These are cute on their own.  But the strap? The strap makes them ridiculous.

See? I told you the strap took it from completely reasonable and acceptable levels of cuteness to frankly absurd borderline illegal levels of cuteness. Every time. ⁠

⁠The updated pattern for these will be out here very shortly. Don’t fret, if you had the original version, you’ll get the update automatically when the new one comes out (it hasn’t come out yet, so seriously, don’t panic that you don’t have it now, you’re not supposed to have it now, please oh please don’t email me screaming that you don’t have it now…because I’ll I’ll be able to do is say ‘yup, you’re not supposed to have it yet, the new one isn’t out yet’ and then we’ll both feel silly). It’ll have lots of extra sizes and lots of step by step photos (slippers always look weird in the middle, so I try to put in a whole bunch of progress shots so you don’t spend any serious time wondering if it’s the normal kind of weird or the troublesome kind of weird). ⁠

And if you don’t already have the original version, do the mailing list thing if you want me to send you a note and a discount code when the new one comes out!