Toil and trouble

All I can say is I have a solid black kitten and very little sense of shame. You can probably figure out for yourself what that means this is.⁠

Here’s the bit where I say, right from the very beginning, that this one probably won’t be an actual pattern, in part because the thought of taking a picture of a wiggly black kitten wearing a piece of black knitting gives me a headache just thinking about it, in part because it may actually pass my own personal ridiculousness threshold. There is the very tiniest possibility that I might maybe possibly sneak a word or two about it in another pattern I have scheduled for this fall, but that mostly depends on whether her furry highness decides to sit still for photos (the answer to which, I suspect, will be a resounding no). But just so we’re clear from the very very very beginning, to avoid any possible hurt feelings, this is one that might remain forever secret. ⁠

You know…except for when I get too amused and have to show it off just a teeny tiny bit.