So last week I dragged the hat off to one of my favorite beaches to let it perch on big logs and show off its charms. Which was a great plan, save for the part where it was so windy that it was hard to walk and so cold it was hard to breathe.⁠

This was one of the few shots where the hat was laying still, not cartwheeling down the ice covered beach. And, seeing as how *I* do not much want to go cartwheeling down the ice covered beach, I called an early halt.⁠

Which worked out fine, as I was able to take the hat and freshly completed matching mitts to a different favorite beach yesterday to let them frolic among the driftwood and sea trash.⁠

All without getting either frostbite or blown away.⁠

Which means that this should be ready to come out next week! Do the mailing list thing if you want me to let you know when it’s out.⁠

Oh…and we are totally doing something new and hopefully fun when this one comes out (there will be a way to snag a free pattern if you make this one, so do stick around, I’ll explain the details soon)!