Here is your absolutely shameless reminder that it’s starting to feel like fall for at least some of you, and that if you’d like to go on a little nature walk and collect some acorn caps, you can have a handful of these delightful little things finished up in an afternoon.

Seriously, even if you do the knitted cap (instead of using a real acorn’s cap), they are still by far the quickest project I’ve ever done.⁠

Now, there is a substantial risk you’ll end up wanting to knit dozens of them, and will take a wee bit longer than just knitting one. But I’m pretty sure I knit a dozen in an afternoon when the urge first came upon me, so you can have a pile that would make the squirrels jealous in no time.

The pattern is Hoard (and you can take 25% off with the code NUTTY today because seriously I want you to have the instant gratification if that sounds good to you). You can find it on ravelry  or payhip.