Sometimes? Sometimes you know someone well enough that when they say ‘hey, I have an idea’ you don’t even have to hear all the details before you say yes. So when Karen over at Seven Sisters Arts said she wanted to do something suitably valentine-ish, I was in. Yarn showed up in the mail a day or two later (the benefits of living just down the road from the fairy tale yarn workshop…), and has already climbed on my needles (the one in the back is the Matrika base, the two in the front are the Tellus base, color names remain a mystery but I’m sure all will be revealed soon).⁠

⁠Details on her end shortly, keep an eye on her page for details here shortly, for now I’ll just be over here turning these into frothy piles of delightful nonsense for the foreseeable future…which really, is much more soothing than most of the other things I could be doing, so I’m not at all sad about that.