The hat clearly needed some mitts to go with it. These are Incorrigible, they’re every bit as fun as the hat, and they’re up on ravelry today.

All the things I said about the hat? About how it breaks all the supposed rules of colorwork but still comes out just fine in the end?  Yeah, well those all still apply here.

Plus you get to satisfy that little voice in your head that says knit accessories are more fun in sets (please tell me that’s not just in my head, I’ll feel weird if I’m the only one hearing it).

You can grab it on ravelry now.  And you can either get the set at a discount (that’s all explained on the ravelry page), or grab just the mitts for 10% off with the code UNRULY (because I know there’s someone out there who really really loves mitts, but has no use for hats at all, and I want you to be happy too).



Of course, the only downside to mitts is that you pretty much do have to knit two.

Though when the yarn is this pretty, it’s not too much of a hardship.

Now I just have to see if spring stays chilly enough to get any wear out of them, or if I’ll need to wait till fall.

As always, pattern coming shortly, you know the drill!


Now clearly what the hat needs is some mitts to go with it.

I’m a firm believer that accessories are better in sets.  For me, that’s almost always going to mean a hat and some mitts to go with it.

Cowls are nice and all (and I’ve knit quite a few).  But I tend to think a cowl has to go with whatever shirt I’m wearing, whereas a hat and mitts just need to go with each other.

And while I fully admit that these are my own weird rules and should hold no sway for anyone else, they do tend to shape what I knit.


There’s something to be said for knowing what the rules are.  Not necessarily so that you can  follow them.  More so that you can know exactly when and how you’re breaking them and plan accordingly.  This is Obstreperous, and it’s not terribly interested in following the rules.

There are kind of a lot of unspoken rules when it comes to colorwork.  Use one yarn at a time. Use yarns of the same weight. Carry each color all the way around the whole piece. Keep your floats short.  I’m not doing any of that here.

Here you’ll pair your very favorite fluffy laceweight yarn with another yarn that grabs your attention (fingering, sport, dk, worsted, whatever calls your name).  Sometimes you’ll knit with them both, sometimes you’ll just use one.  You’ll make scandalously long floats (that you will later cut short in an act of unspeakably satisfying knitterly defiance).

You’ll be breaking rules left and right, but in the end, you’ll have a hat that looks tidy and perfect and orderly (and is all the more delightful because you know you someone out there would be scandalized by how you put it together).

If you’re feeling a bit like breaking (or at least bending) some rules, you can grab the pattern for 10% off with the code WILFUL for the first few days its out.

That last picture there shows the matching mitts that will be out shortly.  Just in case you feel like planning ahead!