There we go, that should give you a pretty good idea of just how delightfully textured this stitch is.

Now, normally this is where I’d tell you it’s coming out in a little while. But in this case, it’s not. It will come out at some point, but I’m actually not doing individual patterns for the next few weeks. Instead, I’m wrapping up a couple of my paper books. ⁠

I’m moving away from paper books (for a whole host of reasons that are sort of too big and complicated to go into). And I’m down to only a tiny handful of both Curls 1 and Curls 2 left, so I’m talking with yarn shops this month to get the last few copies on their shelves.⁠

I won’t be printing more when these are gone. So if you’ve been wanting new paper copies of these, this is the time to ask your yarn store to get them for you (I can’t sell books directly to individuals, it has to come through a yarn shop, just have your yarn shop email me and I’ll help them out). I’m also not sending any more of those books to amazon, so whatever they have in stock right now is it. When they’re gone, they’re gone for good. ⁠

There’s every chance you’ll still be able to find used copies in the future. I just know the prices on used books can get a bit startling once they’re out of print and don’t want anyone caught off guard. (Oh, and just as a heads up, authors don’t have any control over what used books sell for, nor do they see any of that money, so please please please don’t ever yell at an author over the prices on their used books. They didn’t set the prices, and they don’t profit from the sales, so it really doesn’t seem fair to fuss at them over a price someone else set and someone else benefits from.)⁠

I’ll be doing a more official ‘last call’ post both here and on the blog in the next day or so, but I wanted to give a secret heads up to folks who actually read all the way to the end of the posts just in case!⁠ ⁠