So, it seems I live in one of those places where people occasionally shoot things in the woods. I am not particularly thrilled by this, as I occasionally am a thing in the woods, and I would very very much prefer not to be shot.

And somehow, instead of saying ‘be super duper extra careful that you’re not shooting the wrong thing by accident’ we have collectively decided to say ‘wear eye-searing orange so you don’t get shot.’ Now I am not particularly thrilled by this either (I staunchly maintain that it is the responsibility of the person with the gun not to shoot people…works in a whole host of situations, it’s really good guideline). But my desire to not get shot apparently outweighs my desire not to swathe myself in neons. ⁠

So I got some yarn. Madeline Tosh’s Mo Light base in Edison Bulb and Push Pop to be exact. And they are…well…they are very bright. Which is what I wanted! But which is not my usual vibe at all. This should be interesting. ⁠