Sound reasoning

So there we were, in June of 2021, with two finished hats, one finished pair of mitts and, wonder of wonders, the completed charts and patterns (which I’d somehow managed to create in February of 2021, which I assure you, surprises no one as much as me).⁠

Like I very literally had two fully written patterns and two fully knit pieces. All I had to do was take the knits outside somewhere pretty one day, take photos, and release the pattern.⁠

Did I do this? ⁠

Clearly not!⁠

What did I decide to do instead? ⁠

Why, knit a second set of the mitts of course. Because clearly that’s the way to go here. Yup. Totally sound reasoning there. Not at all questionable. ⁠

So that’s where we’ll pick up next.