So remember how I wasn’t loving the ribbing on the orange and gray hat (‘the’ orange and gray hat I say, as if I didn’t have, um, several things that could reasonably be called orange and gray hats within a few dozen feet of me at this very moment).

Right, well, so I decided what that hat really truly wanted was a turned hem.

Which means a provisional cast on, then join it in the round, then whang on in stockinette for a bit, then join everything up, and if you did it all right, you get a damn near magical bit of fabric with no clear beginning or end or right or wrong sides, just a beautiful self contained little slither of delight.

Have I ever actually done this before?


All (or at least most) the various pieces of it sure, but this actual thing, nope.

Am I worried about it?

Nope. I know how to do all (or at least most) of the parts, I have the google machine, I have a lot of experience with this sort of thing. It’ll be fine.

Does this sound like astonishing hubris?

Nah. In the words of the absolute treasure that is Dr. Jen Gunter, this is appropriate confidence.

I can do this (you totally can too). Watch!