So to be fair, the decision to knit another pair of the mitts was…understandable. ⁠

They are utterly lovely. But lovely, in that sort of way where I, despite being The Person Who Knit Them In The First Place, am quite capable of holding them and thinking ‘huh, how exactly does that work?’⁠

So perhaps I knit a second pair to make sure that the version of the pattern I wrote in February of 2021 really did make the piece of fabric I first created in early 2017. Because fine. I know my limitations.⁠

And the good news was that yes, yes the pattern I first devised in early 2017, and wrote down in early 2021, did indeed make a delightful pair of mitts in June of 2021.⁠

And yet…yet here we are, still in a world where these only exist in my office and on my hard drive.⁠

Which isn’t the ideal world to be in. So I’m going to see about fixing that.