Countdown 22

Silk Road Socks is on sale for 25% off on ravelry or payhip with the code COUNTDOWN.

This is where it started.  Well, sort of.  Silk Road Socks was my very first book, many many years ago.  But I published it with someone else (mostly because I didn’t realize publishing books all by yourself was something a person could actually do, and I certainly not something I could actually do).  And as I have always had more opinions than sense and I do not play well with others, I was never quite happy with the first version of the book.  It went out of print, and the rights reverted to me.  By then, I had learned that publishing books by yourself was indeed something a person could do, was indeed something I could do, so I decided I’d bring it back and make it what I wanted it to be all along. I love everything about it!

What’s going on? I’m doing a December countdown! Now through Christmas Eve, I’m putting one pattern a day on sale for 25% off. Each sale only runs one day (until 11:59pm eastern time), so grab it while you can. Each day’s sale is listed here on the blog, on instagram, and on twitter, so you can keep up with it wherever you like best (because wow am I not filling everyone’s inbox with email about this every day, I’m not a monster).