I’ll show you bigger ones over the next few days.⁠

The only weird bit you need is some plastic you can cut with scissors. It goes inside the bottom (you don’t see it, so it doesn’t matter what it looks like) and makes the tray nice and stiff. ⁠

Then you need something that lets you join fabric together…buttons, thread, snaps, rivets, ribbon, yarn, hook and eye closures…you’ve almost certainly got something perfect on hand already.⁠

I’ll show them off more over the next little while, but for now, I think that catches most of the questions!⁠

A brief interlude

Insert your favorite lecture about blocking here. This is unblocked. This project, in its unblocked state, is a hot mess.⁠

But a bit of a soak, a bit of time laid out drying, and one quick pinch, and all will be revealed. ⁠

No really, I promise cuteness is coming. Just gimmie a minute to get it all spiffed up! Well…and to knit a few more. Because this is totally one of those ‘let’s knit a whole stack’ plans!