There’s always a slightly awkward part of these projects where I know it’s going to be lovely (because I knit the swatch and because I can pet the fabric and feel how smushy and cozy it is and because I can tug on it to approximate what it will look like after blocking) but it might not be quite far enough along for you to fully appreciate its charms.⁠

So I find myself singing the praises of something that you could be forgiven for finding, well, let’s just say somewhat underwhelming. ⁠

So I worry I sound like a deranged toddler bringing you my latest abomination and asking you to pretend to admire it. Which isn’t a good look for someone who is supposed to pass as an adult. ⁠

And yet, here we are. Me, hopelessly smitten. You, understandably reticent. Clearly the only thing to do is keep knitting so you can see what I’m carrying on about. ⁠