There were always going to be lots

So general Q&A sort of stuff…⁠

Yes, it will be a pattern (really, unless I explicitly say otherwise, you can always assume it will be a pattern, since that’s you know, how I keep the kittens in catnip)! As always, the way to hear about that is to be on the mailing list.⁠

Yes, there will be several different bottle shapes in the pattern (because look, some potions simply must be in round bottles and some in square and some in tall and some in short, I don’t make the rules but you can bet I’ll follow them when it comes to magical brews). ⁠

Yes, I’ll do a how do they work/what’s inside them/do you need any weird stuff post a week or two before they come out. But I will mention now that if you wanted to sort of start saving things like the cap off that can of cooking spray or the lid off your fancy juice bottle or that empty chapstick tin, I suspect I’ve got something for you to do with them pretty soon here.⁠

And finally, yes, I will try my very best to get these to you in plenty of time for your halloween needs. If all goes according to plan, look for them in early October. ⁠

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need some more…