So, the sweater from the other day? The one rescued from the ravages of kitten brutality?  Here it is all mended (you can watch me do some of that over on instagram if you’re so inclined).

And here it is with the neckline adjusted so I like it better for me (you can watch me do some of that too). And just because this stuff is important to say, here is your bonus reminder that you should absolutely have your neckline wherever you want.  Anyone who tries to make you feel bad about how much or how little skin you show is an absolute troll and worth precisely zero of your time or energy. Any time I hear someone suggest a person’s clothing is too revealing, I’m reminded of the most marvelous comeback I ever heard, “she’s not dressed like a slut, you’re thinking like a rapist,” which I invite you use wherever possible. It’s really rather remarkable to watch someone’s face when they process that one.

And now…now that the hole has been repaired and the fit issue addressed in a way that makes me happy…now we doodle!