Matching, take four

Yarn and pattern matching, take four!

This is one of the yarns that came in over the weekend. And so far it’s very promising. The ribs are much closer to the scale I want for the hat. This is absolutely the scale of yarn I’m going for.

But, I have noticed that the rib starts out a bit winder than it looks when the faux cable business gets going, so I need to handle that. And I’m starting to feel like I want a narrower purl rib, so I need to tweak that.

Plus I want to see how the other yarn I got to experiment with works out, so there’s still more swatching to come. But we’re getting awfully close.

Once again, this is an absolutely normal, totally usual amount of swatching/yarn swapping/experimenting to happen in the process of matching a pattern idea to a yarn. This is for not weird or excessive, this is just what the start of a design process is like (at least for me).

More tomorrow!

(Cough, if you’re wondering what the heck is going on, scroll back through the other recent posts showing swatches like this for more info. This is my polite way of saying if the info is in those posts, I’m totally counting on your ability to look back and read it there!)⁠