Will I carefully pick any stray people/kitten hairs out of my knitting before proper photoshoots? Yes of course.

Will I photoshop any sneaky ones right the heck on out of there after the shoot if I miss them ahead of time? Yup, to the best of my ability I will.⁠

Will I do that for some random instagram post on a Monday morning? No, no I apparently will not. ⁠

We’ll talk about this yarn more soon. It’s glorious, and just perfect for this project.⁠

But I took the photo right around sunset and the color is wildly wildly off (see above re hairs for my position on carefully color correcting random instagram posts as well…life is not that glossy and polished and I no longer have the energy to try and make it look like it is), so I want to get you something a bit more accurate before we get into it. ⁠

For now, go, enjoy your Monday. Even if it’s not glossy and polished!