Infer (plus giveaway)

Done with your hat? Need some mitts to match?  I’ve got you covered!  Infer is out today on ravelry.  You can get it for 10% off with the code CONCLUDE for the next few days. And there’s yarn to give away over on instagram because I know you’re madly in love with it the same way I am!

So I’ll fully admit this yarn pushed me a tiny bit out of my comfort zone. Normally I’m ah…let’s say rather orderly (this coming from the person who keeps a yard stick on top of each set of bookcases in the house to line the books up straight).  I like things to be symmetric and tidy and just so.  That’s part of why I do things like reverse the cables on socks or mitts…if you’ve got two, they need to be mirror images of each other!

But this yarn wasn’t going to let me do that.  It was going to change colors on me from one mitt to the next.  And I spent a good long while sort of holding the skein and staring at it and thinking if maybe I should do a cowl instead of mitts.  But I finally came down on the side of mitts because both the yarn and the cable are so pretty I wanted to see them all the time…and I get more wear out of my mitts than out of my cowls.  Turns out I love it!  And I mean yes…you totally can make it with a more traditional yarn.  But I suspect this will be more fun.

And you already know I’m madly, hopelessly in love with that cable.  So deep and smooshy!  Plus I sort of love how that thumb goes together (increases on one side, thumb on the other, so the fabric swirls and grows across your palm in the most delightful way).  Basically these are my happy place…and if you see me this winter there’s about a 90% chance I’ll have them on or they’ll be in my coat pocket.

If you want to make a set just like mine, the yarn is June Pryce Fiber Arts Coventry DK in the color Speckled Soul Searching.  I used one of the 510 yard cakes to make the hat and the mitts (and had enough left over that I wasn’t feeling nervous at the end).  I’ve got a skein of the yarn to give away over on this instagram post.

And for the pattern, I’m using one of ravelry’s nifty features to make the mitts into a set with the hat from earlier in the month.  If you just want the mitts all by themselves, you can do that, and get it for 10% off with the code CONCLUDE.  Just put Infer in your ravelry cart, click on the ‘use a coupon code’ button, and type in the code CONCLUDE.  You’ll see the change in price reflected right away.

But if you’d rather have Imply and Infer both (and really, that’s way more fun), you can get the set for $10.40 (that’s a savings of $4.50 off the price of the individual patterns).  If you want to do that, just put Imply and Infer both in your ravelry cart.  The price will be adjusted automatically (you don’t need a code).  And don’t worry, if you’ve already bought Imply, whatever you spent on it will be counted towards the price of the set (as long as you’re logged your ravelry account when you make both purchases).  This pretty much always works very very smoothly (because ravelry is awesome), but if you hit a snag you can always email me or message me on ravelry and we’ll get you sorted out.  The CONCLUDE code and the $4.50 discount will work through the end of the day, eastern time, Friday January 25 (after that the code expires and the automatic discount will be smaller).

Left right left

Yeah, I’m over here loving everything about this.

I can’t decide which side I like better…they’re both pretty darn nifty.

And don’t stress, reversible cables are NOT hard.  You know how normally you’re working cables over just knit stitches?  Like you cross three knits over three knits?  Yeah, well if instead you cross ribbing over ribbing (so think knit one purl one knit one over knit one purl one knit one) magic happens.

All of a sudden the back of your fabric gets very spiffy indeed.

Take the time to twist those purls, then the front and back look even more different from each other and things get really impressive (yeah yeah, I know some of you don’t like it…and no one can make you do it…but if you take the time to it is rather lovely).

The general plan is for these to be February’s patterns (the hat early in the month, some matching mitts later in the month).  So if you’re feeling the urge to jump in you can cast on soon!


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Yes, another gray hat…it’s a theme

So look…gray hats are apparently just my happy place. It’s true and I’m not even going to pretend I’m sorry.

At least this one has speckles (Martin’s Lab, Bouncy Sport in the color Candy Sparrow)!

And is reversible…

Which means I will, generally, make some sort of passing attempt to show you both sides as we go along.  I won’t always succeed…but I’ll try.

The side with the untwisted stitches faces out as you knit, and the twisted side faces in.  So I’m going to generally call that right and wrong…but really nothing about this is wrong. Not one thing.


Looking for this pattern?

Tell me when it's out!

If you're reading this shortly after it was posted, the pattern's probably not out quite yet. But if you'd like an email when it is, click the link above and sign up!


Field trip

Went on a yarn field trip last week…needed some stuff to play with my newly developed obsession with two color brioche.

The dark purple bit of lovely is Shibui Knits’ Silk Cloud in Velvet.  The fluff in plastic is two disks of Lopi’s Plötulopi, one in white and one in purple, but I don’t see color names.  And the other goodness is Malabrigo’s Lace in Natural (white), Polar Morn (gray), Archangel (pink), and Whale’s Road (blue).

And no, they’re not all getting used together!  The Shibui is probably going with the light purple stuff I got from Martin’s Lab a few weeks ago (there’s a swatch of it if you look back a few posts).  The Malabrigo stuff will probably get paired off (not sure which with which just yet…there will be swatching).  And the Lopi I want to try doing brioche with…not sure how it will come out, but I’m interested to see.

But…that’s probably the most yarn I’ve bought in a day in…oh…years. So I thought it deserved a bit of stash flash!