And for my next trick…

Alrighty, all done and rather charming if I do say so myself. ⁠

I’ve got mitts to match on the needles already (mostly match…there’s a yarn thing going on that I’ll explain in a future post that means someone out there is bound to think that they don’t match they way they want them to, but I think we can work it out), and I’ll be sending this out for testers here fairly shortly.⁠

I’m sliiiiiiightly torn as to when I should bring this out. ⁠Part of me says have it and the matching mitts come out in June, because June is what we’ve got coming up next and bringing out patterns is what I do. ⁠Part of me says wait till late summer/early fall (think August or September) because June patterns never get the attention they deserve and it would be a shame to waste something so lovely on a quiet time of year.⁠

I’m truly not sure which I prefer, so if you have any big strong feelings on it, you can totally leave a comment and let me know (though just for the record, I’m the stubborn sort and reserve the right to do whatever seems best at the time).