Quite Nicely

Ahem. That Will Do Quite Nicely Thank You. Quite nicely indeed.

Now, we’re not done…there are going to be several more columns of stitching and a few other bits of fancy business before we’re done. But wow am I calling the proof of concept a success!

Those bits of skinny green thread on the bottom and right are there as guidelines, they’ll get yoinked out when I’m done, so just ignore them for now.

And we’ll be doing something Delightfully Absurd to handle all these ends when we’re done.

But for now, for now I just sort of want to sit back and admire it and pet it and tell it how very very lovely it is.

Then I want to do it again and again and again and again, because that might be the most satisfying result for 30 minutes of effort I’ve ever seen in my whole damn life.