The tiny hats are, as is traditional, multiplying.

Because it’s just more fun that way.

it’s looking like there will be six (two each of three different patterns) because that will make the best use of my bits and bobs of yarn (it’s all by Ontheround, plush single for the colors, signature sock for the white).

And then? Then of course I’ll need rather a lot of tassels!


Alrighty then, who’s ready for a bit of a distraction to get them through the next week?  Because I know I certainly am.  Distraction techniques vary, but if tiny cute things work for you, then maybe Chimney is what you’re looking for.

Now look, I am not under the mistaken impression that these will solve any of the world’s problems.  They are adorable, and maybe just a tiny bit magical, but they’re not quite that powerful.  But my goodness they are cute and sweet and fun and they tend to be met with squeals of joy when seen by other folks.  And squeals of joy are in short supply right now, so I’ll take what I can get.

And well, this is just a lot of glee to get from a few dozen yards of yarn, a couple of wooden blocks, and a few hours of knitting.  Getting that much delight from such a small project feels delightfully efficient somehow!

And while efficiency isn’t maybe the very first thing I look for in my knitting, I’m not going to say no when it offers itself.  Though I also don’t say no when the opportunity to spend a few hours kneeling in wet sand on the beach staging tiny village scenes and taking lots of photos presents itself.  So there’s a good chance my judgement is suspect.

If you’re looking for a bit of distraction, you can grab Chimney on either ravelry or payhip.  The pattern is 10% off for the first days it’s out with the code VILLAGE.

And for the love of wool, if you’re a US citizen and able to safely vote, go vote this racist trashheap out of office (as a reminder, if you’re a Trump supporter, I think you are a terrible person, nothing I make or do is for you, and I would very much prefer you not buy or make my patterns).  I’m going to guess most of my US readers have either already voted or have a really solid plan in place to vote on election day.  But can you do me a favor and check with your friends? A surprising number of folks don’t vote because they’re not quite sure how or the administrative hurdle seems too high, and you would be doing the world a service if you helped them.  There are a bunch of states where you can still register to vote (quite a few right up until election day!). There’s good info here if you like text, or here if you like video, and you will seriously be my hero if you help make a new voter!

Yes, even the tiny things

You’ve probably been here long enough to have heard the ‘block all the things, yes even the tiny ones…very possibly especailly the tiny ones’ lecture. Very likely more than once.  But for this one, I took an extra step and did a bit of sneaky prep before I blocked.

I ran a bit of scrap yarn under the white dots.  The dots can have a tendency to sort of sink into the background fabric (you can see them doing that on the blue hat in the background), and I really wanted them to pop instead.  This makes that happen.

It took literally five minutes (that includes the time it took me to find my needle and scissors and scrap yarn, you, being a more organized type, will probably be faster).  I left the yarn there while I soaked and dried the hat then pulled it out once everything was dry.

The result is much showier dots for very very very little extra work.  This can come in handy whenever you want to help a special stitch look extra tidy (I did it here on Exigencies if you want to see another example of where it might come in handy).

Tassels in search of a home

So the other day we made nice tidy tassels, but I haven’t yet shown you what they were for.  And the answer is, as it has from time to time been in the past, tiny hats.

Teeny tiny ornament sized hats.

And I realize you have very little to use to judge the size of them with here, but think egg cozy sized (I blocked them on light bulbs if that helps).  They’re intended to hang on a tree or use as package toppers.

They’re totally in that ‘you can make one in an evening’ school of projects (which really, that’s what I need these days). And yes, yes there will be, um, several.  Basically I’ll keep making them till that blue yarn there runs out!