Yes, even the tiny things

You’ve probably been here long enough to have heard the ‘block all the things, yes even the tiny ones…very possibly especailly the tiny ones’ lecture. Very likely more than once.  But for this one, I took an extra step and did a bit of sneaky prep before I blocked.

I ran a bit of scrap yarn under the white dots.  The dots can have a tendency to sort of sink into the background fabric (you can see them doing that on the blue hat in the background), and I really wanted them to pop instead.  This makes that happen.

It took literally five minutes (that includes the time it took me to find my needle and scissors and scrap yarn, you, being a more organized type, will probably be faster).  I left the yarn there while I soaked and dried the hat then pulled it out once everything was dry.

The result is much showier dots for very very very little extra work.  This can come in handy whenever you want to help a special stitch look extra tidy (I did it here on Exigencies if you want to see another example of where it might come in handy).