Tidy Tassels

Yes. Yes it looks like a tampon.  Go ahead, I know at least some of you are thinking it.  It’s fine.

But while it might look a little absurd, this is actually the best way to trim the ends of a tassel.  Wrap them in a little strip of paper (if you’re making a lot, you can tape the paper in place and use it over and over).  Slide the paper down until it’s just level with the bottom of the shortest strands.  Trim everything flush with the paper.

Then slide the paper off and revel in your very tidy tassels.

It works way better than just free handing it, and you’re much less likely to end up with shorter-than-expected tassels because you kept snipping and snipping and snipping trying to make it straight (a flashback to cutting your own bangs goes right about here if your adolescence was anything like mine).

As for what you do with a whole bunch of tiny tassels?  Well we’re getting to that, hold on…