Quite some time

Ok, so just to recap, for those not hanging on my every word, in January of 2017 I cast on a hat. Presumably I finished it not too long after & then cast on some mitts to match and finished them too.⁠

Then, instead of, releasing the pattern like a normal person, I proceeded to shove the finished objects in a box, move them from Ohio to Maine, fling them into the depths of my deepest office storage, and forget about them them until December of 2019.⁠

At which point I discovered them and once again failed to do the thing I literally do as a job whereby I write patterns and release them. On no. Instead I spent January of 2020 reknitting a perfectly good and lovely hat that already existed. ⁠

And, then for some reason that completely eludes me, I stopped when the hat had a few dozen stitches left, yanked it off the needles, and threw it back in the closet.⁠

Where it languished.⁠

With its twin.⁠

Until…wait for it…wait for it…June of 2021.⁠

At which point it again bubbled to the top of the churning sea of yarn and projects that is my office (and my brain). And I managed to get it back on the needles and finished.⁠

And yet, those of you paying close attention at home will note that this hat is not among my existing patterns. Despite June of 2021 being Quite Some Time Ago. ⁠

Which clearly means there is more to this saga. Which we shall cover next time.⁠

Because by god I am apparently dragging you all along on this edition of Hunter Pieces Together Her Knitting History From Old Photos, whether you want me to or not. Sorry about that.