Shall we?

I hadn’t intended to write a pattern for this, but when I posted it on instagram folks were, um, let’s just say enthusiastic.  Enthusiastic enough that I might just possibly be convinced to reconsider. But if you want me to do that, I need you to do me a favor.⁠

I’ve created a mailing list for folks who are Real Damn Sure they’d buy this pattern if I wrote it. If enough folks sign up, I will write the pattern. If I write the pattern, I will send Precisely One Email to the people on the list letting them know it’s out (then I’ll delete the list and never send email to it again…so this isn’t so much signing up for an ongoing mailing list as it is signing up to let me send you one email if the pattern ends up happening). ⁠

This is totally me trying to to judge how much interest there is in this pattern so I can decide if it’s worth my time to write it up. It’s all on the honor system (I will not come to your house and scold you if you sign up and then don’t buy it). But, if this works well, it could be a really great way for you to tell me what you’re most interested in, which totally helps me decide what to focus on. ⁠

So, if you’re pretty darn sure you’d buy this if I made it, sign up. If enough of you sign up, I’ll write it. ⁠

Oh, and just as a reminder, signing up for this won’t change anything at all about any other subscriptions you have with me. All it will do is let me know you’re interested in the hat and let me know it’s ok to send you one quick email if it does come out.⁠

And yes, if you want to share this post or the instagram post, or the tweet, that’s absolutely lovely. The more folks who sign up, the more likely I am to write the pattern, so totally feel free!


I have a prop shelf in my office. Well, no, I have several prop shelves in my office. But the one that’s out and in full view of everyone (as opposed to hidden away in a closet) is full of these hand forms. ⁠

And I think they’re actually kind of pretty? Faintly industrial, pleasantly glossy in amongst all that fuzzy yarn and soft paper, gently anatomical but not at all gruesome. But other folks have said they find them unbearably creepy. And I never really got that. Until now. ⁠

But somehow, something about these pictures gives me a hint of that creepy vibe. Sort of like the hand thrust up through the earth over a grave at the beginning of a zombie movie…except that *this* zombie still cares about their manicure and their accessories, and somehow you know that’s going to make them extra troublesome.⁠

I still think they’re pretty nifty though! And the knitting is too. If you want some for yourself (zombie uprising not included), the pattern is called Likewise and it’s out today. You can find it, and the matching hat, on ravelry or payhip. You can either get the hat and mitts together at a discount, or use the code LEAFY for 10% off for the next few days if you want just the mitts.


Ahem. Damn.⁠

And again, just for clarity, please mentally file this under ‘very unlikely to become a pattern.’ Because this is by far the single hardest yarn I’ve ever tried to photograph in my whole life. And that’s before you try and get a kitten involved (black kittens being a bit hard to photograph anyway, and kittens in general not being known for sitting still and taking art direction).⁠

But wow is it cute.⁠

Yarn is Cascade’s Luminosa in color 12. And while it is not something I’d work with generally, it is clearly the most suitable thing imaginable to make a tiny little pointy hat out of. ⁠

I am amused.

Toil and trouble

All I can say is I have a solid black kitten and very little sense of shame. You can probably figure out for yourself what that means this is.⁠

Here’s the bit where I say, right from the very beginning, that this one probably won’t be an actual pattern, in part because the thought of taking a picture of a wiggly black kitten wearing a piece of black knitting gives me a headache just thinking about it, in part because it may actually pass my own personal ridiculousness threshold. There is the very tiniest possibility that I might maybe possibly sneak a word or two about it in another pattern I have scheduled for this fall, but that mostly depends on whether her furry highness decides to sit still for photos (the answer to which, I suspect, will be a resounding no). But just so we’re clear from the very very very beginning, to avoid any possible hurt feelings, this is one that might remain forever secret. ⁠

You know…except for when I get too amused and have to show it off just a teeny tiny bit.