Ahem. I told you it was going to be good. Now hang on just one second and I’ll block it, which will make it Even Better (no, really, I am a seething ball of stress and rage and despair, and I can see it in my stitches, but a nice soak evens all sorts of things right out, you’ll see). ⁠

Just as a reminder, this should be the first pattern of the new year. I’m using a magic yarn from Gauge Dye Works that does pretty much all the work for you (though I’ll have instructions for how to do it with other yarns, don’t worry…but you won’t be sorry if you get this one, and you might wanna get on their preorder list if you can because wow is it fun). ⁠

And if you love stars like that on top of your hats, I’ve used it on a couple of other patterns (Permutation, Inklings, and Exigencies all come to mind, but there may be others because it’s really fun). It’s one of the very few times I think proper colorwork is worth it!