Look, I am not known for my restraint.  So, when faced with the prospect of pandemic winter, take two, it felt like my choices were either sink into a pit of despair (the sun sets at 3:59 here for much of December, which is just cruel), or grab on to whatever makes me feel even slightly better, no matter how ridiculous.

I went with the second option. I regret nothing.

If you want to stave off the darkness by knitting an army of tiny snowmen and dressing them in mighty fetching hats and scarves, I invite you to join me.  I don’t promise that it will make the winter any less grim, but there’s a tiny chance it might.

The pattern is called Shiversome, and it is up on both ravelry and payhip. The code CHILLY will take 10% off in either place for the first few days it’s out.